HYIP High Yield Investment Program that really work and been around for over 1 year heading to year 2

I know that when it come to HYIP, High Yield Investment Program, a lot of people right away point to it as a SCAM, Fraud, Ponzi Scheme … no such thing as get rich quick, or get ridiculous high investment profit back so fast right? Well, it’s not totally true, there are registered online companies out there that has been operating for more than 1 year such as topcapitalist and after90days however the question remain, when will get shut down? Well, how about think of if it’s been on for this long, working so far paying its customers, why would it want to shut down? Anyhow, I believe this company after90days is a good one, judge on it’s website design and speed, and also how long it’s been around and off course domain registration information, seems legit. So invest with it, small amount like $25 first or whatever amount that you can afford to loose to see what will happen in one month and then decide whether to invest in a higher amount. Remember! DO NOT INVEST IN THE AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOOSE! Please click link above to register. Yes, it is paying me! daily since I pick the daily plan 7 days a week, doesn’t matter if it’s week end. Paying daily calendar days.

after90days.org legitimate HYIP longest lasting high yield investment programs that paid

after90days.org legitimate HYIP longest lasting high yield investment programs that paid

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It’s official that world largest semi-conductor companies Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron to merge

One of the company that I work for are now merging, look like by 2014. This is official and on the news.

Under the terms of the agreement, Tokyo Electron shareholders will receive 3.25 shares of the new company for every Tokyo Electron share held. Applied Materials shareholders will receive 1 share of the new company for every Applied Materials share held.


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Loosing money on High Yield Investment Program online?

So you’re making $ on HYIP websites, and then you got into it trusting the company, and so on, and the next thing you know was they disappeared with your money. Now what? You got EgoPay Perfectmoney and so on and they don’t do dispute, once you paid or received the money that’s that, you can’t dispute that easy, unless you have like paypal or payza but HYIP don’t use them because HYIP running a ponzi scam scheme business. OK so now what? there’s still hope.

I found this website below will help you dispute, but I don’t know what’s the catch? you could tried, since you know you cannot dispute to get your investment back alone, why not use this site below to see if they can help. Seems to be legitimate to me.


New to HYIP experience so far 2013

Just in case you don’t know what HYIP is, it is High Yield Investment Program, in other word you invested $100 expect $100 back 100% within certain amount of time such as 15 days 30 days 90 days etc … Most people say stay out of it and it’s a ponzi scam scheme, fraud, hoax, and so on. Guess what? it is true, no investors with thousands of dollars should be doing HYIP on the internet, even at  physical offices I would say, it is very risky, a lot riskier than the casino I should say.

Any how if you still interested, here’s how I do it so far, although you might have your method technique and so on, but since I’m new, been researching for about 2 months or so.

  1. Do not tempted by the high yield and deposit money in right away.
  2. Do not spend money on payment processing that will help you dispute such as EgoPay, they will not dispute at all, once the money go in and out that’s it, they don’t dispute. Payza however will dispute for you get your money back.
  3. Do your research by looking at HYIP Monitors websites see how it perform, if you see a lot of waiting, and no payment, and closed… STAY AWAY. Even with sites that have good standing with payments and been online for a long time, it does not guarantee it will stay online and pay tomorrow.
  4. Invest only the amount of money you can afford to loose, less than $1000 I would recommend, maybe start with minimum see how it goes, and withdraw the profit made keep investing the same and withdraw only the profit to your payment processing.
  5. Do not put your money in one basket, in this case, diversify, or also known invest your money in more than one HYIP, just in case one died you wouldn’t loose all your money.

I can you that, most if not all these HYIP sites are not registered in anyways, a lot of them have fake contact address and locations, no one know the real owners or can be sued easily with lawyers, however you could get the FBI or Interpol involve if the amount of money people are loosing in the millions, however don’t expect to get your money back in full amount, the expense pay to the FBI or Interpol might get depleted, but at least the real owner get jailed for the rest of his or her life with all property taken away, it will be very difficult and will take a lot of time, I would say years, but the end result will not be pleasant for the owner and whoever involved.


Paypal Card Reader is awesome for various use including emptying your rebates credit cards

I got my paypal card reader a weeks ago and began using them. I love it, it’s only 2% fees flat no other hidden charges of any kind. It accepted Visa/Master/American express through swipe. Other payments I think like check you would need to punch it in. After the swipe the buyer would have sign and then you can send receipts via email or SMS.

I think this is for for emptying your rebate cards, where you get $5 rebate $20 rebate and so on, it’s hard to spend on them because sometime item price cost would either be higher or lower and you left either cannot buy it with additional pay methods or balance of $ or $3.25 and so on. Why not use this credit card swipe card reader from Paypal. Awesome highly recommended.

paypal card reader accept credit card on the go mobile anywhere with internet or 2G 3G 4G hotspot internet world wide

paypal card reader accept credit card on the go mobile anywhere with internet or 2G 3G 4G hotspot internet world wide

Cheapest chair mat alternative to the real chair mat that cost $30 at least depend on the size

You know I’m not a cheap guy, it just that I have a family to look after and off course need to determine of the things I really need to have to buy versus the things that’s can only say “good to have”, so yeah, forget about the things that is good to have, and prioritize to get the things that you need. Need mean that you need it otherwise you cannot operate. Good to have is something that just help you a little bit not much such as small size expensive keyboard stylist design versus a normal regular size keyboard.

So back to the chair mat. I have a desk space of 4 feet by 8 feet. I went online and not so many places carried such large size chair mat, I would have to get at least 2, each one cost about $25 to $30, that’s a total of $60. So I use my brain, whatever I have lol, and went to home depot and found a nice flat smooth surface board size 4feet by 8 feet 4/36 inch thick I think, thick enough to support me walking on it and my chair rolling around. The lighter thickness cost $9 and the thicker one cost $14 include tax, and it work perfectly for a large chair mat 🙂 an alternative to chair mat. I can’t seem to find it online, but it’s available at home depot, I believe it called Tempered Hardboard, it has one smooth surface and the other one rough.


From San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes train? Hyperloop

From San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes train? Hyperloop. Just in case you missed this news. Why spend more money on a high speed train copying other countries already invented technology, why not have our own system that is better and twice faster and off course look space age and futuristic. Just look the picture below, you will see that it’s the future. Anyhow this news is about spending money to construct a high speed train from San Francisco to Los Angeles fast, but still that’s copying other countries already have technology. My personal opinion is this idea of a tube travel is a lot better and I believe it use a lot less power maybe and more comfortable on top of that in 30 minutes, versus hours. Off course there will have to be a lot of test and approval required needed. But – I think we definitely need to look into this and carry on with it, if American want to be the leader in technology or at least perform some technology advance ideas such as this one. By the way, the idea was from a space agency not tied to the government, independent.

high speed travel through tube from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes

high speed travel through tube from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes

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50 cent per click website give it a try free to register


Thought I gave this site a try, basically when you click on the link below I make 50 cent and if you registered and you do the same by copying and pasting your own link from the site to another website or blog or social network like facebook twitter pinterest tumblr and so on, and when people click on your link, you make 50 cent. It has to be a unique click, meaning you cannot just click today, and then tomorrow click again and so on, it knows your IP and doesn’t count. So give it a try, I thank you.



Payza is given a lot of trouble for many business online

Not only coingeneration.com Digital Generation DG, but now many other online business now also encountered problem with payza. The latest one is lionbox.com just launched a few days ago last week, now encountered problem with payza, see message below from lionbox.com

From: Lionbux LTD <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 1:45 AM
Subject: No issues with Payza Withdrawals

Hello Everyone, This is a quick update to inform you that Payza withdrawal processing are been delayed, this is because we would like to contact payza support team today to do manual verifications on some of the large deposits we received. This is nothing serious, we want to make sure we don’t run into any issues with our payza account. Withdrawals in all other payment processors have been processed. Thanks, Walter.

This is the same problem coingeneration.com encounted, and coingeneration.com hasn’t been paying people for a month or so, although their latest update indicated they will pay in full in the next coming week which is end of this week by August 18th 2013 Sunday, hope this is true. Now lionbox.com encountered similar problem and they send email email to the community asking them not to worry but, eventually there will be more email updates and sooner later all money stuck in payza. Many business call payza a scam, a big scam, payza targeted big account to hold the money for up to 180 days, imagine if they hold 1 million dollars and use that money on ponzi scheme or invest in some other funds so they can profit it to themselves. Imagine payza holding up $10 million, how much money they could make within 180 days, so maybe indeed payza is a scam! and many online business already noticed this and they’re not using it. So be careful when you use payza, indeed the cheapest is not always the best!

Make money Pay to click PTC are not for US people

These so call Pay to Click also known as PTC sites are not for US people or people whom live in a country where the currency is pretty much as high as USD or higher. The reason is because, let say you’re from the US and the a meal cost $5, and where a meal cost $1 in most countries, these people lives in countries where living cost is super low would benefit greatly working  for PTC sites. It is not worth the time and effort at all for US people, because the pay per click is so low, and you don’t have as much time as other people from developing countries does where they can spend online the whole day clicking faster, have more accounts than you, clicking more and more, and their living cost is a fraction of how much it would cost you in the US.

However some PTC sites restricted the amount of clicks for certain accounts and off course blocked all multiple account belong to one user. So if you want multiple accounts you need different IPs and sometime mailing address as well, don’t try to use VPN or proxy, it will just get you in trouble possible suspended forever. You however can use your neighbors or friend and families internet IP for clicking. If those don’t work for you, then you would need to spend money to buy rented referrals on most PTC, however some PTC don’t have rented referrals thingie going on, so you would just have to click like clixsense, no such thing as rented referrals.

Once if you’re US folks or somewhere in the world where you currency is as much as USD or higher, you better off working at minimum wage somewhere not with PTC! with that in mind, if you still want to go for making money online, do multiples PTC, blogging with google adsense, tons of other ways to make money, running program such as gomezpeer where you don’t have to do anything and some bucks a month.

For people whom advertise on Pay to Click PTC, these people website must be pretty lame, sorry to say that, who would want to advertise on Pay to click? the intention of people clicking was to make money, they never really pay attention to the contents they click on, it’s a total waste of money for whoever advertise their website on pay to click site.

pay to click is not for US people it's a waste of time better get minimum pay jobs and more fun

pay to click is not for US people it’s a waste of time better get minimum pay jobs and more fun