[Not Paying][Waiting] Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG Not Paying for almost one month again

Just in case some people are still trusting Coingeneration.com after giving them a second chance, was getting paid, and over it has been over 3 weeks, close to a month now, and will probably keep on continuing operating this way for a long time. Who knows what will some other tricks Coingeneration.com will pull out of their hat.

Sadly to report. People trusted Coingeneration.com when they came out with the new method of enabling members to use your available balance to buy Stocks and became Founder. Off course most if not every knows, Coingeneration isn’t a real company. It’s a virtual project online, with virtual offices, and virtual anonymous people, no one really knows who’s behind scene of coingeneration.com or what there plan are, maybe it was just something they come up while moving along, yes indeed some ponzi skilled individuals, smarter than most of us kept on coming up with new ideas, new stories, new reasons for bad things happened.

Bottom line, Founders members got paid for a few weeks, very little, but at least got paid, then over three weeks ago, no more payments, and making excuses again, history repeat itself. I don’t know why so many people still falling for their trap, being manipulated time after time and still not giving up. Honestly, I can tell you, if you get a job at mcdonald or local fastfood restaurant, you get paid consistently and probably have fun. Being on the internet and invest with coingeneration.com will be your biggest mistake ever.

Brief update
Dear Users,
We are currently preparing a full update and are a bit behind the expected completion time. DG management doesn’t celebrate Holidays however the staff will resume their normal operation @ January 2nd 2014. There are no reasons at all for our Founders to enter the New Year with any kind of mixed feelings as we guarantee to re-instate all payouts starting the next week. We apologize for the delay publishing our press release for 2014 but may assure you that your patience will be greatly rewarded.

See you in 2014,
DG Staff