scam pay for fake posting on forums

I hope that nobody is falling for this scam, this website is a high yield investment program, so call hyip, and a scam. Although some people don’t look at it as a scam, but the way it work is lure people into investing money and then sudden stop ran away program closed and everyone looses money.

The people whom promote this program sometime not the staff or members themselves but rather the actual members making money by referring people to the site with their affiliate ID to get commission, so it’s kind of like an auto pilot program. Sadly the people whom went around posting on forums, chat room, and even IM to their friends and family to get them spent money are just making bad reputation. Because of that commission money you pocket for yourselves and you don’t care what other people are into a scam which could cost them a lot of money, stress, and a friendship or family link.

So for those of you sending this kind of email, and if you’re just a commission earner, think hard, you’re as bad as the people whom ran the program to scam people’s money. scamming more money from people scamming more money from people

Mrs Denson
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