How to fix WordPress blank white page of death connection error

I have many websites, most if not all my websites are wordpress. The reason I use wordpress because it’s fast and easy to set up, and yet open source with lots of people making additional plugin. However with all open source, people need to be careful what plugin they’re suing for their wordpress. Recently I have encountered problem right after updating wordpress to latest version, and update all the plugins up to date also, and darn it! wordpress my website does not load anymore. So call blank page of death, or white page of death, or simply connection to my webpage homepage wordpress error. Well how to fix?

Here are what I did to fix.

  1. You should still be able to access worpress Admin or wp-admin, if not then ftp to your website folder and rename the plugin folder to plugin, and try to access wp-admin Admin again.
  2. Once you’re connected in the Admin, disable all the plugins and try the website again. If it work then one of your plugin is not working properly.
  3. Re-enable one plugin at a time, test the site ensure it work. If the plugin you just enable making the website no longer accessible, then that’s the broken plugin you need to fix.
  4. To fix the plugin, just deactivate, and delete, and try to Add the plugin again. If still doesn’t work, visit the author homepage to see if there is any problem and solution. If not then download the older version of the plugin and see if that work.

What work for me was, I have tubepress upgraded to latest version, it killed my website and I believe it have to do with the theme I was using, not compatible probably, so I had to download the older version of tubepress and it was working well again. Now on another website also WordPress, but I was using a different theme and tubepress work great no issue. So it has to do with the themes.

tubepress crashed my wordpress how to fix?

tubepress crashed my wordpress how to fix?