The price of Scrypt mining hardware had came down to $800 for a 30 MH/s

As of today July 17th 2014. The price of a 30 MH/s Scrypt mining hardware machine cost about $800. 1-2 months ago, a 30 MH/s machine would cost over $3000. Within 1-2 months it looses value of $2200 You can find this 30 MH/s Scrypt miner from distributor such as Zoomhash, they have the best price most of the time, and even other distributors purchased it and drop ship from them, such as sometime bought drop from Zoomhash to their own customers and made good profit off of it.

So ladies and gentlemen as you can see, another proof that Scrypt mining isn’t profitable, you will be lucky to break even in 6 months to 1 year. This is at the price of Bitcoin at $620 which is very good, but still  Scrypt isn’t profitable. The same amount of money you purchase Scrypt miner, it’s better to invest in straight Bitcoin miner and you can make a lot better profit, if you still want to mine that is. However now a day, it’s a lot better, the best choice is to buy Bitcoin directly instead of buying mining hardware to mine. The same amount of Bitcoin you can get today with buy it directly, would take you over 6 months to get it through mining.

Bottom line, again, buy Bitcoin directly. Don’t waste time and effort mining Bitcoin or Scrypt. Save you time and effort to do something else more constructive, more helpful, more useful, more beneficial, and more profitable 🙂 Whatever it is, don’t do mining cryptocoin anymore! 🙂 Let the business do it, like those large data center turned into mining farm, KNC,, and so on.

Lastly don’t fall into those trap of preorder equipment such as BFL. What they’re really doing is just kill time. They probably have the hardware already up and mining, adding hash rate daily into the network so that it will not be noticeable increase. Basically they use your preorder money to purchase supplies and manufacture their mining hardware, mining it secretly, then when it’s no longer profitable, they ship it to you. Some even use the preorder money to buy Bitcoin directly, and hope 6 months later the price of bitcoin risen, and they sell it make big profit off your money and then refunded you, they kept all the profit to themselves without shipping you the mining hardware. Some preorder money even kept aside until they have so much, they will raise the price of Bitcoin and then sell it to make a profit. There are also some cases preorder money uses in money laundery drugs gambling investments to make profit. Then lastly a few fake Cryptocoin manufacturer stole your bitcoin.