now limit earning on hash rate mined under third party software scam began to emerge

So, have you earned your dogecoin millionaire yet? Well – don’t expect it anytime soon if you haven’t taken advantage of cointellect initial offerings many months ago. Many months ago you can earn good dogecoin with slow CPU. Even with a duo core CPU laptop can make a good 0.25EUR a day. Cointellect constantly updating their coinminer software, who knows what they embedded in that software that run miner.dll, but for sure it has logic changes in earnings and detection of many resources on your computer. Also could be a trojan, or viruses for hacking purposes.

  • You can create many accounts per IP, and make 0.25EUR per account per CPU even with a slow CPU such as duo core, which is slower than the core 2. Faster CPU can earn more. Per account.
  • A surprise was discovered, not mentioned at all on cointellect website. That members must submit personal information, including credit card # and security code to verify identity prior to withdrawal of additional funds. The sad thing is a lot of members trusted believe that it’s a third party system that verified the identity, but most members doesn’t know that cointellect also have the same information submitted to third party business for verification. In other word, cointellect have your personal data as well. What can happen is, data can be sold on the internet, and use to make fake identity card or purchase item online committing online fraud and so on.
  • Then a few weeks later, all of a sudden cointellect changes earning. From 0.25EUR per CPU to maybe 0.12EUR per CPU.
  • Then a few weeks later, cointellect changes again on computer CPU spec. Slower CPU receiving constant popup saying your CPU is too slow, you earn nothing 0.00001EUR daily. So now you must have at least an i3 or better processors to earn with coinminer. Earning also decreased again to 0.10EUR per day.
  • For people that uses VPS to mine with cpuminer also saw an impact, as most if not all VPS provider shuts down cpuminer program preventing users to mine on cointellect. Cointellect also took action to suspend members using VPS. The suspension was not notified, cointellect simply stole the earning, reset the earning for members to 0.0001EUR daily.
  • Then for people that uses miner rented elsewhere, third party also got impacted, they no longer earning as much, and some even got suspended and banned and their dogecoin earning stolen or reset to 0.001EUR as well daily.
  • Then few weeks later, cointellect changes rule again. This time, cointellect said one IP per account. No VPS, no Hashrate mining renting. If multiple account detected per IP, possible suspension, but your mining earning dogecoin will get stolen reset to 0.0001EUR.
  • Then just recently cointellect limited paypal withdrawal to at least 10EUR or 50EUR, making members have to wait until they that much in order to withdraw, other than that members must withdraw via dogecoin or cryptopay Bitcoin.
  • Then today latest news. For members that have been complaining their earning got reset to 0.0001EUR for many days now. Turns out because of third party software use to mine. Such as cgminer, bflminer, mining via GPU or ASIC. Saying that these group of members earning might get impacted – Well, it already had impact many if not all cgminer GPU ASIC, earning was reset to 0.0001EUR daily.Was there really a DDOS attack? we don’t really know.

Then finally, the news updated. Many people already confirmed that the same person whom have written the news on wrote news on cointellect. Notice the terminology they use “In light of” …

cointellect coingeneration are the same people scamming

cointellect coingeneration are the same people scamming

Hashrate and mining software

Published at Nov 14, 2014 5:10:42 PM
Greetings Miners,

In light of the recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks which have been carried out against our pool, we have made a few changes to the protocol used by our pool. These changes will primarily affect users renting hash rate or using their own mining software. Until we are finished mitigating the attack, we strongly encourage our users to use CoinMiner as their primary mining software. Additionally, we encourage users renting hash rate to consolidate their hash under a single account. We have revised our incentive structure to better reward those who consolidate their hash and those who use CoinMiner. Users taking advantage of third party mining software or rented hash rate may temporarily see limited earnings on their accounts.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to contact support if you have any additional questions or concerns

CoIntellect Staff