RadioLoyalty purposely not giving you captcha so they don’t have to pay you credit

Having problem with RadioLoyalty? you’re not alone!  As more and more people reported problems with using RadioLoyalty to earn credits for giftcard. Almost everybody have problem with Captcha not appearing for the whole day, and sometime even after clearing cache and restart the browser still don’t work.

A lot of RadioLoyalty listeners agreed to this post below I got from another forum.

The issue is not because of the browsers that you use, nor the operating system or computer itself. I’m not 100% sure about it but I’m guessing that your ISP is not the problem either. This is something RadioRoyalty does frequently and RR itself is aware of these problems. I’ve used various browsers and used Windows 7 and about 3 Linux operating systems on different computers for many months. I even went as far as borrowing someone else’s laptop that has never used any GPT and RR, and took it to a friend’s house to try RR there but the problems were the same. My friend uses the same ISP as I do, so I can’t say if this is AT&T DSL that’s causing RR to act this way, but I’m sure RR is doing things on purpose just so they can get away with not paying. The problems with the SolveMedia captcha happen nowhere else, and other times, RR refreshes itself right before the captchat should appear. It’s really a shame that they purposely do these things. It’s not like they’re sharing loads of money, you know. All those ads around pay more than what regular people like us would really know.

I too did some test and it appears that RadioRoyalty isn’t doing much to fix, so therefore it’s safe to say RadioLoyalty left the problem there on purpose to not paying the listeners money for listening to Radio station with advertisements and a lot of advertisements.

radioroylaty scam not paying members not fixing captcha problems purposely enable issue

radioroylaty scam not paying members not fixing captcha problems purposely enable issue

Manual Guide handbook for everything website

I was searching around for manual and guide on a 2005 Nissan Quest, took me to this website and oh boy it got manual for everything that exist that have a manual.

I was searching for a manual on a 2005 Nissan Quest to find out what the Rear/AV button is on the dashboard of the car, and it took me to this website Little that I know this website of manual has most if not all the manual that exist out there from cars to electronic devices and more. Check it out. 🙂

Google had penalized my website blog due to the 3 weeks or so hacked

Look like the hack did a lot of damage. Even though I brought my website up and running after a couple of weeks being hacked.

The hack basically like a defaced website or redirected all traffic to some spam illegal activities websites selling drugs and many others including porn. I didn’t pay attention to my blog for over a week or more and it was too late when I got it up, the damage was already done.

The damage in this was hackers embed redirect link onto my web root folder and redirect all my good traffic to spam websites and google search engine doesn’t like that. Google search engine now flagged my website blog as spam, and it will never crawl my website again, ever!

The good news is that google will give me a chance to fix it. However it’s a very long steps, and I mean very long steps process on getting my website blog crawled again. The steps involved fixing many things, and it will take a lot of time and effort. Look like I will be busy during my spare time to have this fixes.

In addition I went ahead and added extra firewall security to the web server, not sure if that will help much because WordPress blog is an open source application which anyone can have a copy and disect it to find weakness and hack away.

Oh well, look like it’s going to be painful weeks ahead, new learning curve. The good news on this is that I gained new experience and learn new things to keep my mind sharp 🙂

Google search engine still hasn’t index crawl my website yet after the hack

Well it’s been 3-4 days and Google still hasn’t put my website blog back online yet. Look like the hack had impacted my website blog visibility contents. What happened was my website redirected traffic to spam scam fraud illegal activities websites and as a result google search engine penalized my website by removing all indexes.

Let see what will happen after a couple weeks. I may have to do some research on how to get my website back on google search engine again. It appears that offline website will get removed from google index after a couple weeks, then to get it back on to google index will probably take double that amount of time. So look like 1 month or 4 weeks. Will see.

Google not crawling or indexing my blog for weeks now

Due to the fact that my wordpress blog got hacked. Google did not crawl or index my website for a very long time. Therefore at the moment I’m not visible on the internet on google search engine, totally nothing.

When I do a search for google should have show my I have a few thousands web pages visible to the internet when people certain for certain topics. Apparently not. google have zero records of my blog. It’s not surprising though because I didn’t check my website blog for over one week, and that’s where the hack was happening. So for over a week google try to crawl index my website but unsuccessful so google removed my website blog from its search engine totally.

I’ll monitor the index sitemap over the next few weeks to see if my website blog being indexed again by google search engine.

How to recover wordpress blog after hacked defaced massive files in website folders

As I’m still recovering from the script kiddie hack or spam hack. I just want to share how I got my wordpress blog up back within minutes.

First if I were to find out about the hack I would have it brought it back sooner, but since I didn’t check my blog for over 1 week and it was hack during this time and I didn’t found out about it until yesterday or so, and I got it back up and running few minutes.

Assuming that your database was not hack, only your web files got hacked. The fix is simple. Just download a new wordpress installation files, don’t install it, just unzip it and upload to your web folder, assuming you already backup the hacked old web files wordpress, ensure to back it up though. Then simply change your wp-config file point it to the database or simply just copy the old wp-config to the new one. Then copy the plugins and themes from old folders to new. Then log into your wordpress admin and start re-enabling plugins and themes. Should be good to go.


My wordpress blog got hacked randomly

I haven’t update my blog for one week. Haven’t check it for one week. Guess what? it got hacked.

– Well I wouldn’t say it got hacked, more of like a script kiddie hack. The hack appears to be random. A script scanned all websites for weakness, and off course my blog have weakness, and I didn’t bother much on patching it I guess. Basically my website blog was defaced, or redirected to other websites, spam websites to be exact.

When I checked the folder for my website folders, there were a bunch of scripts .js java files, and a lot of html file, and I mean a lot, thousands perhaps.

So if you have a blog such as wordpress, you might want to consider checking it as often as possible, maybe once a day. Don’t be like me, I went off for a whole week didn’t check, and the consequences of getting it hacked, defaced, and files multiplied in the root directory. Got redirect it to some .su website selling illegal viagra and other illegal medical drugs. All I can tell you is don’t buy any drugs online, you will get killed.


wordpress blog website hacked redirect to SU websites selling illegal drugs

wordpress blog website hacked redirect to SU websites selling illegal drugs

$10 ebay gift card for getting insurance quote

If you see an adv. pops up while on ebay website for a $10 ebay gift card, go for it, because I did and I got a $10 coupon or redemption code good for $10 on ebay to buy anything.

All you have to do is click on the link to get insurance quote. Fill it out, and notice there are a lot of personal information they want, but it’s optional, do not fill out anything is optional such as your social security # and such, you could, they can be trusted (liberty mutual) but just to be safe, don’t volunteer any optional information is best.

Once you got your quote, you can stop there, don’t buy it or submit or anything like that unless you want to get the insurance because it’s a good deal, better than what you’re paying currently.

Within hours you should get your code from liberty mutual insurance. Use it right away is my recommendation 🙂


All We Need is MORES BAD NEWS on Bitcoin

Bummer! if the price of Bitcoin isn’t doing well enough, now it’s software/apps for Bitcoin not doing so well. Latest news:

“resulted in one specific address being generated multiple times, leading to a loss of funds for a handful of users.”

Blockchain advises users who fear they were affected to update their app, create a new bitcoin address, and transfer their funds out of the affected wallet.

I’m glad that I didn’t use Block chain as my Bitcoin wallet.

This is what I’ve been afraid of for a very long time. People told me that Bitcoin wallet are unlimited, it is impossible to have duplicate wallet address, but apparently not totally true, as today we’ve confirmed that multiple wallets with same address generated, meaning your bitcoin could be in someone else’s wallet or pocket, if they found out about it, for sure they will transfer those coins out and you can say good bye to all your bitcoin in that wallet. No, not possible to trace whom had the same Bitcoin wallet address as you.

The price of Bitcoin continue to tumble after this news confirmed and released. We might see Bitcoin down to 100s in the next several weeks. Result from loosing faith and not confident in Bitcoin secure your Bitcoin properly.