It’s hard sometime for not knowing too many English vocabulary words

Again, English is not my native language, I am proficient in another language. More often than not, I find myself struggling to find out what word was just said. Especially when working with someone whom is a native English speakers and on top of that major in English communications and so on. These types of people set themselves up so high that either they expect a person like to understand or trying to make me feel shame for not knowing English well to comprehend what they’re trying to say. Sometime I feel sad, but I just walk away, but I will keep it in mind and will improve.

English communication is important, but you don’t have to use words that don’t often being use in day to day communication. To me, when someone use vocabulary words that I don’t often intercept, sometime I don’t bother to ask what that word is, but tried to put the sentence together to see if I get it. If I still don’t I would observe the facial expression or the tone of the person and determine if he/she trying to smart ass me or just plain smart. If the person tone tied to being smart ass, then I just walk away, I don’t like to deal with those kind of people, even for work, I wouldn’t tolerate that. However if the person is intelligent with no sign negative tone then I would try to work with that person, hope that he/she doesn’t get irritated, even if so but continue to explain then I think I’m fine.

I used to work for a company, and I do data analytic. This position of data analytic, to me would be a position that pull a lot of data together and provide what requested for others to use. Others speaks on behalf of the data, I explain how I pull it, very simple. However the boss that work for, had been with the company over 15 years maybe need to move on our of the company, this boss I don’t think on the same page with me, although I tried to be but not meeting me half way. This is the time where I kind of lay back, just perform my task, I’m not going to share anything additional including my life, just strictly work related, I think it’s better this way. I also noticed a few others whom on the same team have the same feeling as I do about this boss, which is good, I’m not alone 🙂

Anyhow to summarize. English is not my native language and you’ve already knew. Cut me some slack, give me a chance trying to comprehend before getting irritate, upset and put me down. If you’re get irritated, upset or put me down, it doesn’t help; the result could end nobody having a good day, why do that?. So be nice, treat someone the way that you want to be treated, although I’m not English native speaker, but I know “treat someone the way you want to be treated”.

AT&T have data roll over plan

Well actually I don’t know how long this has been going but for my account just now I received a message from AT&T that my plan now included the Data Roll over plan. In other word, for previous month any remaining data will be roll over to the next month. However it is for use for the next month only, it will not roll over to the next next month.

To further explain this roll over from my understanding. Let say month 1 I have 5mb left, it will roll over to month 2, but that 5mb will not roll over to month 3. For month 3, the roll over only will be from month 2.

Let take specific example. My plan included 300mb. Month 1 I only use 200mb, so I have 100mb left, this 100mb will roll over to month 2, so month 2 I have a total of 400mb to use. Month 2 I used 300mb, meaning I have 100mb roll over? NO wrong, doesn’t work that way. If you use 300mb month 2, meaning you have zero rollover, however in month 2 you could use 400mb. If month 2 you use 100mb, then you would have 200mb for month 3 roll over.

To be honest, this roll over sucks! People should not pay attention to this, could make mistake and hurt your month bill to over usage. This data roll over is not like the past where voice roll over keeps on accumulate months after months for a long time. This new AT&T data roll over really sucks! don’t even look at this, you will be sorry, because you will make mistake.



Dogecoin a joke? NO it’s real and more reason why we should support Doge

Well the above video showing a dog saved a couple’s life when it senses trouble coming or in this case a car that loss control and slammed onto the sidewalk and kept on going back toward a couple walking with the dog. In this case the dog apparently notice strange activities and look back and signal the the couple to look turned back and saw the car coming.

If you pay attention and give it some thought on the video. What if the dog wasn’t there? will the couple notice? and how quick can the couple get out of the way?

Well it’s almost 2015. Dogecoin crypto currencies like many others are not doing so well, but it’s hanging in there. Hope dogecoin will succeed better than bitcoin. Dog is men’s best friend, women best friend, everyone best friend is dog. Maybe certain types of dog, not all, depend on how the dog was trained. Just like human, how we all got raised up. Although there will be anomalies where even if we got trained by the best, some of us may not be the best, there are room for error and it’s marginal.

Pictures taken in Vietnam hard to believe it’s real!

I’ve traveled to Vietnam a few times, all I can say is it’s hot and humid, very hot and very humid really. Maybe because I went there during the summer time, well it’s the only time where kids off from school and people taking vacation. Now knowing that it’s hot and humid and Vietnam, can the below pictures real? well it is. Already been confirmed, you can google search to see. Anyhow, check it out below.

Sapa mùa tuyết trắng - Sapa Vietnam Winter snow yes Christmas 2014

Sapa mùa tuyết trắng – Sapa Vietnam Winter snow yes Christmas 2014


Khung cảnh đẹp ngỡ ngàng Sapa những ngày tuyết phủ trắng Sapa mùa tuyết trắng - Sapa Vietnam Winter snow yes Christmas 2014

Sapa mùa tuyết trắng – Sapa Vietnam Winter snow yes Christmas 2014

Cả Sapa trông như một thành phố châu Âu mùa này

Cả Sapa trông như một thành phố châu Âu mùa này

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PerkTV VMWARE VPS Virtual Machine? BAD IDEA!

The sad thing is that, PerKTV will allow your PerkTV to run on virtual machine but when you try to withdraw or cash out your earning, that’s when your account will either get banned or you will just “Reward Cancelled”

OK so what is this. This is in regard to PerkTV, pay you for watching advertisements, whether it’s commercial or movies trailers etc. You get points for each one you finished watching, and only android version 4 and newer, and IOS iphone version 7 and older, or I guess iphone 4 and up, older devices forget it. Cheating is a bad idea, don’t think you can be smarter than PerkTV, they have a team, how about to be specific, they also have a team of high paying hackers background, whatever you’re trying to do to cheat, they will find out and cut you off sooner or later. Like I said, they will not banned you right away, they will wait until you try to cash out or withdraw your earnings, could be weeks or months, and then you finds out they’re not giving it to you, because they have proof you’re violating their TOS terms of service, on other word you’re cheating.

So don’t fall for those trap from and many other sites showing you how to cheat PerkTV, Swagbucks and so on, it will not work for long, you will get banned suspended, and sad thing is not right away, they will wait until you withdrawal request, and nothing you can do about it, because you’re cheating.

Now to the good stuff, yes you can make few dollars with perkTV by following their Terms of Service. If you’re not sure, ask PerkTV directly, don’t try to get answer from blogs, forums, rather ask your question directly to PerKTV.

PerkTV, bottom line. You can only have one account, you use up to five devices. Your household can each person can have their own account, and up to five devices for each account. Something to keep in mind is that, PerkTV paying less and less points now, before you know it, the earning probably will be too low to be viable to watch it anymore, this is where all projects will end.

Don’t go out and buy a tons of android phones, and ios iphone etc. you think you can get your ROI (return of investment) back soon, within a month, ERRR, do your calculation. PerkTV is like Bitcoin mining in a sense, the earning is less and less, and it is not long term running, it will end one day, on top of that earning is less and less. The only good thing about PerkTV farming might be low electricity, but if your earning is high, you will get 1099 misc and you need to pay tax on that. This is for USA resident only. So perkTV might be for a while before the program ends.

So if you like my article, please sign up perTV under my referral below, it will help me out. Thank you.


android ios perktc farm make money alternative to mining bitcoin cryptocoins

android ios perktc farm make money alternative to mining bitcoin cryptocoins

What will happen to Bitcoin? the miners the investors the consumers?

Here are my take on the fall of Bitcoin price. There are three groups of people that I categorized. The Miners, are the people whom mine the coins and keep the network healthy. The investors, are the people whom just simply buy Bitcoin and sell it for profit. Then the consumers, this group I think a lot of people would question, really? consumers? Well yes, as more Bitcoin ATM machine are being installed, consumers will the people whome convert their Bitcoin to Cash, Cash to Bitcoin then spend it on products and services just like cash and credit card.

So what will happen?

  1. The miners, at this point are thinking about quiting, quit mining because electricity cost are a lot higher than what they profit mining bitcoin. However if this is not the case, a lot of miner think this way, but they are more inclined to think that there will be a lot of miners thinks that, and so they will hang on to mining, hoping that other miners quit, result hash rate network down and whoever still mining get more coins. So I think the hash rate will not drop, even people are loosing money, but if this goes on for another couple or months where Bitcoin don’t pick up the price back to even $500, then most likely the miners will loose faith and will stop mining due to the loss, no money to pay for electricity.
  2. The investors, at this point, many older investors already drop out by seeing the activities of selling. Some investors held on to their Bitcoin because they don’t want to take a loss. Many purchased at $600 or more when it stabilized at that point, wouldn’t expect it to go down further, but it did to 500, then 400, then now 300. With this trend 100s is inevitable. But wait! when goes down so low, 100s, and there isn’t bad news about it, more new investors will jump in and start to push the price up again.
  3. For the consumers, to me in the Bitcoin communities I would call these group are the people whom spend the Bitcoin, including the merchants that are accepting Bitcoin. This is where I think it gets complicated. Will the people loose faith due to the value of Bitcoin fluctuate so much. Buying one coffee cost .001BTC for example, but the next day, it cost .005BTC, this will discourage the folks whom are using Bitcoin. However the positive side is it keep the momentum of bitcoin going mainstream active. The thing is not too many people know about Bitcoin, when they do it’s a learning experience, from beginners to too confusing then back to norm.


Got hit with an early cold sore throat and small fever

Well, being at home all the time doesn’t mean you’re not going to get a cold flu fever or come in contact with viruses viral outbreak and so on. Chances are you’re going to need to go the store or run some errands, or pumping gas. Yes, all those areas, places, where you can come in contact with a flu cold virus. I don’t think there’s a way to avoid, even at home you would need to accept mail and packages, those could have virus.

I think that’s where I got it from. Although I’m home indoor all the time unless I need to get gas or run some errands that required me to be outside. It was too bad, I had sore throat, scratchy throat the first day and a couple of night, and then I started coughing for a couple days now, and feeling dizzy, tire easily for a couple days, it’s been almost a week already and I’m still not 100% recovered. Nope I didn’t take any medication or change my eating or working or duties around the house habit or routine. I’m hoping it will go away by next week. It almost seems like I got this during the fall before winter hit every year, and then I’m fine for the whole winter season.


How to defeat the ISIS or should I say ISHIT?

Lately I’m sure many people, if not all the whole world knows something about the ISIS, how brutal they are and they call themselves religious people, what a joke. I’m guessing they’re taking religious to the next level? Well ok, so many the video footage of the beheaded American journalist was a job of an individual representing the whole ISIS group?

Well, another thing is conspiracies. People questions if the video is authentic, and indeed ISIS were the one whom cut the throat of those American journalist? Some say it’s fake, some say it’s made up. Some believe it’s real, but just to have evidence on why American military would need to destroy ISIS terrorist group.

OK so back to the main question, after knowing ISIS need to be stopped. How do we stop the ISIS? continue what we’re doing today? since the ISIS are using technology, such as facebook, twitter, youtube to post videos or somehow those videos were posted can be traced back to many layers, it can done. And then bomb them all the gate of hell, as how Biden put it “to the gate of hell!” 🙂 Really, destroying ISIS isn’t that difficult, go for the top guy first, the leader, and down to the slaves. Perhaps the slaves can turn around after their leader died.

Can people make money buying bulk and sell on ebay individual units?

First, let me say that I’ve been doing ebay for a while now and I would like to share my experiences.

  • If you’re a new seller to ebay. Do not go out and spend a ton of money buying bulk items and sell individual units to profit. Instead start with what you have lying around the house, or items that your friends and neighbor give to you for free. Sell those instead of spending money. This to get the hang of it, start out small, don’t spend money, just sell what you have, don’t expect high profit at the beginnings, because there are a lot of fees associated. Paypal Fee, Ebay listing Fee, and the Shipping Fee.
  • Once you get the hang of it, experience a few items sold, getting feedback, communicate with the buyers and so on. Now you can go out and purchase garage sale items at rock bottom price and sell it back on ebay for cheap. However please do research first on how much the value on ebay. Don’t pay $10 and ebay selling it for $14, even with $4, not much profit after the fees. Always check ebay lowest price w/ shipping for the items for comparison.
  • Now you’re ready for buy bulk and sell individual units. First let consider a few options. Try to get ebay monthly fee for the ebay store, this will give you cheaper fees and lots of free listing. Buy a shipping label printer, this will save time and effort getting the merchandise shipped. Buy shipping envelope bubble wrap, if not then go to and get some free boxes and supplies. Buy shipping tapes, cheap kind. and off course a scale up to 50lbs or higher is good.
  • Lastly do your match. Use ms excel or something similar to calculate your profit. Let say you purchase $1 item, shipping with tracking # will cost $1.93, ebay and paypal fees probably 30 cent for the $1 item. So the cost now is $1.93+$1+$0.30 = $3.23 that’s your cost. So now if you want to profit 50 cent you must add 50 cent to the $3.23, so you get the point. However getting price higher will have less customer buying, but you profit more. If you price lower, you profit less but get more customers but more work shipping constantly. So maybe consider bundle up, instead of individual quantity, maybe do a set of 2, 5, 10, ect … So it’s really up to you.

Final thought, you might have questions how come those other sellers selling stuff so cheap, how do they profit? well the answer is they don’t profit. They loss money on those cheap items. However they gain other benefit such as good feedback and reviews, and make their ebay store looks good for selling future products. If you sell gold and silver, you will run greater risk of being scammed, so don’t sell it to new buyers, however it’s ok to sell to buyer if they agreed to pick up from a local jewelry store certified and pay some fees. Do not list items description that are not true or you’re not sure about, for instant a cell phone work sometime and you said it’s used, might need to include sometime it work sometime it doesn’t, be honest, your ebay will be in good standing.


How a child can survive being hit by a SUV while playing on the street?

Unbelievable! Watch this video and many people would ask, how can that child survive? The child got run over by a mini SUV and survive! I can understand the clearance on most SUV are high, high enough for that kid to escape death? Incredible!. However the real story on this is, never leave your child unattended, not even a moment. This child was lucky to be alive, let alone some bruises. How did this child got ran over by a mini SUV and survive? It was just luck, the car was moving slow, and the child got push over laid flat down on the ground, luckily the tires didn’t ran over his body, and he survive. It was luck. So now here come superstition, Chinese believe in the ancestors protecting their later generation families, so it was their ancestor whom protected the child! oh come on now! is that how to protect the child? if it’s true, then why could their ancestors just slap the kid ask him to move to the side since the car is going to hit him. This is an excuse Chinese parents probably have, it was their ancestors protecting the child, no need to worries.