More broken promises from

The reaction from founder stock holders members were as expected, but the reaction from DigitalGeneration DG CG was unprofessional. reaction or responses to the members by updating its news to the members homepage with profanity, using examples of “shitting and eating” very un-professional, almost seems like the person whom wrote the update was drunk or had too much wine, beer, or alcohol. On top of that more promises that members already know cannot keep or commit to. This time, the update indicate refund? ERRR already see this coming, not going to happen; more money coming soon? ERR not going to happen; fix things and the other stuff they say good news? ERRR! not going to happen we’ve been in this path before, DigitalGeneration was never able to commit to. DigitalGeneration released the new news were merely to keep the members motivated and stays positive, to kill time, so they can SCAM more and more new members, new members believes in DG because they got paid today now fast instantly consistently! but what new members don’t know or don’t want to accept are the facts that they will be eventually like the older members with DG stocks, get manipulated giving up funds, being played with, paid a few dollars here and there, lots of lied and lies, it’s facts! The truth came out the other day DG admitted will not be able to pay Founder Stock holder, playing more games by saying Bitcoin or cryptocoin market, well that’s ain’t gonna happen soon, and just today Bitcoin took a dump bad news two more exchanger got shut down by the FBI FED GOV.

7:34:38 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Maaband1, no
7:34:43 AM Solim: čo tu bolo?
7:35:07 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Solim, ze se to nevyplati uz tady nekdo psal
7:35:21 AM Mchlpires:
7:35:24 AM Maaband1: Well… I’ll make it any DG will read it .
7:35:37 AM Solim: Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN a asic minerom ano
7:35:56 AM Agentw4b37: Nějak si matně vzpomínám, myslím, že mi to říkal dědeček, že peníze nějak souvisí s prací, ale to tak bylo asi v dávných dobách…
7:36:08 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Maaband1, Do as you think
7:36:33 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Agentw4b37, :DD
7:36:57 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Solim, ano ale tezebni proces je cim dal tezsi
7:37:02 AM TaqEdit: DG is back on the rise ??
7:37:31 AM Solim: s Gpu sa neoplatí ťažiť BTC, vytlačili ich Asic minery…ale treba investovať…
7:37:42 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: TaqEdit, crap
7:38:08 AM Maaband1: DG…as a Founder of CoinGeneration..I recommend that a limit to Payouts be applied to all members..whether old or new .. for the sake of fairness..Simple as that..
7:39:09 AM JHassan1040: this proposal would be acceptable
7:39:15 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Maaband1, yes
7:39:39 AM Solim: skúšal som ťaženie LTC to bolo tiež o ničom
7:39:57 AM Maaband1: DG…if you can pay big amount to new Users…you can pay all Users with at least maximum amount ..of let say…20$ per day…
7:40:21 AM Citron: kluci mate nekdo zkusenost z seklou platbou ktera je in proces ?
7:40:43 AM Maaband1: DG… if you do this…then everyone will be happy….and DG will continue to attract new Users…make sense?
7:41:21 AM Maaband1: All those who agree with me say a big…YES!
7:42:07 AM Solim: Citron, oni majú teraz iné starosti než in process ja mám v in process 900USD už vyše mesiaca…
7:42:07 AM DG Trust: Maaband1, NO!
7:42:38 AM Citron: Solim, to jsem chtel slyset takze bye bye in proces
7:42:39 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Maaband1, YES 🙂 But I do not believe DG
7:42:40 AM DG Trust: Who do you think you are to talk for a couple hundred thousand of Members ?
7:42:46 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Citron, ano
7:42:47 AM Ma Chi E Token:
7:42:47 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, what do you want with the current situation of DG?
7:43:11 AM Ma Chi E Token: Ecco l’alternativa
7:43:28 AM JHassan1040: Ignore hope that DG is a good proposal
7:43:30 AM Tracid: a jeeje objevil se zastance DG .. takovy jsou nejlepsi
7:43:35 AM DG Trust: First of all i would change the chat setting, so nobody can spam his disgusting Referral Link Spam
7:43:43 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, it is only a recommendation…that’s why I’m asking you to give your yes or no. What do you want …All or nothing????
7:43:43 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Tracid, 😀
7:43:57 AM Citron: JHassan1040, to jo vecny optimisti
7:44:02 AM Ma Chi E Token: l’alternativa che cercavi
7:44:36 AM DG Trust: I want that you guys understand whats going on right now. Its not about you or your 2 friends that you know off here at DG.
7:44:36 AM Ma Chi E Token:
7:44:42 AM DG Trust: Its about ALL of us.
7:44:46 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, that’s already in place…don’t you know…but…people are not following the rules…
7:45:02 AM DG Trust: And if DG would be scam, then they would be off and away with our money a looong time ago.
7:45:49 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, I know.. but everyone should get paid …not just the new users…
7:45:50 AM DG Trust: I am founder, i own 23.000Dollar in Stocks, and make appox 30 Bucks the day.
7:45:54 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: DG Trust, It comes in a moment 😀
7:46:19 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, I have very much more than that…
7:46:40 AM DG Trust: i give DG all the time in the world to solve what ever needs to be solved. i TRUST them.
7:46:50 AM DG Trust: proof it
7:47:16 AM DG Trust: i give you 3 minutes for a screenshot with time stamp GO
7:47:28 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: No nic jen tu stracim drahoceny cas…. Mejte se krasne a hodne stesti vsem 🙂
7:47:30 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, I’m just trying to appeaese those who are needing a little money everyday…many are pist off that the new Users are able to wid big amount of payouts.
7:48:13 AM Citron: Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD, caff ja jsem v praci takze pohoda
7:48:24 AM Tracid: DG Trust, is DG paying you to say that or what ?
7:48:31 AM DG Trust: you know what i think the problem is? transparency!
7:48:52 AM DG Trust: NO i didnt get paid since October or so
7:49:13 AM Tracid: so why you still belive ?
7:49:15 AM DG Trust: But if you read the latest news, you know these are humans with a vision.
7:49:46 AM DG Trust: they havnt let us down and start over somewhere else. like thousands of ptc websites in the past. they stick with us
7:50:01 AM Tracid: hah, if you are here for a long time enough you should know how it works here
7:50:03 AM DG Trust: i said so many rough things in chat but never they banned me or deleted my account
7:50:10 AM SERVER: you have connected to USA
7:50:22 AM DG Trust: well, they banned me from chat 😛
7:51:14 AM GrandDgFan: Hi all
7:51:18 AM DG Trust: i understand that a lot of people are scared or frustrated but i really believe that DG trust try its best to furnish our all expectations
7:51:59 AM GrandDgFan: The only way to trust and support is put limit and pay to all….this way all happy again!!! :))
7:52:15 AM DG Trust: i said to myself THEY HAVE ONE MORE CHANCE , so i wait for DG Stocks to see whats in it for us founders
7:52:20 AM GrandDgFan: I still believe in DG
7:52:50 AM GrandDgFan: they are always looking to a good and right solution to all
7:53:11 AM DG Trust: psychologically its like this, THEY know we are serious about making money online. most founders i know of invested huge amounts of money
7:53:52 AM DG Trust: so they bank on our trust and the fact that we stick with em due to high investments, which we dont wanna lose.
7:54:14 AM Tracid: oh c’mon please ..
7:54:26 AM DG Trust: they used this money to create something bigger and they announced to impress us on a good way
7:54:40 AM Tracid: but OK, that’s your opinion sir
7:54:48 AM DG Trust: please keep in mind that we talk about bitcoins and their current value
7:54:53 AM Maaband1: GrandDgFan, finally Ive someone agreeing to my recommendation….
7:55:11 AM GrandDgFan: Other option is delete the stocks but not the threads and give us the chance to build accounts again and paying all
7:55:28 AM DG Trust: in december 2013 the bitcoin crashed due to chinas crypto currency policy
7:55:53 AM DG Trust: this was a kick in the nuts for DG
7:56:25 AM Djoko91: STOCKS NEWS????
7:56:25 AM Maaband1: GrandDgFan, no ..don’t delete the Stocks..that’s not fair…all I’m asking is to treat the old (founders) and new users equally…fairly…
7:56:38 AM Tracid: GrandDgFan, they cant do that
7:56:44 AM GrandDgFan: founders or no founders – just all members without diference
7:57:01 AM Maaband1: GrandDgFan, correct!
7:57:06 AM DG Trust: to be honest, founders should be paid over new users. the problem with that is, that they need new users trust in order to grow
7:57:25 AM GrandDgFan: so,guys,if dont do that how they will pay? Someone to explain me!
7:57:31 AM Maaband1: Tracid, why not..??? they can pay the new Users hundres and thousands…why?
7:57:31 AM DG Trust: if they dont pay new users they will simply quit
7:57:32 AM Solim: Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD inak u toho asic mineru čo ste tu spomínali je dvojmesačná záruka vrátenia peňazí, takže podľa mňa by sa to ešte vyplatilo…
7:58:00 AM DG Trust: please make no mistake, i dont think these withdraws are new users
7:58:12 AM DG Trust: i think its DG itself
7:58:27 AM DG Trust: but no proof for that
7:58:31 AM Tracid: DG Trust, got it
7:58:35 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, well…dont you thinks the new users are doing what we did when we new…they are just rolling back their investment jus like us.
7:58:41 AM Tracid: you just trolling 🙂
7:58:53 AM DG Trust: it doesnt matter what matters is that they ask us for our help, which is a bold move. i will help as much i can, what you do ?
7:59:16 AM Tracid: je to jenom blbej troll 🙂
7:59:22 AM GrandDgFan: Anyone knows how much cost in total all stocks? And how this millions will be paid to us?
7:59:24 AM Tracid: a ja uz myslel ze to mysli vazne 🙂
7:59:32 AM DG Trust: yes
7:59:49 AM DG Trust: dg announced a 2200btc trade
7:59:59 AM DG Trust: 1btc equals around 1000Bucks
8:00:10 AM DG Trust: 2200×1000=2 200 000
8:00:33 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, I’m saying I will not help…I’m just saying …that old or new users should be treated fairly….the new users have been having payout too long…and the old users ar…
8:01:00 AM DG Trust: i feel you bro
8:01:01 AM GrandDgFan: I know…no chance…so better delete and we can build up again accounts with existing threads…
8:01:04 AM Maaband1: not help* mistake
8:01:08 AM Tracid: 500 000 users x 1 dollar every day (AT LEAST) = 500 000 dollars in a day
8:01:26 AM GrandDgFan: DG Trust, do you think that this is the value of all stocks?
8:01:39 AM Maaband1: I will help…but I want to be treated like shareholder…treated equally…
8:01:39 AM DG Trust: think about what they offer us.
8:01:47 AM DG Trust: i hear you
8:01:54 AM Tracid: 2 200 000 is enough for 4 days
8:02:06 AM GrandDgFan: Tracid, or less
8:02:10 AM DG Trust: if i gut that right they will give us founders, atms to place in our city
8:02:32 AM DG Trust: i dont know for you but i see huge dollar signs in my eyes just thinking about it
8:02:50 AM Tracid: GrandDgFan, yep .. almost everybody makes more than 1 dollar a day …
8:02:53 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, they re using up all the money paying the new Users..and what will be left for the project???? the new users will eventually become old users too…
8:03:17 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, does that make sense?
8:03:21 AM DG Trust: 1 atm costs around 2000-4000 dollar i have 23000 in stocks, so i could end up with somewhat 4 – 5 macines
8:03:46 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, me too…and growing daily….
8:03:52 AM DG Trust: ye
8:04:03 AM Tracid: but it means 2 200 000 dollars : 500 000 users= 4 dollars for every user ! hurray ! :))
8:04:24 AM GrandDgFan: we are now founders…soon no founders will become some 2nd founders and so on….
8:04:25 AM Tracid: Im very looking forward for that day 🙂
8:04:27 AM DG Trust: as i said i know what you mean and its a fair approach but its oblivious to believe that this would be THE solution.
8:04:36 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, but…I think DG is at a lost as what to do…I don’t know if they’ve a good counsel or adviser…
8:04:44 AM Maaband1: business adviser..
8:05:08 AM Jorgesos: Can someone explain me what is going on with that thing of ATM?
8:05:11 AM DG Trust: if you read between the lines you see that their previous conversation plan isnt working , due to hackers and financial situations of the stock markets
8:05:20 AM Tracid: DG Trust, what you gonna do with these ATMs ?
8:06:02 AM Tracid: DG Trust, if you REALY read between lines they says : prepare for the end .. I cant help myself sorry 🙂
8:06:07 AM Wxp012: Tracid, nothing. it is just another bullshit
8:06:10 AM DG Trust: i already contacted local shopping centers and such to ask what it would cost me to place these babies
8:06:23 AM GrandDgFan: Look what big banks do with the toxic actives – just delete them – that is what they must do if want to keep this up and correct the errors…
8:06:26 AM DG Trust: i wait for response
8:06:26 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, that’s what they want us to believe… no proof…but I give DG the benefit of the doubt…
8:06:29 AM Jahlovealways: DG Trust, atm machines cost $20
8:06:46 AM Jahlovealways: $20,000
8:06:47 AM DG Trust: no
8:06:57 AM DG Trust: 2000 to 4000
8:07:15 AM Jahlovealways: DG Trust, google bro
8:07:42 AM Jahlovealways: $20,000 minus legal fees
8:07:48 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, ATM …I think…that’s for the long hold…not near future…
8:08:17 AM OfficerFriendly10: Fuck ATMs get the stock market up before you move onto new things!
8:08:24 AM Maaband1: fiat money will do the best they can to delay it as much as they can…you know what I mean???
8:08:28 AM Tracid: and btw who will use these ATMs ?
8:08:32 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, right now those machines are illegal in some countries
8:08:44 AM Tracid: BitCoin holders ?
8:09:00 AM DG Trust: in the US they are illegal but not in canada 😉
8:09:24 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, I don’t know about that it’s legalities… is the btc s competition…right?
8:09:58 AM Jahlovealways: well USA has the most bitcoin users right now
8:10:09 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, I think…btc will stay ecurrency….that is used in the internet for a while….
8:10:27 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, no governments and banking establishments bro
8:10:42 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, they call the shots
8:10:51 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, what do you mean?
8:11:03 AM OfficerFriendly10: LOL its not illegal in the UAS to own an ATM
8:11:33 AM Maaband1: OfficerFriendly10, do you know whre these ATM are?
8:11:34 AM DG Trust: Jahlovealways, for you
8:11:49 AM Tracid: ah what a pointless conversation .. have fun guys with that troll ..
8:11:52 AM OfficerFriendly10: Maaband1, wherever users decide to put them
8:12:29 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, to change bitcoin to fait currinces you are relying on central bank decisions
8:13:04 AM DG Trust: Jahlovealways, you are so uninformed i would like you to stop talking about thinks you have no knowledge about
8:13:07 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, they pressure bitcoin
8:13:32 AM Jahlovealways: DG Trust, you need to research bro
8:13:35 AM DG Trust: bitcoins beauty is the fact that BANK or GOVERNMENTS have no influence what so ever
8:13:40 AM DG Trust:
8:13:41 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, those are for regular currency..not for bitcoin …generic$
8:14:38 AM DG Trust: besides they say THEY GIVE US and if you have not a good spot that THEY are interested in placing THEIR machines you can still buy one
8:14:45 AM Jahlovealways: DG Trust, they don’t have its a decentralize currency but governments and banks make the big decisions bro
8:14:47 AM Maaband1: DG Trust, I know that…I’m for Bitcoin…I’m a member of GBBG…are you?
8:15:12 AM Jahlovealways: DG Trust, the only thing they cant do is stop bitcoin
8:15:40 AM Inmoguejar:
8:15:47 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, we don’t know that…yet…but they ‘re trying..maybe…
8:15:48 AM Jahlovealways: but they can make it very difficult to exchange it for fait currency
8:16:27 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, they control the fait currency bro
8:16:34 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, we will not be needing that in the future….we can do all biz with btc…
8:16:35 AM Dgfounder: bitcoin is frowned upon here in France, he speaks of drug money!
8:16:57 AM Filippo936skypewarbannato Ancora: hi
8:17:05 AM Voael: in gateway status continuously recorded payments here and we blow it for months????
8:17:11 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, i agree but thats a long way away bro
8:17:12 AM Dgfounder: bitcoin is used by naco trafficker and mafias in the world
8:17:18 AM OfficerFriendly10: Dgfounder, lol fuck france
8:17:21 AM Maaband1: Dgfounder, that’s one disadvantage…
8:17:26 AM PanYan: mhhhm….
8:17:55 AM Maaband1: because it is anonymous….many bad people will take advantage…and that’s not good…
8:17:58 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, everyone on this site wants to get paid inUS dollars
8:18:06 AM Dgfounder: OfficerFriendly10, in France are very strict laws on banking and distributor of bank!
8:18:46 AM Dgfounder: France in the bitcoin is not recognized
8:18:52 AM Dgfounder: shit
8:18:54 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, right now yes….that’s why I made the recommendation to set a limitation to ALL, not suspend some and pay out big to new user…
8:19:42 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, i agree DG knows that too but they have other motives it seems
8:19:57 AM Wxp012: Maaband1, this game is already out DG control…….. no money in system
8:20:24 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, thats not being fair…we gave our (founders) support…and even these new users came from old users…who knows…and now DG treats us differently..
8:20:48 AM Jahlovealways: they have mismanaged our cash and are still doing so
8:21:43 AM Voael: of December 2013 were not paying DG, lest then again someone has escaped with the money?
8:21:54 AM Jahlovealways: they know the right thing to do but they seem to have hidden agendas
8:22:13 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, big question? Will these new Users (having a party now)…will have the same fate as us???? Old Users didn’t have the chance to get their initial investments….
8:22:33 AM Dgfounder: here who will buy dispensers bitcoin Machine?
8:22:34 AM Maaband1: Most of them didn’t …
8:22:36 AM Filippo936skypxxx: dg is facke!!!
8:23:40 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, DG knows the right thing to do but they seem to have hidden agendas
8:23:58 AM PanYan: Last payments??? Paid or not?
8:24:52 AM PanYan: tati***********.cz tati***********.cz tati***********.cz pala************.cz …. Over and over!
8:25:05 AM PanYan: WTF???
8:25:09 AM Dgfounder: fuck
8:25:13 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, I don’t know that…but…what’s happening right now…doesn’t make sense to me…
8:26:10 AM Maaband1: DG has big goals….but…I ‘ve doubts now if they can perform…the way things are unfolding…
8:27:06 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, what would i do with a ATM machine right now let it collect dust like my stock balance is doiing
8:27:11 AM Maaband1: Managing the members….are below par…for me.
8:28:12 AM Jahlovealways: DG pay us so we can be happy then we buy ATMs
8:28:17 AM Sineperde: please verify my account for payments I am send a Proof of ID and a Proof of Address to [email protected] and [email protected] two,one months and two weeks and…
8:28:40 AM Sineperde: two weeks and two days ago.
8:29:36 AM Jahlovealways: DG buy my stocks value in bitcoin i will worry about the rest
8:30:04 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, if they can’t manage the Membership part of the business correctly…how much more this ATM thing….
8:30:07 AM Anoteros: Sineperde, did u incule your user ID in the e-mail?
8:30:20 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, correct
8:31:05 AM Wxp012: Maaband1, 🙂
8:31:06 AM Sineperde: User ID: 534307 email: [email protected]
8:31:23 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, they are trying to grow to fast and may crash with my money
8:31:38 AM Jahlovealways: our money
8:32:13 AM Sineperde: yes write user id in the email
8:32:41 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, right!… look someone is still trying to get verified…what a shame…they ‘ve not even perfected that part of the biz.
8:32:55 AM Dgfounder: info first he talks about becoming founder and payments will no longer jaamis block, and now he talks about Bitcoin ATM distributor to make us wait again to find yet another exc…
8:33:01 AM Dgfounder: excuse
8:33:07 AM Sineperde: I wrote 40 times still did not approve
8:33:26 AM Anoteros: Sineperde, then u can only w8
8:34:30 AM Sineperde: How long should I wait 2 months was
8:34:36 AM Maaband1: Sineperde, if I were you….have a second thought…
8:34:41 AM Jahlovealways: Dgfounder, if 500,000 members buy a ATM each aat$20,000 DG will get cah to pay
8:34:49 AM Luiscadet0: Sineperde, your not the only one in the same situation , im also verified but it wont let me withdraw because they still have me blocked from withdraws
8:34:52 AM TiagoNetoPT: go to they are working on it
8:34:55 AM Jahlovealways: hahaha
8:35:02 AM Jahlovealways: what a joke
8:35:42 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, the thing is will DG deliver???? not being able to pay us…how much more for a physical product such a sATm
8:35:57 AM Maaband1: forget it…
8:36:15 AM Anoteros: TiagoNetoPT, they work with it for 2 months now
8:36:27 AM Sineperde: I put a high amount of money to the site
8:36:48 AM Dreamsleeper: TiagoNetoPT, what is the user and password we can use to see
8:36:49 AM Sineperde: I regret that I transmitted here
8:36:51 AM Anoteros: TiagoNetoPT, maybe its yime to give it in dg users
8:37:00 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, i do hope things work out for us for the better we all have been there thru the good bnd bad times and they owe us
8:37:31 AM Sineperde: some others are paying on this site does not pay to
8:38:05 AM Anoteros: i thing that when each stock reaches 50$ they will launch the market
8:38:08 AM Jahlovealways: where are the ADMINS???
8:38:46 AM TiagoNetoPT: Dreamsleeper, i don’t know. i just saw that the site ask for pass
8:38:51 AM Sineperde: I think playing with his cock pimp
8:39:33 AM Sineperde: pezevenk admin
8:39:47 AM Wxp012: Anoteros, why just 50?
8:40:21 AM Anoteros: bcz same price as a thread
8:40:25 AM Luiscadet0: i cant withdraw so i waited 3 months to see if they unblocked me , and nothing has happen yet ,also transfer to founder
8:40:54 AM Luiscadet0: new home i moved in too so they blocked me because i moved some bull
8:42:19 AM Maaband1: Luiscadet0, did you contact Support?
8:42:54 AM Attila: – Authorization Required wtf? Login & password from DG?
8:43:05 AM Maaband1: Luiscadet0, I’m moving to new location myself…I told them ahead of time..I’m moving in mid Feb
8:44:18 AM Maaband1: Anoteros, where did you learn about this?…speculation only?
8:44:37 AM TaqEdit: DG is back ??
8:44:42 AM Spaca88: did anyone log in how?
8:48:19 AM Maaband1: Spaca88, i tried to log in…but..with my DG info…took too long..I canceled..
8:48:48 AM Raul Albiol94: what is the username and password
8:49:03 AM Maaband1: Raul Albiol94, nobody knows…
8:49:44 AM Maaband1: Why would i need a username and password to access a website?
8:50:22 AM Maaband1: I mean…before they ask for that..theyshould have a somekind of Registration proces…?????
8:50:47 AM Azuzula: Maaband1, because they test that site? And dont want someone to see their changes?
8:50:58 AM Azuzula: or bugs
8:51:25 AM Maaband1: Azuzula, then…don’t ask for username and password…when they know ..we don’t have one..
8:51:55 AM Azuzula: this is only for admins username and pass…
8:51:57 AM Maaband1: we don’t even know if such a website exist…
8:52:18 AM Azuzula: Maaband1, tahts right
8:52:55 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, i guess they will put that in place else it could end up like the last time market test
8:53:07 AM Maaband1: everything they do not normal…it’s like guessing game all the time…thats’ not good biz…
8:53:26 AM Raul Albiol94: you can not enter yet?
8:53:43 AM Maaband1: Raul Albiol94, no….
8:53:55 AM Maaband1: there’s no website…info..
8:53:59 AM Jahlovealways: leaks cause problems
8:54:19 AM Rxishad: The User name and password, because IIS does not set permissions reason is not accessible
8:54:21 AM Jahlovealways: that site is not official
8:54:32 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, but why ask for password??
8:55:18 AM Rxishad: Maaband1, IIS is no reason to set access permissions
8:55:25 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, they should at least put a….”under construction” or something…I feel stupid..being asked a password…
8:55:34 AM Jahlovealways: because the mojority of member dont have maybe admin
8:55:52 AM Rxishad: Today’s announcement that we have to see it?
8:55:52 AM Raul Albiol94: password?
8:56:42 AM Maaband1: Jahlovealways, we’ve been put in the dark room for so long…and everybody is like speculating. assumming… guessing what’s happening next….
8:56:44 AM Jahlovealways: Maaband1, i agree but they dont want us to go there else they would have posted it up thats just another leaked site
8:56:51 AM Rxishad: DG today’s announcement, what does that mean? Do not understand, is telling us that there is no money to pay us?
8:57:06 AM Raul Albiol94: There are rubbing
8:57:53 AM Maaband1: Rxishad, take another guess…..they speak in ambigious tongues…
8:58:16 AM Maaband1: we can only presume…guess.
8:59:09 AM Maaband1: they use words that can be interpreted in several ways…most of the time..
8:59:11 AM Rxishad: Maaband1, Today’s announcement is said to give us the money?
9:00:17 AM Maaband1: Rxishad, the “might” is often used here…and that is not for certain…
9:02:49 AM Eduzz1: is DG stoks working?
9:03:25 AM Maaband1: I’ll take off now…bye…stay cool.
9:06:41 AM 1234flo: hy all
9:07:03 AM 1234flo: in 1 month maybe dg payd founder again?
9:09:39 AM Eduzz1: 1234flo, I am sure. maybe sooner
9:12:25 AM RobyRoby: —
9:13:42 AM PietroVall: fredati pure da coin, ottimo!
9:14:34 AM Zeerroo: hi, how to be founder?
9:18:01 AM Ussagui: Zeerroo, dont want to be
9:19:10 AM Ussagui: 1234flo, first it was day 16 (if im not wrong) now more one month … always the same …
9:21:56 AM SerraPeladaDaSilva: sdf
9:30:22 AM JfonRulaADGOK: test
9:30:25 AM JfonRulaADGOK: teeeeeettsst
9:30:55 AM JfonRulaADGOK: PPL sign this pls its already of DG Management knowledge
9:31:01 AM JfonRulaADGOK:
9:32:04 AM SerraPeladaDaSilva_Junior: sadaasdsda
9:32:42 AM SerraPeladaDaSilva_Junior: Ganhe 5% ao dia do que você investir…
9:32:47 AM KirilovBG: I think we should wait, if DG says so
9:33:39 AM Russo94: JfonRulaADGOK, how you know that?
9:34:39 AM __GRiAL__:
9:34:49 AM __GRiAL__: work
9:35:41 AM Mchlpires:
9:38:19 AM Mariabaj: __GRiAL__, not yet
9:39:22 AM LongHotDogBigToo: tit
9:39:29 AM LongHotDogBigToo: bit tittie
9:39:36 AM LongHotDogBigToo: big tittie
9:39:59 AM Serra__Pelada_Da_Silva_Junior: sadsd
9:41:04 AM LongHotDogBigToo: is dat real dgstock?
9:41:54 AM GrandDgFan: DGstocks site is live…:))
9:42:07 AM DG_MERDA: l
9:42:52 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Digital Generation for it can alone .
9:43:37 AM LongHotDogBigToo: lol
9:43:56 AM LongHotDogBigToo: i’m going to register my for 50 cent 🙂
9:44:09 AM LongHotDogBigToo:
9:44:18 AM LongHotDogBigToo: up for bid
9:45:04 AM Frantic66: new system ….
9:45:23 AM GoldenArmy: LongHotDogBigToo, what is this LOL ?
9:46:36 AM GVCO69: can u login into Dgstocks?
9:46:47 AM GoldenArmy: Frantic66, what is this LOL ?
9:47:06 AM GoldenArmy: GVCO69, not yet
9:47:39 AM SERVER: User Frantic66 – BANNED!
9:48:52 AM GVCO69: really sad there is nothing about payments in update…
9:50:17 AM Serra__Pelada_Da_Silva_Junior: s
9:50:20 AM LongHotDogBigToo: it’s fake someone created that website
9:50:42 AM LongHotDogBigToo: taking advantage of problems at dg to make money for themselves
9:51:38 AM Summer123:
9:52:22 AM Summer123: 5% a day!
9:53:38 AM 1234flo: __GRiAL__, hy
9:53:45 AM 1234flo: __GRiAL__, you are there?
9:54:26 AM Nitgrits: lolll is not ready, it’s still written in latin like a blank site template. “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse rhoncus, lacus ac c…
9:58:04 AM __GRiAL__: 1234flo, hi
9:58:38 AM __GRiAL__: Provide us with 48-72 hrs timeframe necessary to launch new trading platform along with the products that you still consider to be a plot of our imagination.
9:58:45 AM __GRiAL__: i hope
9:59:40 AM GoatHerder100: test
9:59:53 AM GoatHerder100: hi grail
10:02:22 AM DG Trust: looks need
10:03:51 AM 1234flo: __GRiAL__, when do you think DG start paid founder members?
10:03:55 AM Serra__Pelada_Da_Silva_Junior: Ganhe 5% diário do que vc investir e ainda com saques minimos de 1usd…
10:04:05 AM Mike86: sera
10:06:55 AM __GRiAL__: 1234flo, I do not know. hopefully when the new platform launch it new
10:07:40 AM Alexmensa12345: __GRiAL__, hi. Any good news?
10:08:18 AM JfonRocksDGOK: teste33
10:08:27 AM __GRiAL__:
10:08:38 AM __GRiAL__: they working
10:09:03 AM Alexmensa12345: Working for take time and don’t pay
10:09:17 AM Eduzz1: how you log in?
10:09:36 AM Alexmensa12345: __GRiAL__, thanks
10:09:47 AM __GRiAL__: is Page is under construction yet
10:11:29 AM __GRiAL__: Eduzz1, have to wait
10:11:55 AM Rxishad: Today’s news is that there is no money to pay us?
10:12:12 AM __GRiAL__: Rxishad, news in home
10:15:04 AM Eduzz1: __GRiAL__, when will be finised we will log with same mail and pass like here on DG?
10:16:05 AM LongHotDogBigToo: do you guys agree that dg latest news to founder stock holder is a bit un-professional? they don’t admit to their broken promise and attacked the members
10:18:11 AM Serra__Pelada_Da_Silva_Junior: Ganhe 5% diário do que vc investir e ainda com saques minimos de 1usd… \0/
10:18:27 AM Alexmensa12345: LongHotDogBigToo, right! They play a game
10:19:54 AM __GRiAL__: Eduzz1, have to wait for news
10:20:49 AM __GRiAL__: when finished we comment on its operation
10:21:54 AM Eduzz1: __GRiAL__, ok thank you
10:22:00 AM Eduzz1: 🙂
10:23:18 AM Perseus: __GRiAL__, en esa web hay que registrarse con el mismo user que aquí?
10:24:45 AM __GRiAL__: Perseus, aun no se sabe
10:25:16 AM __GRiAL__: habra que esperar unos dias a ver
10:25:34 AM Perseus: ok
10:25:50 AM __GRiAL__: estan haciendo cosas ahora
10:25:52 AM Perseus: al menos es un avance
10:26:02 AM __GRiAL__: cada vez que entro hay cosas diferentes
10:26:57 AM Perseus: esperemos que lo arreglen ya de una vez y empiezen a pagar
10:27:32 AM __GRiAL__: si pagan. por esperar no perdemos nada
10:27:41 AM __GRiAL__: 😀
10:27:59 AM Perseus: lo malo es que ya llevamos demasiado tiempo esperando
10:28:53 AM Gaucho80: hello
10:29:18 AM Gaucho80: the DG stocks is working ;; niiiiiiiiiice
10:29:44 AM __GRiAL__: The DG online exchange is a trade platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and other derivatives of the financial cryptosystem. DG allows the immediate purchase and sale…
10:30:06 AM __GRiAL__: of currencies by means of peer-to-peer transactions at the time of concluding a deal. Members can exchange cryptocurrencies, regular currencies and e-money. This means that the…
10:30:49 AM __GRiAL__: exchange itself is not party to the transaction and does not make any settlements against any arising liabilities (that is does not perform any clearing functions): it merely pr…
10:31:04 AM __GRiAL__: provides the parties with the infrastructure to securely conclude their deal.
10:31:38 AM Perseus: algo así como la compra venta de bitcoins?
10:31:49 AM __GRiAL__: entre otras cosas
10:32:09 AM Perseus: entonces tendremos que hacernos un monedero bitcoin
10:32:29 AM Gaucho80: __GRiAL__, you need to register a DG stocks!!, because I took my email and password, i was asked to sign
10:32:36 AM __GRiAL__: solo si quieres comprar btc supongo
10:32:47 AM __GRiAL__: Gaucho80, have to wait
10:32:49 AM Denise2:
10:32:52 AM __GRiAL__: is under constuction yet
10:33:07 AM Perseus: hombre, en la portada de esa web está claro que trabajan con bitcoins
10:33:11 AM Gaucho80: __GRiAL__, yes amigo ;;thanks
10:33:17 AM __GRiAL__: si pero tb hay otas monedas
10:33:30 AM __GRiAL__: y meteran los stocks y eso
10:33:38 AM Gaucho80: thanks DG ;;;;number 1 in the world
10:33:51 AM Perseus: yo solo pido que cumplan con lo que han prometido
10:33:54 AM __GRiAL__: en unos dias veremos como funciona
10:34:04 AM Shiorikeito: will we still be paid?
10:35:29 AM _Defd01__: hi
10:35:51 AM _Defd01__: How to login in the dgstocks?
10:36:05 AM __GRiAL__: _Defd01__, not yet
10:36:26 AM __GRiAL__: is under constuction
10:36:33 AM _Defd01__: __GRiAL__, ok thanks
10:36:50 AM _Defd01__: that is amazing!!!
10:37:51 AM Gaucho80: si si the DG stocks is under instruction
10:37:54 AM _Defd01__: it looks so fine!
10:38:21 AM _Defd01__: Great JOB DG… well done!
10:38:34 AM Gaucho80: the professional design
10:39:04 AM _Defd01__: the DG design 🙂
10:39:32 AM _Defd01__: White
10:39:44 AM Gaucho80: _Defd01__, yes
10:39:54 AM _Defd01__: well done!
10:40:57 AM _Defd01__: also for the new announcement … Great!! Well done!
10:41:06 AM Gaucho80: DG knows what he does, he has a purpose, but users do not comply; tempis for them
10:41:23 AM Mpjs06: can someone tell me, why I can’t make a withdraw?
10:41:48 AM _Defd01__: I agree with DG from the first day that i have invest in this great project
10:42:06 AM _Defd01__: this is a great Job
10:42:15 AM _Defd01__: Well done
10:42:40 AM Gaucho80: _Defd01__, mee too ; ihave a old user ; ( juin 2013 )
10:43:10 AM Shiorikeito: hopefully everything will be alright..Thanks DG!! good job!
10:43:39 AM _Defd01__: Gaucho80, I’m from October 20th
10:43:52 AM Mpjs06: Hello… can somebody tell me, why I can’t make a withdraw, please?
10:44:04 AM _Defd01__: after 10 days
10:44:07 AM Gaucho80: _Defd01__, niiiice
10:44:18 AM _Defd01__: they go for the Stocks
10:44:31 AM Denise2:
10:45:20 AM Shiorikeito: when can we withdraw our funds?
10:46:14 AM Mpjs06: same question with me, when can we withdraw???
10:46:24 AM _Defd01__: Shiorikeito, are you in hurry?
10:46:31 AM Gaucho80: why people are not patient, some people insulted DG, and I really do not like it
10:46:44 AM Gaucho80: but finaly ,,good job DG
10:47:07 AM _Defd01__: Gaucho80, I hope that DG refund them only for the real money invested
10:47:11 AM Eduzz1: Gaucho80, agreed with you
10:47:27 AM Shiorikeito: _Defd01__, I’m not.
10:47:34 AM _Defd01__: Gaucho80, The people that insult… MUST GO HOME
10:47:45 AM Eduzz1: DG will resume the payouts
10:47:58 AM Gaucho80: Eduzz1, 🙂
10:48:05 AM Gaucho80: _Defd01__, hope so
10:48:09 AM Mpjs06: Eduzz1, can you tell me when?
10:48:19 AM _Defd01__: Shiorikeito, I don’t know when payouts will be avaiable
10:48:20 AM Eduzz1: otherwise they should slow down the earnings
10:48:43 AM _Defd01__: Shiorikeito, and i’m not in hurry for get payouts
10:48:47 AM Shiorikeito: _Defd01__, ok,thanks for answering.
10:49:15 AM Leyteris74: Always believed in the vision of KM DONE AND THANK YOU. GOOD WORK WITH YOU ALWAYS
10:49:32 AM Eduzz1: so let them work
10:49:45 AM Shiorikeito: _Defd01__, I’m not either. I was just too curious to ask. 🙂
10:51:00 AM _Defd01__: Gaucho80, but there are people tha insul DG that earn a lot of money… THEY MUST REFUND DG!!!
10:51:25 AM _Defd01__: I know peopol that earn thousand of dollars
10:51:38 AM Mpjs06: _Defd01__, are you a support from DG?
10:51:47 AM _Defd01__: and insult DG
10:52:00 AM _Defd01__: Mpjs06, I’m not
10:52:32 AM Eduzz1: i earn a lot too
10:52:33 AM Sustr22: really work DG market? Buy or sale BTC ?
10:52:33 AM _Defd01__: Mpjs06, I’m a founder
10:54:00 AM Sustr22: where is support?
10:54:14 AM Mpjs06: _Defd01__, same with me but I see in the gateway status many user can make a withdraw but why I can’t make WD??
10:54:38 AM Gaucho80: _Defd01__, he found the chat available 24/24, and he say what they want, but I am sure, people who insult, are minor 🙂
10:56:01 AM Sustr22: new text on the page
10:58:16 AM __TT__: guys, do you think is save to buy more treds
10:58:59 AM __TT__: threads
10:59:00 AM Eduzz1: show must go on
10:59:10 AM Eduzz1: i will buy more threads
11:00:11 AM __TT__: Eduzz1, from balance or your money
11:00:44 AM _Defd01__: I buy more thread every day
11:00:45 AM Eduzz1: from balance
11:00:54 AM Eduzz1: and way not my money too
11:01:02 AM _Defd01__: when i can
11:01:12 AM Eduzz1: we make DG work
11:01:17 AM _Defd01__: noe founders cannot add money in DG
11:01:33 AM _Defd01__: I have tried yesterday
11:01:48 AM __TT__: ok but dc didn’t work now
11:01:50 AM Eduzz1: if we give up dg was nov future so lets stau uniteed
11:02:02 AM _Defd01__: but DG stops to add founds in my account and i don’t know why
11:02:04 AM Eduzz1: stay
11:03:07 AM _Defd01__: Eduzz1, I also want add my money
11:03:18 AM Eduzz1: it stopped becouse some of us wore very unhappy
11:03:24 AM Eduzz1: will wait
11:03:24 AM _Defd01__: but DG bolted founders
11:03:37 AM Eduzz1: and we go forward
11:03:38 AM _Defd01__: *blocked
11:03:57 AM Eduzz1: they unbock us
11:04:03 AM Eduzz1: i’m founder too
11:04:21 AM Eduzz1: they will unblok us
11:04:25 AM _Defd01__: Eduzz1, I hope they unblock soon
11:04:38 AM Eduzz1: no worries
11:04:42 AM __TT__: Eduzz1, its normal to see unhappy people’s
11:05:06 AM _Defd01__: this is caused only for someone that open legal disputes with DG
11:05:23 AM Eduzz1: Payouts to shareholders will be resumed as soon as our profit from daily trading reaches the required threshold of $100,000 a day.
11:05:34 AM _Defd01__: the people that open disputes are very stupid
11:06:10 AM Eduzz1: if we give up there will be no 100 000 a day
11:06:14 AM _Defd01__: Eduzz1, no… there is a problem also in the “Pay-in”
11:06:27 AM __TT__: yes that’s true
11:06:31 AM _Defd01__: I cannot add my founds in DG
11:07:06 AM Eduzz1: they will solve it
11:07:15 AM Eduzz1: don’t worry
11:07:19 AM Capoleone: _Defd01__, ancora non ti rassegni???
11:07:29 AM _Defd01__: I hope they will solve averithing
11:07:48 AM _Defd01__: Capoleone, only english please
11:08:20 AM _Defd01__: Capoleone, you are one of the stupid people that insult DG
11:08:41 AM Capoleone: _Defd01__, yes
11:08:53 AM __TT__: everything happens very slowly, that’s why many people are angry
11:09:02 AM _Defd01__: Capoleone, god luck
11:09:12 AM _Defd01__: *good
11:09:28 AM _Defd01__: you will be bloacked
11:09:38 AM _Defd01__: blocked
11:10:13 AM Capoleone: ok
11:10:33 AM _Defd01__: Capoleone, good luck
11:11:20 AM __TT__: i hope everything to go normal
11:12:00 AM __TT__: i don’t thing that dc is scam
11:12:27 AM _Defd01__: __TT__, I bet for going to extra normal way
11:13:02 AM __TT__: _Defd01__, me too
11:13:17 AM Eduzz1: NO DG IS NO SCAM
11:13:43 AM _Defd01__: 🙂
11:14:39 AM Forcipiger: _Defd01__, what are you doing here? came on on the european chat ialso sent to you an email
11:14:53 AM __TT__: Eduzz1, ban for screaming 🙂
11:15:32 AM _Defd01__: the stupid people will be refunded… they will have back his 100 if they have put in 100 🙂
11:15:57 AM Eduzz1: lol
11:17:05 AM _Defd01__: people that insult DG… will be refunded… and if they earn money… they must refund DG :)))
11:17:34 AM __TT__: good luck to all
11:17:35 AM _Defd01__: they musi go away from here
11:19:04 AM Forcipiger: _Defd01__, o def are you reading to me?
11:19:50 AM Nitgrits: Lots of info suddently on the blog… Seems to be good news
11:20:13 AM _Defd01__: Forcipiger, ciao… I’m busy now I have to go.. too much people insult me… so… I’m sorry… I must go now
11:20:36 AM Forcipiger: _Defd01__, ciao leggi l’email
11:20:57 AM _Defd01__: ok
11:21:07 AM _Defd01__: Thank you
11:23:14 AM Rxishad: Our tech dept is currently making changes to the payment gateway and we should have MasterCard payments working by Friday 4th
11:23:43 AM Rxishad: Friday payments?
11:24:21 AM _Defd01__: Rxishad, really?
11:24:28 AM _Defd01__: wow
11:24:42 AM _Defd01__: Great
11:25:00 AM Sustr22: Rxishad, where is the message?
11:25:11 AM Duckets: Rxishad, so all DG members with money in available balance will be paid?
11:25:13 AM _Defd01__: anyway I hope to get my paxum payouts
11:25:46 AM _Defd01__: because i have already confirmed my bank account
11:25:51 AM Rxishad:
11:25:56 AM _Defd01__: in Paxum
11:26:11 AM Rxishad: blog
11:27:21 AM Rxishad: Have to wait one week? DG’s commitment to not believe
11:31:14 AM _Defd01__: _Defd01__, Dg are doing a great job
11:31:20 AM Duckets: well, sounds like good news….lets hope things work out..I really want DG to work out!
11:32:12 AM Duckets: I love the ATM idea, very exciting possibilities!
11:32:13 AM _Defd01__: Rxishad, I fully agree with any announcement and any rules changing… because this is a great adventure
11:32:45 AM _Defd01__: DG are doing a great job
11:32:51 AM ESpaCe: why i can’t withdrawls ?
11:32:59 AM ESpaCe: can’t be done !
11:33:18 AM _Defd01__: ESpaCe, are you in hurry?
11:33:58 AM _Defd01__: ESpaCe, DG add your earnings in your account every day
11:34:00 AM ESpaCe: _Defd01__, nn why ?
11:34:06 AM LongHotDogBigToo: I really doubt that anyone would get a refund dg are just saying but they will ignore all your request just like they did in the past
11:34:36 AM LongHotDogBigToo: maybe just me thinking like that though 🙂 based on past experience
11:34:38 AM Sustr22: DG continue? What a message on the home page? :-/
11:35:14 AM LongHotDogBigToo: like bank withdrawal was just to kill time
11:36:07 AM Thor001: _Defd01__, ou ma pure qui?
11:37:29 AM Danny_dgsola: _Defd01__, hahahahahah brutto cazzoneeeeeeee!!!
11:37:42 AM Danny_dgsola: _Defd01__, fatti nculo!!
11:37:56 AM ESpaCe: why i can’t withdrawls ?
11:38:04 AM ESpaCe: my money
11:38:12 AM _Defd01__: ESpaCe, your earnings are quit safe in the Dg account
11:38:37 AM _Defd01__: ESpaCe, are you in hurry?
11:38:39 AM Thor001: ESpaCe, because your money are in payza
11:39:09 AM LongHotDogBigToo: how can it be in payza? payza don’t even work for dg long time ago since june 2013?
11:39:10 AM Danny_dgsola: _Defd01__, che ti dicono quà coglione??? ti mandano a cagare anche quì?? ti stai cagando sotto è??
11:39:15 AM Danny_dgsola: hahahahaa
11:39:39 AM Danny_dgsola: _Defd01__, io ti avevo avvisato che era una sola…ahahahahah sei passato pure a founder..lo hai preso in culo 2 volte hahaha
11:40:30 AM Thor001: Danny_dgsola, lasciamolo stare va torniamo
11:40:50 AM Emans: guys just a question, for who is a beginner in this project and didnt got any DGSTOCK, it has the possibilites to get some earn?
11:42:53 AM _Defd01__: Emans, Dgstocks is o the way… we all have to learn how it works
11:45:47 AM Thor001: Emans, ti ho risposto in europe
11:48:40 AM Sustr22: dgstocks are done quick pages
11:48:55 AM Sustr22: It is strange though that so long working
11:53:16 AM HEXXXA: sdfsdfa d
11:53:22 AM Sustr22:
11:53:27 AM Sustr22: other small money
11:54:50 AM Hamedghv: hi everybody
11:56:16 AM Hamedghv: what is the difference between for example egopay and egopay2?
11:57:00 AM Sustr22: Hamedghv, egopay for founders and egopay 2 for non founders
12:00:17 PM Surflolek: news about when founders can WD?
12:00:55 PM HEXXXA: Target and wink at people secretly using facebook and the car id number! Fast and quick!
12:01:17 PM Sustr22:
12:04:24 PM Sustr22: english
12:04:30 PM LongHotDogBigToo: lol heard that before 🙂 since june 2013 🙂
12:05:13 PM Sustr22: LongHotDogBigToo, I thought it
12:05:18 PM Attila: Sustr22, some news is deleted from blog. This is one old.
12:05:19 PM Sustr22: shit
12:05:44 PM Sustr22: What do you think about the site dgstocks?
12:07:10 PM LongHotDogBigToo: don’t worry about deletion, there a lot of websites blog out there keeping tracking of both DG news blog and chat 🙂
12:07:55 PM LongHotDogBigToo: they changed the date
12:08:20 PM LongHotDogBigToo: their blog server is messed up 🙂
12:09:29 PM Sustr22: dg ending and they do not believe it
12:13:43 PM Pavel Vlcek: There are some anonimous unverified posts at the blog. What is this?
12:13:56 PM Sustr22: Pavel Vlcek, stare zpravy
12:14:28 PM Pavel Vlcek: Sustr22, But there is todays date.
12:15:06 PM Sustr22: Pavel Vlcek, yes but all messages todays date
12:15:27 PM Pavel Vlcek: Sustr22, Ok thanks.
12:16:59 PM Sustr22: Pavel Vlcek,
12:17:58 PM Pavel Vlcek: Sustr22, It works? :-O
12:19:01 PM Pavel Vlcek: But the idea is in Portugal or sometnink.
12:19:26 PM Silver_:
12:19:59 PM Alexandre76800: Hello, what appened with the phone verification ?? It says “Verification temporary unavailable” !!
12:20:49 PM Denise2:
12:21:26 PM Sirius82ster: Hello! All payments on this run? 🙁
12:26:02 PM Roundthebend: test
12:27:47 PM Olobomau: Pavel Vlcek, all blog messages have todays date because they were all edited to delete the name of the person o wrote/posted them
12:31:20 PM Beingy030: Want to sell your computer
12:32:25 PM Metal992liveit: qualcuno volentereso che mi spieghi cosa sta succedendo e cosa vuol dire il messaggio in home ? lo stiamo per prendere nel culo ?
12:35:04 PM 5289669FDWR: oi
12:35:30 PM 557766: ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins $$$▇
12:42:02 PM Roundthebend: very good having the DGstocks up! makes a big difference seeing it there
12:44:18 PM DG Trust: 557766, can you pls stfu
12:44:46 PM LongHotDogBigToo: lol
12:45:45 PM Misa_G11: 8 …
12:59:59 PM Patto: does anyone understand whats going on in the last blog??
1:00:36 PM Fcbatlasy: test
1:00:45 PM GabrielFounder: what it is dgstock?
1:01:03 PM Eurosfree:
1:01:55 PM GabrielFounder: Eurosfree, what it is?
1:02:00 PM Eurosfree:
1:03:01 PM Jhvjvdf: dsdcdsc
1:04:16 PM Jhvjvdf: boa tarde amigo eu tenho mas de 8 meses sin tira ni um centimo deposite con payza despues pedi refun en la altura a seguir cancele o refun fike sin dinero sin nada
1:04:37 PM Serra__Pelada_Da_Silva_Junior: Ganhe 5% diário do que vc investir e ainda com saques minimos de 1usd…
1:05:09 PM Jhvjvdf: tenho so dinero virtual porque nao me deixa tira o dinheiro porque dice que vas fecha minha conta
1:08:27 PM Syed80: Looks promissing – Sell your PC Power –> <--- check this out. 1:11:28 PM GoatHerder100: 1:13:18 PM Johnson1987: hello 1:13:29 PM Johnson1987: does the market work? 1:14:11 PM GoatHerder100: Johnson1987, not yet m8 1:14:21 PM Sustr: its fake 1:14:32 PM Johnson1987: GoatHerder100, when ? 1:14:49 PM GoatHerder100: so are my girlfriends tits 1:14:53 PM Sustr: long time working on it and the pages are not ready 1:15:05 PM Eurosfree: lol 1:15:12 PM Sustr: GoatHerder100, you lucky one 😀 1:15:56 PM Johnson1987: You guys are sh*tting at the same place where you eat, that's the straightforward comment we'ld like to add regarding the whole situation. what the suppose to mean? 1:16:10 PM Eurosfree: i invest 750dollars and i dont even take 1cent.... 1:17:56 PM Sustr: - some fucking colorful dots ... ! 1:18:18 PM Eurosfree: nice colors 1:18:33 PM Sustr: Eurosfree, yeah 1:18:38 PM Sustr: but no money 😀 1:18:54 PM LongHotDogBigToo: liar liar your butt crack hole pants are on fire! 🙂 lol 1:19:09 PM Eurosfree: that is the big problem 1:19:22 PM Eurosfree: 1:19:28 PM Eurosfree: my money 1:19:42 PM Eurosfree: were is my money? 1:19:49 PM Sustr: yes, this is big problem... i invested 800 dollars and back i have 100 dollars 1:20:10 PM Eurosfree: i need my 700dollars back 1:20:56 PM LongHotDogBigToo: you know you not going to get it back 🙂 1:21:07 PM LongHotDogBigToo: read what i typed 🙂 1:21:13 PM Eurosfree: lets wait 1:22:32 PM Eurosfree: Italian, Portugal and Brazil communities will have their payments re-instated first as a courtesy to level of comfort we have been experiencing with them. It's not yet time to a... 1:23:12 PM Eurosfree: lets see what will happens 1:23:22 PM LongHotDogBigToo: sure we can wait since most of us already waited since june 2013 1:23:26 PM Sustr: apocalypse 1:23:51 PM Seven8: Join eobot now. Win Dollars BTC LTC and other cryptocurrency's 1:24:22 PM Eurosfree: Seven8, to loose more money? 1:27:11 PM Eurosfree: if you like to make good money just go to: 1:28:08 PM Eurosfree: invest 200 and you will get 400 very simple 1:30:37 PM LongHotDogBigToo: lol 1:32:14 PM Serra__Pelada_Da_Silva_Junior: Ganhe 5% diário do que vc investir e ainda com saques minimos de 1usd... 1:36:47 PM Eurosfree: tomorrow i pay day 1:37:17 PM Eurosfree: DG will stat paying from tomorrow 1:37:37 PM Sustr: Eurosfree, ha ha ha 1:37:54 PM Eurosfree: yahhhhhooooo 1:37:54 PM Dokalamo: Eurosfree, hihihi:) 1:37:56 PM GoatHerder100: 1:38:25 PM GoatHerder100: Great time to launch stoch exchange 1:38:42 PM Eurosfree: is better launch then cry 1:39:59 PM Vicks: GoatHerder100, lol its not yet up they have just opened a site thats it 🙂 1:40:48 PM Eurosfree: opened a site for what? 1:41:03 PM Sustr: Eurosfree, for other lie 1:41:46 PM Vicks: Eurosfree, well what i am saying is the stock market is not up.we dont know till what extent they have made the stock market yet. so for now its just a newly launched site 🙂 1:41:52 PM Eurosfree: ohhh i need to now the name of that website to invest another 750dollars 1:42:19 PM Vicks: Eurosfree, which site ? 1:42:28 PM Eurosfree: and loose again 1:42:56 PM Vicks: Eurosfree, cant say much to that 🙂 1:43:26 PM Eurosfree: Vicks, were ur from? 1:43:28 PM Vicks: Eurosfree, its been same for everybody 1:43:35 PM Vicks: Eurosfree, India 1:44:22 PM Eurosfree: im from portugal 1:44:32 PM Hitler: i invested 500$ 1:44:42 PM Hitler: i withdraw only 30$ 1:44:50 PM Hitler: i have 2400$ now 1:44:58 PM Vicks: Eurosfree, ohh 🙂 hie there 🙂 1:45:04 PM Hitler: how and when i wil see my money i did not withdraw from 6 months 1:45:10 PM Vicks: Hitler, well its same for almost everybody 1:45:31 PM Hitler: guys enter 1:45:42 PM Hitler: and report this site 1:45:49 PM LongHotDogBigToo: fbi engaged in cryptocoins sabotage 1:45:50 PM Eurosfree: i call the number they have in are at porto and nobody pickup the phone 1:46:20 PM LongHotDogBigToo: fbi shutting down exchanger in order to shut down bitcoin cryptocoins developments 1:46:24 PM LongHotDogBigToo: fbi are smart damn!!!!!!!!!! 1:46:31 PM Hitler: they are sooo fake and they tell so many liess every day 1:46:43 PM Hitler: yes guys we need suport from FBI 1:46:50 PM Eurosfree: FBI...? 1:46:57 PM Vicks: Hitler, this way you wont get your money back friend 1:46:59 PM Hitler: this guys have to be done in jail 1:46:59 PM Eurosfree: FOR WHAT? 1:47:02 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Hitler, I"ll give $100 tosplit dg owner throat deal? 1:47:15 PM Hitler: for lies and for using us and our money 1:47:16 PM LongHotDogBigToo: ok $105 1:47:26 PM Vicks: LongHotDogBigToo, these thing swill not help anybody friend 1:47:26 PM Emanuelefaccin: Do the founders own real shares? 1:47:34 PM Hitler: LongHotDogBigToo, what do u want i cant understend 1:47:35 PM LongHotDogBigToo: 🙂 1:47:43 PM Vicks: Emanuelefaccin, not as of now they are internal shares 1:47:54 PM Eurosfree: THEY DONT ASK YOU TO INVEST UR MONEY AT DG...! 1:48:03 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Hitler, I will pay you $100 to split dg owner throat! 1:48:13 PM Vicks: Hitler, what i am saying is talking to fbi or spreading negativity is not going to get your money back 1:48:15 PM Hitler: WE NEED REPORT TO FBI BECAUSE THEY CONTROL OUR COMPUTERS WITH THAT PROGRAM THREAD MANAGER 1:48:29 PM Hitler: THEY SELL OUR DOCUMENTS AND DATA 1:48:44 PM Eurosfree: JUST SWITCH OFF THE PROGRAM 1:48:45 PM Hitler: AND THEY TAKE OUR MONEY AND LIE EVERY DAY 1:48:55 PM Hitler: I DID 1:48:56 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Hitler, doesn't work that way bro unfortunately but 1000 signatures already done in Italian petition site turned over to authority just wait 1:49:06 PM Hitler: IM NOT RUNNING THE PROGRAM AGAIN MY PC WAS CRASHED 1:49:07 PM LongHotDogBigToo: but in usa we cannot report dg that easily 1:49:23 PM Hitler: I DID REPORTED ALREADY 1:49:31 PM Hitler: WWW.FBI.GOV 1:49:38 PM Eurosfree: Hitler, were ur from? 1:49:56 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Hitler, you need at least thousands to report 1:50:09 PM LongHotDogBigToo: and $millions loss for FBI to engage 1:50:24 PM Vicks: calm down firends lets atleast wait till 48-72 hrs 🙂 1:50:26 PM LongHotDogBigToo: however FBI are engaing in bitcoins cryptocoins sabotage though 1:51:12 PM LongHotDogBigToo: thye shut down exchangers mean shutting down bitcoin cryptocoins operations from the users since users can no longer cash 1:51:24 PM Eurosfree: FB Iwill kiss DG ASS....LLOL 1:51:54 PM LongHotDogBigToo: yeah if DG paid FBI trillion dolalrs for sure fbi will kiss ass and maybe free sukking diic too 🙂 1:51:58 PM Hitler: dats why i ask u guys 1:51:59 PM Arm12334_o_: se volete trasferire soldi tra wallet online tipo esempio da egopay a paypal in 3 minuti andate su 1:52:14 PM Hitler: ALL ENTER WWW.FBI.GOV AND REPORT THIS SCAMERS 1:52:28 PM Hitler: I INVESTED MY MONEY I NEED MONEY TO PAY MY BILL APARTMENT 1:52:38 PM Hitler: IM A POOR STUDENT 1:52:56 PM Hitler: I WAS LETTING MY PC RUN 24/H A DAY 1:53:05 PM Hitler: AFTER MY PC CRASHED I PAYD 200$ FOR REPARATION 1:53:18 PM LongHotDogBigToo: Hitler, you gave people wrong website bro 1:53:25 PM LongHotDogBigToo: should be this one 1:53:33 PM LongHotDogBigToo: 1:53:43 PM Eurosfree: lol 1:53:56 PM Hitler: REMEMBER WHEN THEY TOLD U 19 JANURAY WE WIL BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW 1:54:01 PM LongHotDogBigToo: anyone want to buy my long hot dog? 1:54:02 PM Hitler: NOW WHAT 1:54:07 PM Hitler: IT BEEN A WEEK 1:54:14 PM LongHotDogBigToo: you can trade your stocks for my hot dog 🙂 1:54:18 PM Hitler: NO MONEY 1:54:24 PM Hitler: LOOL 1:54:30 PM Eurosfree: the big day is tomorrow 1:54:35 PM LongHotDogBigToo: lol 1:54:38 PM Hitler: I SELL MY ACCOUNT WITH 2400$ ANYONE INTERESTED? 1:54:39 PM Eurosfree: you will seee 1:54:47 PM LongHotDogBigToo: i will give everyone free hot dogs tomorrow 1:54:56 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, YEAA I HOPE U WIL BE HERE IN CHAT SO I CAN KICK UR ASS 1:55:00 PM LongHotDogBigToo: special made by my hot dogs 🙂 1:55:04 PM Eurosfree: Hitler, i give you 100dollars 1:55:08 PM Hitler: BECAUSE WIL BEE NOTHING SPECIAL THE SAME SHIT 1:55:20 PM LongHotDogBigToo: no you will see my hot dog tomorrow 🙂 1:55:25 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, 100$ ? ARE U CRZY MAN I INVESTED 500$ 1:55:31 PM Hitler: LOOOL 1:55:57 PM Eurosfree: so you will loose only 400 1:56:02 PM LongHotDogBigToo: alright alright back to work see ya guys 1:56:08 PM Eurosfree: not so bad 1:56:47 PM Hitler: FUCK U MAN 1:56:50 PM Eurosfree: hotdog dont go please 1:56:56 PM Hitler: I THINK UR A GIPSY SO DONT MAKE HITLER UNGRY 1:57:12 PM Eurosfree: i dont like ur name 1:57:33 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, WHOO CARE MAN IT NOT ABOUT MA NAME IT ABOUT MA MANEEY 1:57:39 PM Hitler: I WIL KILL FOR MONEY 1:58:19 PM Eurosfree: and you will take all the money with you inside of the coffin 1:58:34 PM Daniel5: well begin by kill yourself 🙂 1:59:05 PM Eurosfree: dont talk shit ...shithitler 1:59:38 PM Eurosfree: you must pray for ur money 2:01:13 PM Eurosfree: if DG will star paying tomorrow everbody will say i love DG THANK YOU DG...OREVER 2:01:43 PM Hitler: yee 2:01:48 PM Hitler: what if they wil never pay us 2:02:22 PM Hitler: everybody wil say yeee fuck u eurosfree 2:02:24 PM Eurosfree: THEY WILL PAY ONE DAY 2:02:26 PM Ribonja: every time I come to chat there is DG thid and DG that 2:02:42 PM Ribonja: and than i make cashout 2:02:48 PM Eurosfree: MAYBE TOMORROW 2:03:13 PM Eurosfree: Ribonja, HOW? 2:03:17 PM Ribonja: im in profit 2:03:25 PM Summer123: hi all! 2:03:42 PM Ribonja: im patient and yust wait green light 2:03:45 PM Hitler: Ribonja, u lie 2:04:12 PM Ribonja: yes im lier and your name is??? 2:04:47 PM Hitler: CAN ANYONE SELL A CREDIT CARD I NEED TO VERIFY MY PAYPAL 2:05:08 PM Ribonja: he he 2:05:18 PM Eurosfree: Ribonja, IS NAME IS SHITSHITHITLER 2:05:28 PM Hitler: DG AND PAYPAL SHITY BITCHES 2:05:47 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, FUCK UR MOM AND ALL UR FAMILY AND SHUT UP 2:06:09 PM Ribonja: H.... i had that problem and i fond the solution 2:06:12 PM Eurosfree: CHANGE UR SHIT NAME SHITHITLER 2:06:30 PM Hitler: I CAME HERE TO TELL U THE TRUTH AND TO FIND A WAY TO SEE OUR MONEY BACK 2:06:36 PM Hitler: BUT U MAKE FUN 2:06:41 PM Hitler: THIS IS NOT FUNN 2:06:42 PM Eurosfree: I SAY I DONT LIKE UR NAME 2:06:55 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, I TOLD U SHIT IT NOT ABOUT MA NAME 2:07:07 PM Hitler: WE HAVE ANOTHER BIG PROBLEMS NOW 2:07:20 PM Sumina: Hitler, Go out of this chat if you can not be normal. 2:07:30 PM Hitler: HAHAH 2:07:38 PM Hitler: DONT CRY LIL BAYBE 2:07:45 PM Hitler: IM NORMAL 2:07:49 PM Eurosfree: THE BIG PROBLEM IS UR NAME,,,AND DG DONT PAY 2:07:52 PM Ribonja: OLE Sumina!!! 2:07:56 PM Hitler: AND UR FULL 2:08:13 PM Hitler: THE BIG PROBLEM IT I DONT HAVE $$$ 2:08:19 PM Sumina: Hitler, funny bunny 😀 Normal nick 2:08:24 PM Syed80: Looks promissing - Sell your PC Power --> <--- check this out. 2:08:25 PM Ribonja: with this name he can not be normal.. 2:08:36 PM Sumina: Hitler, That is your problem. 2:08:48 PM Hitler: Syed80, CHEK THIS OUT __)__ 2:08:52 PM SERVER: User Syed80 - BANNED! 2:08:56 PM Eurosfree: Hitler, HOW MUCH UR NEED? 2:08:58 PM Sumina: Ribonja, Hi 🙂 2:09:16 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, ACTUALY I HAVE MONEY 2:09:24 PM Hitler: I HAVE 100 EUR PAYPAL 2:09:28 PM Hitler: I CANT WITHDRAW 2:09:28 PM Eurosfree: SO... 2:09:35 PM Eurosfree: WHY? 2:09:36 PM Hitler: I HAVE MORE 500 EUR IN OTHER PAYPAL LIMITED 2:09:43 PM Hitler: I HAVE 2400$ IN DG 2:09:51 PM Hitler: BUT THIS BITCHES ALL LIERS 2:10:00 PM Hitler: IN MY POCKET I HAVE ONLY 20 EUR 2:10:02 PM Eurosfree: DONT SAY THAT 2:10:06 PM Ribonja: Sumina, Hi 2:10:19 PM Eurosfree: Hitler, WERE UR FROOM? 2:10:25 PM Sumina: I have 10 905$ in dg... I need to withdraw too 2:10:43 PM Hitler: IM FROM MOLDOVA 2:11:25 PM Eurosfree: do you need money? 2:11:37 PM Hitler: YES MAN A LOT 2:11:42 PM Hitler: IM STUDENT 2:11:46 PM Ribonja: hi..... do you want link to try resolve your problem with paypal 2:11:54 PM ManTros: Hitler, Use PAYONEER to activate PayPal 2:11:54 PM Eurosfree: money dont buy happynes 2:12:01 PM Hitler: I LEFT MY UNIVERISTY 2:12:09 PM Hitler: ManTros, I DID 2:12:20 PM Eurosfree: age? 2:12:24 PM Sumina: I do not undrstand the blog - Is there anybody understand?? 2:12:36 PM Hitler: BUT WHEN I MADE A BIG WITHDRAW ONE TIME PAYPAL LIMITED MY ACCOUNT 2:12:45 PM Nieske: Sumina, i don't understand it also 2:12:50 PM Ribonja: i think nobody can understand the blog... 2:12:56 PM Hitler: IN MY COUNTRY PAYPAL NOT AVAILABLE 2:13:15 PM Nieske: i hope DG is gonna pay us soon 2:13:26 PM Hitler: WHAT DO U WANT TO UNDERSTEND GUYS WHAT U USUALY DO HERE TALK ABOUT PROBLEMS 2:13:38 PM Eurosfree: if you like you can transfer money to my account and i will send to you 2:13:38 PM Sumina: I thing there is something wrong - lot of messages for today and realy crazy 😀 2:13:58 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, I CANNOT EVEN SEND MONEY I NEED A D A CARD FIRST 2:14:04 PM Nieske: Sumina, yes there's something wrong 2:14:26 PM Hitler: Sumina, ALL GUYS ARE CRAZY IM THE CRAZYEST ONE CAZ THE END OF THE MONTHS IT COMIN 2:14:26 PM Eurosfree: you dont have a credit card? 2:14:32 PM Hitler: I DID NOT PAYD MY RATES AND BILLS YET 2:14:38 PM Nieske: Hitler, go to bank and buy a card 2:14:45 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, I TOLD U PAYPAL IT NOT AVAILABLE IN MY COUNTRY 2:14:55 PM Hitler: I CANT ADD A CARD FROM MY COUNTRY 2:15:00 PM Sumina: And on the main page of GD? What are you seriosly thinging of? 2:15:03 PM Hitler: I HAVE 8 CARDS GUYS 2:15:11 PM Eurosfree: so do you need my card? 2:15:12 PM Hitler: SO WIL NOT BE A PROBLEM FOR ME 2:15:29 PM Ribonja: but you can add card from another country... 2:15:33 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, ADD ME IN SKYPE AND LET TRY IF U WANT TO HELP I WIL PAY YOU 2:15:46 PM Hitler: my skype marceloranzotti 2:16:01 PM Eurosfree: what fuck 2:16:42 PM Eurosfree: oh mann the hitler is from maldova and is name is italian... 2:16:57 PM ManTros: Hitler, To get rid of limitations in PayPal Link your account with a U.S. bank through the use of US Payment Service from Payoneer 2:17:04 PM Nieske: where is support ? not coming today ? 2:17:35 PM Hitler: guys i know about payoneer and about us bank 2:17:39 PM Eurosfree: Hitler, marico 2:17:45 PM Hitler: i did that 2:17:49 PM Ribonja: yes the Payoneer solved my problems also 2:17:56 PM Hitler: Eurosfree, give me ur skype 2:18:03 PM Hitler: i have 4 payoneer cards 2:18:13 PM Hitler: my mom dad me and gf 2:18:24 PM Ribonja: so where is than problem 2:18:26 PM Hitler: all cards aded to pp 2:18:32 PM Hitler: all accounts paypal limited 2:19:24 PM Ribonja: than is this becouse the paypal not want work wqith your country 2:19:28 PM Eurosfree: for what? you not saying the true dont try to be clever you are from maldova and you name is italian 2:20:56 PM Eurosfree: dont be a stupied italian boy 2:22:32 PM Eurosfree: Hitler, you have 8 cards+ 4 payoneer credit cards 2:22:54 PM Eurosfree: i dont see any problemo 2:25:56 PM Hitler: eurosfree add me in skype if you want and after i show u all my problems u wil say absolutely diferent words 2:26:35 PM Hitler: so what if ma name n skype it italian ma name in dg it german so that mean im from germany 2:28:42 PM Jama700: earn money 2:28:52 PM Jama700: 2:30:51 PM Guelmf200: