website down longer this time including ThreadManager

Could this be it? and ThreadManager both down, normally the web server would get reboot and people get kicked out of the website temporary for few minutes, but now it’s totally down and for a while. This could be maintenance, but sometime it doesn’t make sense for it to go up and down, because when a server is rebooted it came back up pretty fast, and back again, but this seems a bit strange. In addition ThreadManger also down, the scripts messages bar moved all the way to the right max processing power seems like it, and calculating money, but doesn’t seems to established a connections.

Anyhow, hope it just a temporary downtime for maintenance. Although they didn’t made any formal announcements. Hope it’s not going away forever, as I know many people 100 threads paid $5000 and didn’t get money back yet. Stay tuned. Appears to be the frequently known 503 error