IPUservices.com loss a large amount of Bitcoin with MtGOX

Ever read the news on IPUServices.com, the one that didn’t get flood into your email inbox or spam folder from IPUS? Look at IPUServices.com website under news release. There was one news that stand out and show interesting reaction! read this below.

The way I see it. IPUServices.com was using Mtgox as payment processors acceptance. Meaning that IPUServices.com was accepting Bitcoin through Mtgox. Apparently a few people or many people use Bitcoin to pay for their Division Manager account $150 worth of Bitcoin, and the price of Bitcoin was probably $1000 per coin (BTC). So look like IPUservices.com didn’t cash out the coins or move their BTC out of Mtgox, and as a result loss all their BTC coins at Mtgox total could pretty high. Let just look at 1000 members, let say 100 use BTC as method of payment, that’s 0.2BTC each = at least 20 BTC, if the BTC gain back to $1000 that’s $20K cash IPUS loosing. No wonder they’re upset yes? again, this is just mere speculation on this one from me, just for fun! 🙂

BitCoin / CrytoCoin Completely Self-Destruct02/26/2014 With the total collapse of MtGox, the largest trader in Bitcoin, it is all done except for the shouting; Crypto-Currency is dead.Anyone who attempted to use BTC in the past as any type of currency already knew is was completely useless as a means of trade; worth $50 today, $1200 tomorrow.Good Riddance. Now if all the smaller outlets would simply do the right thing and realize that they are now meaningless, and they should lay down and die.Needless to say, IPU Services will not accept any form of Crypto Currency.