My quest to get google search engine start re-crawling my blog again

Hackers hacked my website, from defacing to loading bogus scam fraud information on my wordpress blog website. It’s been a while and now it’s time to work on getting it back to get google search engine to start crawling again.

As of now, August 31st 2015, google search engine contain no link at all to my blog of, checked by search for This was the result a hack attack, loading my web server with massive bogus links and redirect link other website, hurting my server and the quality of my blog showing up on google search engine.

I managed to get a fresh install of the web server wordpress to restore my blog original data linkes DB and so on. I did know of the issue until it was too late, weeks later, because I didn’t check my website as often as I should be. I learned it the hard way, and now I’ve done a few things including checking for defacing and changes to certain area of the website to notify my if anything changes so that I can quickly prevent deeper hack that is currently in progress, I’m sure it will help, but impossible to prevent a hack starting, just need to know hack started and I can shut down the site and restore it immediately.

So today will be my first day, trying to research and get my blog showing up on google search engine again. What I did was enrolled to google webmaster and did some analysis and enabled the robot.txt to look for my site again,