Get ready to buy Bitcoin over the next few days

It’s all over the web, blog, search engine, news media, you name it. If it’s related to Bitcoin news, you would know that on June 27th is the day when the US Fed Government auction close to 30,000 BTC Bitcoin to the public, US resident that is, whoever have at least $200,000 in their bank.

The prediction all over the places are: Bitcoin continue to drop, and it has been dropping from $700 down to $550 now. Just a couple of days more to go. Bitcoin most likely to drop to lower than $400 a BTC. The reason is because of this 30,000 Bitcoin, somebody going to get a good deal out of it, possibly in the 100s or so per coin, not sure what they will do with it, most likely some will get sold, and spread somewhere, who knows. This will impact Bitcoin BTC value for sure. The hope is that within a couple months after this event Bitcoin will start to rise back up again. We don’t know.

So buy Bitcoin people, don’t buy miner, it’s not a good idea to buy miner.