www.anony-pay.com is a SCAM Hacking Virus Trojan website

Please be careful when visiting website www.anony-pay.com is a SCAM Hacking Virus Trojan website. It just launched earlier today, with a wordpress template website hosted on a webserver and domain flagged as trojans, virus, hacking website. This is based on Malwarebytes malwares scanners and many others tools, confirmed at the moment, this domain anony-pay.com is a trojans, hacking, website. This is the same thing happened a long time ago when IPUServices.com first started up. Then eventually they removed the trojans virus flag somehow.

Please be wary, be careful, this anony-pay.com is fake, the domain expires in June 2014, only a couple months before it expired.

For everyone whom already sent $150 for division manager at IPUServices.com with a promise they will give you $220, you can dream on, you will never get it, if they indeed give you $220 it is merely a trick they already set up since they know you will reinvest. However the $220 you will not see it, the anony-pay.com will probably steal your personal information, hack your real bank account, and so on. If, this is still going to function that is, which is likely not, it’s a 1 hour wordpress template website. Very easy to do.

The owner IPUServices.com, anony-pay.com compliment me on my lack of intelligence, I thank him for that. Thanks for the intelligence compliment which will motivate me to expose more truth about their operations all over the internet in the next few days, weeks, months to come. You will see my quick text blog everywhere about their SCAM business. Thanks again Mr. Intelligence.

anony-pay.com intelligence scam from ipuservices.com

anony-pay.com intelligence scam from ipuservices.com