[Paying] Happy to report that I got paid consistently and great support instant from Geniuscapital.net

Yesterday I blog an entry in regard to Geniuscapital.net pending payout withdrawal for my $512. Well, I’m happy to say that after contact Support, they said it’s a system server issue, admin will review and approve, and indeed it did, Geniuscapital.net approved the payment few hours later. Awesome fast support online 24/7 and in multi-languages support. Highly recommend Geniuscapital.net it is indeed a replacement for many HYIP already disappeared, which included the latest topcapitalist.com went SCAM few weeks ago. People need to be aware of topcapitalist.com website still exist but not one home, Support always offline, and when email no one respond.

Topcapitalist.com website still up in final attempt to get people’s money, people in this case the one whom doesn’t know about topcapitalist.com went SCAM and does not pay anyone, in additional topcapitalist.com admin sent out an email to steal people’s identification include passport, photos ID, bank statement and residential proof. Topcapitalist was among one of the best long life hyip ever, then all of a sudden it went SCAM FRAUD 3 years later, which was no no surprise to many people. Some greedy people lost money, some smart investors profit.The bad thing about topcapitalist now were they stole thousands of people’s identify, people were fooled by the email they sent asking for proof of identity “verify” then set up some fake review on facebook and forums everywhere to say that, after members submitted photos ID they got paid, this is FALSE a HOAX, SCAM, FRAUD, a setup for people to send in the passport and photos IDs. Now those thousands of people Identity has been stolen, these people better contact their local authority immediately for appropriate action before their identity being sold cheap to hackers to get credits and withdraw money from their bank account.

In conclusion, investing with HYIP are very risky, people need to be wary, be aware of SCAM website. Need to come up with methods and stick with it, don’t be greedy. Do not invest with HYIP that are old, because these are most likely to disappeared soon. Invest in new one like Geniuscapital.net they will be around for very long time, but again, it’s a risk. Do not invest with money you cannot afford to loose.