[Running away Not Paying] Don’t hold your breath coingeneration.com news update

Coingeneration.com posted a news update saying that they will have news update and latest news letter publish released today. Well, the members already doesn’t believe that and if any news would be misleading news, more broken promises and lies. All the news that were published in the past were all lies, people can check it on the blog.coingeneration.com website, read it and determine if true or not. Most people would say true to certain extend. Such as paying, yes they paid, but paid $1 $3 $25 the most and to new investors only to get trapped to spent more money on buying threads in order to withdraw, but before members know it, coingeneration.com blocked them as well for whatever reasons.

The scary and sad thing about this, nothing anyone can do about this,sure all the trash talk, report to the authority such as police, cyber police, the FBI, CIA, hire investigators, hire a lawyers and so on, well good luck on tracking download coingeneration.com owners, they probably don’t even exist or exist under someone’s identity whom know nothing about coingeneration because identity was stolen. People need to realize that they’re getting into. Coingeneration.com is not a registered business, not a registered bank, not a register of anything. The financial institution doing business with them are all virtual, online only funding, such as egopay, perfectmoney, paxum and so on, the transactions are irreversible, cannot be reverse no way! So by the time people realized this it’s too late, many had spent 10s thousands dollars to buy threads has multiple accounts, and now they’re stuck with balance in the 10s of thousands dollar cannot be withdraw.

The next news update prediction from people, members are: bottom line, more lies. They would say something such as, we are working with our Bank on Bank Transfer in the next few days, then it will become weeks, and months, and they will update news with reason why they cannot complete. They will say things such as, we’re working on new ways to add more funds to the payment processors account, it will be green in the next week. They will use manipulation methods and implemented manipulation logic into their system trapping the members, can’t do much. This is worst than HYIPs, high yield investments programs, you would see indication that they would shut down and disappeared with your money, versus coingeneration.com gives all its members a slow death, a painful death. Most members would rather hear the truth or seeing coingeneration.com operation shut down immediately, rather than a slow death to everyone. The slow death to all its members were merely a way of them acting on ways for a few final attempts to get more new new investors and then shut down, so they stay on as long as they can.

Stay safe people, coingeneration.com is a scam, it’s been over 4 months, no way coingeneration.com can pay everybody, it would a huge money laundering operation if they did have the money, in which they don’t. The money they got from you 10% stay in the payment processors, the rest they transfer out to bank, and withdraw it cash and pocket it somewhere no one know. More lies coming, stay tuned.