No go google will not reindex this website

Kind of sad news, google webmaster responded that they will not index my website. Basically they said it’s still bad, doesn’t meet their guideline to reindex again. I guess the hack was pretty bad, tons of redirect link. It will take a lot of effort, and I think it will take more effort to fix this than to create a new blog or website start from scratch again I guess.

What I’m thinking doing is to move my contents to another domain that I have. Block all bots, disable crawling from all search engines to this website. Then on my new site, restore all contents again to see if it work, see if google will crawl it.

Now I know that google is smart enough to know if I’ve taken the contents from another site put it on another site. However what I’m doing is not really that, I’m deleting a bad site that does not have any contents on google index, and restore the contents to my new site. Let see if that work. Soon say bye bye to this blog, I’m starting a new one 🙂