Fake bots scripted payments on Gateway Status of coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG

Most people wondering why EgoPay1 and Paxum1 are orange and has been orange, and on top of that coingeneration.com already posted news no more funding to EGOPAY PAXUM, but why then still people able to withdraw from Paxum1 Egopay1? Well, just merely speculation, and very accurate I must say, a hypothesis indicate that it’s bot or an automatic random script which can be easily integrated. Every so often the script ran and randomly posted payment withdrawal records but it actually didn’t took place, fake ones. This is on going. However it could also be special members or support_dg staffs special group of members get paid due to them being part of the DigitalGeneration DG CG staffs members participating to this ponzi scheme scam becoming more and more transparent as we speaks.