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FatWallet Coupons and Deals
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FatWallet Coupons and Deals

Making Roast Pork belly the right way – Thit Heo Quay

At last! Finally! I found a video showing how to make roast pork crackling the right way, also know as “thit heo quay” in Vietnamese. This is the famous dish for Asian, especially Chinese and Vietnamese. Other pork cuisine might look similar but I find this is best video showing how to get the real best result like the one we would see at an Asian supermarket.

Why are people reading news from unofficial news media sites?

Let take one example, this morning I logged on to facebook and found a post by someone raising flag about Arsenic in chicken. However the topics or title or headline of the news what really causing disturbing. The headline said “FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic” when the reader see this they immediately got interested and started reading, but without checking the credibility of the article whoever wrote it how many times has been copy and paste and linked, has any of the wording been tampered? or still remain intact who was the author and originally posted? those are the question people should be asking for before reading it. Because I can say anything I want on the internet and make people really believing in it.

So people please, if you see some article interesting posted online, especially facebook from your friends, don’t believe everything on that article, it could have been tampered, fake, hoax, exaggeration, bias, and so on. Just search on CNN news, MSNBC news, Fox news etc. website and find to see if it’s there, believe me if the news is real and disturbing, I bet you 100% of the time those news media would have it and they are credible! big media company they wouldn’t dare to do anything that would ruin their reputation on the news that they’re feeding you. So again, stay away from Facebook article posted by your friends or whoever. Get to the truth first original article.


Growing Marijuama is legal for medical purpose that is

Amazing story that helped a child 3 years old child from having seizures up to 300 times a week sometime last 4 hours at a time. OK let’s get to the point here. Marijuana has multiple purposes, who would have thought certain plants or vegetable or even fruits would be so valuable in term of making big money and off course medical treatments that no other drugs out there can compare. It is marijuana, in this case, based on cnn news, this child was born with seizures no medical cures can treat her, doctors final word was to put her in a coma to give her body a rest! that’s the best that doctors can do huh? well the internet appears to be much better than doctors brain of knowledge, so the parents went online and found marijuana could decrease their child from having so much seizures, although today it’s still happening but once a day the most compare to previously 300 times a week. It work bottom line!

OK so let’s talk about herbal medicine. Isn’t herbal medicine came from plants such as marijuana? hmm but I don’t think marijuana was much known in Asian medicine, probably ginseng whatever they call it. The are so many plants out there that can be use to treat illness even rare disease that no other medicine available today that can have better effect or any effect at all. So, do you believe in herbal medicine now? The Indian use it, the Chinese and most Asian countries use it.

grow marijuana legally for medical purpose lots of it and anyone can get license to do so?

grow marijuana legally for medical purpose lots of it and anyone can get license to do so?


if these brothers can grow marijuana why can't you?

if these brothers can grow marijuana why can’t you?


Growing food in test tube it’s the way of the future safe and nutritional

Do you know that there has been success in many cases where we grow food in test tubes? Take example as a the hamburger picture below, yes that’s being grow in a test tube, meat grow in a test tube, you got it, now I think we’re ready for space travel, space exploration and live in space for a long long time without worrying about water and foods. However at the moment, this work but it cost a lot of money to do so, as so in many cases when starting something new in a lab, it does cost money. If we can grow this piece of meat, I don’t doubt that we can grow other foods and off course even fruits and vegetables. How about growing an apple or something good.

growing food in test tube meat for a start

growing food in test tube meat for a start

Away for 4th of July what about your pets or fish tank who will feed them?

For fish tank, simple answer: go buy Tetra Weekend feeder at your local walmart or pet store. Good luck getting a friend or neighbor or family members to help you feed your fish LOL 🙂 beside they will ask you for a favor later on. Just buy that Tetra Weekend feeder and forget about it, it can feed your fish up to one week, but most people use it for week end Friday to Monday. However assuming you’re out longer, like a month, then I recommend getting an automatic feeder, ensure to test it out first though, then turn it on when you’re away and forget it about it 🙂 assuming you will be back in a month alive and well LOL. Have a good long week end folks 4th of July. I noticed the pet store indicated to feed your fish 4 times a day a little bit at a time, I think that’s crazy!, feeding it once a day I think is good enough. Probably depend on what kind of fish, I got the guppies, basically tetra.

feed fish over the week end when you're away automatically without automatic device

feed fish over the week end when you’re away automatically without automatic device is awesome highly recommended to get one month trial is awesome highly recommended to get one month trial. I have the feeling, Shoprunner potentially might be the big thing in the online shipping business. Either they succeed or fail miserably, why? because they offers 2 days shipping on many items that could cost us $10 or more dollars and sometime the items don’t even worth that much.

For example I’ve been shopping at and, most if not all the items I purchased, I qualified for 2 days shoprunner shipping, that’s a guarantee of 2 days delivery, let say I order now, I might get it tomorrow or guarantee 2 days! Awesome!

So get shop runner! very easy to sign up and very easy to cancel just click on cancel anytime no charge money before 30 days.

Free 2 days shipping on many online retailer websites free membership 1 month buy 3 items get 1 year membership free no hidden charge easy cancellation before 30 days just click on cancel

Free 2 days shipping on many online retailer websites free membership 1 month buy 3 items get 1 year membership free no hidden charge easy cancellation before 30 days just click on cancel

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10 things for your health in English and Vietnamese

Ever wonder what does it takes to keep you in good health and longevity? well read below 10 easy steps 🙂 assuming you’re not a gangster and play with guns and violent! 🙂


1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that’s manufactured in plant.
4. Live with the 3 E’s – Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.
5. Make time to pray…

6. Play more games.
7. Read more books than you did last year.
8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
9. Sleep for 7 hours every day.
10. Take a 10-30 minutes daily.And while you walk, smile.
Sức khỏe .
1. Uống nhiều nước.
2. Ăn sáng như vua, ăn trưa như ông hoàng và ăn tối như kẽ ăn xin.
3. Ăn nhiều thức ăn mộc trên cây và ăn ít thức ăn được chế tạo trong nhà máy.
4. Sống với 3 N – Năng lực, Nhiệt thành và Nhân ái.
5. Tìm ra thời giờ mà cầu nguyện.
6. Chơi trò chơi nhiều hơn.
7. Đọc nhiều sách hơn năm cũ.
8. Ngồi yên lặng ít nhất 10 phút mỗi ngày.
9. Ngủ 7 giờ mỗi ngày.
10. Đi bộ từ 10-30 phút mỗi ngày , và mỉm cười trong khi bước đi.
Good luck every body .

Burn your calories technically doing nothing

Believe it, you can burn calories technically by doing nothing, just sit there and think, think hard, watch a movie that is scary or so interesting make your mind think, thinking can burn calories 🙂 OK so it does burn calories but not a whole a lot.

how to burn calories doing nothing

how to burn calories doing nothing

So does this crazy news, playing drum for 22 minutes is equivalent to doing yoga for 13 minutes, so you do burn calories in different ways, to keep your body mass consistent take in what you can give out. Here are the many ways you can burn calories.

1. Do Pilates for 25 minutes
1. Do Pilates for 25 minutes

2. Do Tai Chi for 22 minutes

3. Practice vinyasa yoga for 13 minutes
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