Marketing strategy that work for AT&T $100 off any tablets nice mail letter

I gotta give it to AT&T marketing strategy that work, and I actually felt for it. So I got this letter from AT&T from a nice professional elegant envelope, light gold letter, indicate from the VP and General Manager of Eastern Pennsylvania location and NJ Delaware, giving you $100 off on any tablets, I thought it’s important and a very good deal just for me, errr wrong, I went to the site and it’s not, it’s for everyone LOL. I have share this because this marketing strategy work, because I get all types of marketing letters tricking you to click here and there and so on, and I normally don’t fall for it, but this one is nice and I felt for it, LOL, basically the marketing strategy on this is to mail the letter out in a nice envelope nice golden one, and professional written up letter address directly to you (your name) and the from not AT&T but from a VP of AT&T person’s name, so by this strategy it made everyone thinks important and gotta be good and goes on the site just to notice it’s not really address to you special one LOL. Thumbs up for nice marketing strategy to get people into but thumbs down for another trick!