Cointellect Mining Pool performance back to normal?

Some users are reporting Cointellect Mining Pool performance are getting better than the last three weeks today. Users are saying they don’t see much Not Responding, Waiting For Work, Pool Interupted, Disconnection and so on.

The bottom line is after three weeks of Cointellect Mining Pool problems, it appears that at least today it’s back to almost normal, just today that is, who knows about tomorrow, or the next day or the day after that. Only Cointellect owner would know when they will manipulate the Mining Pool again.

The reason for Cointellect manipulated the Mining Pool or manually interrupted the pool, or causing problem so members cannot connect to it or mine on it, resulting in very little to no earning at all for miners. The reason for for manipulating low earning to mining so members can look for alternative at Cointellect offers, which is the mining contract, as cointellect already stated mining contract not affected by Cointellect Mining Pool, which is strange and questionable, this only lead to members knowing what cointellect really want you to do is to buy mining contract.

Mining contract at cointellect it had became transparent to many people as sort of a ponzi scam or HYIP. Let face it, Cointellect do not want you to mine with your own equipment at cointellect mining pool, even though Cointellect don’t admit it, don’t want to say it, but for sure they don’t want you to mine, they want your to spend on mining contract, as that is how they make money off of you. I will be surprise if Cointellect Mining Pool will stay consistent in the next month or two, most likely there will be trouble and issues off and on continuing just like the past three weeks, cointellect will repeat this problem to force members have no choice but give up mining and purchase mining contract.

Prove me wrong Cointellect! can your mining pool operate without issue like the past three weeks for these next few weeks? Prove that your Mining Done Right slogan is true.