[Fake DG Stock] Coingeneration.com DG DigitalGeneration fake real company common stock DG

To start of first, ever wonder why coingeneration.com turned on the bank transfer? ever thinking that it’s a first step to decrease the high balance fir withdrawal and then implemented the DG stock logic? Think about that. Now basically all bank transfer are locked, probably for a very long time for they will find reasons for not releasing it or use it for something else such as this DG stock.

Coingeneration.com DG DigitalGeneration members are getting smarter, still many are still in the dark and probably got deep into it and loss so much money they don’t want to admit their mistake of being SCAM. Well face it, coingeneration.com is a big SCAM, only uneducated people would fall for their manipulating methods of treating their members.

Let’s talk a little bit about the name coingeneration.com, ok so this is just a domain. How about DG? well it’s an abbreviation for the word Digital Generation, but they use it as DigitalGeneration. Guess what? there is a real company out there name, Digital Generation, Inc. in Texas.


The real company exist, and its stock exist, belong to New York Stock exchange. However apparently coingeneration.com is a fake. A big fake that will get shut down by the real company Digital Generation, Inc. and many believe that’s what it want to do, get shut down by the real company Digital Generation, Inc. so that it can run away with all your money. However as of today, the veterans members or those that have invested so much money into coingeneration.com doesn’t want that to happen and do whatever it take to get payment withdraw, and apparently today, many of mot all everyone purchased that DG Stock and get trapped, it’s irreversible, all you money in the available balance is gone. Again it is not reversible, although SUPPORT_DG said that members can request to reverse, by creating support ticket, and many already know that support ticket will never get answer, most likely only one person operate coingeneration.com website and all the money taken from members already been cashed out and hidden somewhere waiting for the day coingeneration.com shut down totally.

Again people. Look at the real company stock, currently at $12, and coingeneration.com DG stock offer at $12 as well, what are the odd that coingneration.com is a FAKE? So do your homework, do research. Now your balance of money for withdrawal disappeared into fake DG stock, and now if it really work you will be making $1 a day versus $100 a day. How does that make you feel? on top of that this same cycle of scam fraud will repeat itself unless everyone get educated.

This is the real company http://www.dgit.com not this one https://coingeneration.com

Fake office, this building houses many virtual offices, not just physical, but a lot of virtual offices including coingeneration.com, think of it like a PO BOX where you rent for $6 a month and you get the PO box. Same case here, rent virtual office, you will add actual address # location, a receptionist, a phone line where the receptionist will answer and forward your call or take messages. All for $10 a month, and anyone can get it, completely anonymous. If you go there, the address exist, but the physical office does not exist. Same for all other branches listed in coingeneration.com all virtual like this. Just like many other HYIPs.

fake coingeneration.com DG digital generation company

fake coingeneration.com DG digital generation company

Real company below stock trading. Again same price offer. Are you upset now? if not you should be concern, knowing that coingeneration.com is a big SCAM, what can you do? it’s already too late, you’re being manipulated, no other way out, no other options, trapped! so what’s your next move? or should I say what’s their next manipulating move toward you? in order to take all your money.