[more SCAM news] Coingeneration.com just released its news to members homepage and also on the blog.

In the chat room, and everywhere on the internet google search. Noticed that coingeneration.com released news to members homepage and blog. To start off with top issue, payment nothing, not even speaks of in this news released. Let start with the wordings of this news released. Apparently it was written by a professional writers, probably got paid $20 to write it, clearly it was copied and paste onto coingeneration.com, how you can tell is the paragraph and sentences gap. This is no surprise as the way coingeneration.com operates its scam methods, hire someone to do it, pay them cheap, just sit back and relax as new investors buys threads, and keep on repeating the cycle. Come up with new ways, new methods, reasons. Bottom line! lies after another lies and more lies. What they’re doing is manipulating the members to believe. As they think many members probably more than 80% are not so smart or so greedy that they ignore the basic scam detection.

This news released speaks of “Stocks”, yes indeed as expected by many members. More new stories, more new reasons, more scam methods, to not paying its members. On top of that tricking people to think it’s a legitimate business or company, and guess what? yes it will work for many people who are not educated in this area. When they see “Stocks” they would say oh wow, a real company, have stock, big investment company, legitimate! ERRR not in this case people. The “stock” we’re talking about here is made up, it’s not real or truth. Once again coingeneration.com is not a legitimate company, it does not have a real physical office, it is not registered in anyway anywhere. What you see on its website about the address office are all virtual which can be obtained by anyone for $50 a month or cheaper, and you will get a receptionist answering phone call, but the physical office don’t exist, just think of it as a PO BOX, completely private and anonymous.

Once again, hopefully people will be smart and not to fall for this “stock” DG stock thing, it is not real stock, just a way coingneration.com DigitalGeneration DG trick its members in believing, for veterans members some still have hope, for new members most likely will buy into it without any research. So be careful. Many times and everywhere indicated that coingeneration.com is SCAM, the concept is real but not with anonymous private coingeneration.com

At the same time with the release of this news. Gateway Status opened 5 gateway payment methods. The key map status description went back. Paxum went green. Member’s account opened for request withdrawal or payout. But guess what? it does not work. Just for show. Chat room folks prediction is that, it turned green, the payment list listed members got paid but it’s fake already scripted, some may get $1 or $5 payment the rest are scripted automatically, basically fake listing. No chances of anyone will be able to withdraw any large amount of money although their account are opened. This is the way coingeneration.com DG fool its members, real good news, but just a repeated cycles of lies to stay active as long as they can targeting new investors for money and the same thing will happen to new investors as the veterans members. Nobody can shut down DG coingeneration.com no laws can prohibit it, unless large # of members users communities report it to the official and with large enough of users reported chances are their domain will get shut down, but in term of anyone get their money back is NEVER! so that’s why people are afraid to report it to the authority, that they will loose the money in the balance to withdraw. So think hard. What you wan to do with coingeneration.com?

DG Stocks
We are finally ready to share the exciting news with all members regarding adjustments of earnings and changes in DG!

Being a bona-fide company we’re dedicated to run business honestly at all times, that’s why we are not going to leave any of the members aside. At the same time we understand that we develop a project mission
of which is to create the most powerful PC network in the world. The DG project has already started and can’t be folded or suspended, dynamics of continuous growth of our network performance allows us to
successfully develop the global projects we’re into and that require humongous processing powers and speeds.
We have no doubts that “Pattern Recognition” project backed by DG will be successfully realized and put into real life. You are welcome to check the details of the project published on our blog to have some
better understanding of what we’re actually up to.

Our present situation doesn’t leave us with much options than to divide part of the DG “Stocks” between members in order to secure their current earnings and to receive an attractive profit within the future
development of the project. We’re talking about different figures and profits here than those that are earned by a current way of providing your actual processing powers to DG.

User’s current balances (including available balance and threads/license keys) have been transferred to DG Stocks, this action can be reverted back within your account with all previous changes to replace the
“stocks” feature, however, should you decide to switch back to the regular account status again you will be unable to take advantage of the “Founder” position again.

We have taken these measures to prevent the debacle of DG and to allow the system life-cycle to continue, we expect you to understand that current turnaround is a better alternative to a possible suspension of
the project and we request you to bear in mind that DG will take all required actions to deliver all the obligations to it’s users and we’ll do our best to bring the Pattern Recognition project to life and make
the dream of all DG users come true.

Welcome aboard to the New DG – it’s still the beginning of a long journey!

Truly Yours,
The Management