English grammar problem will not get you approved on Postloop

So I heard about Postloop on Thebot.net forum and someone there made a good amount of money, up to $5/hour, but averaget $5 a day depend on how much time you spent on posting at various forums for Postloop.

I gave it a tried, knowing that I have grammar problem due to English is my second language so I use Micrsoft Words grammar check to help me out, ensure I don’t have any underline flag with grammar. So I followed the direction on Postloop to get started and started posting.

Opened up Postloop Portal as a starting point to post and to get approval rating. So I started a thread and use Microsoft word Grammar and Spelling correction, corrected, and proof read one time, then copy paste it to Postloop Portal, guess what? I got 1 point rating, and 1.6 rating, then once I get 10 posts, I received an email saying I post enough posts to get reviews by Administrator or Moderator. This morning I woke up and got an email saying my account posts submission all got low rating and rejected. The detail reason as follow:


Unfortunately the posts that you made at The Postloop Portal did not meet the level of quality that is required of Postloop. Postloop strives to only deliver quality posts to its users. The reason that your posts were rejected is as follows:

Your grammar is too poor for Postloop. We need posters with excellent English grammar. Your account has been closed, as you unfortunately do not have what we are looking for. You will not be able to apply for reviewal again, and you may NOT create another Postloop account.

Best Regards,
The Postloop Team

Well I tried to go back and share my contents but look like all got wiped out deleted. So, can’t post it here.

Anyhow, I’m not bitter about it, since I know I have English grammar problem, but hey, this will not stop me from blogging on my own website here :).