My experiences with AT&T online making decisions upgrade contract change plan?

I woke up this morning early, decided to get some unfinished business taking care of it. In this case AT&T phones plans, family talk to be exact. I have 3 phones for the family. 550 minutes plan with roll over $50 a month, $20 a month data, $10 each additional line, $90 + some fees and stuff less than $100 right? ERRRG wrong! it’s more like somehow to be $120 or so each month due to additional cost fees whatever fees required who knows but surely legitimate and many other people encountered the same.

So I upgraded one phone already, which is my primary phone, and tried out the Nokia 925, nice phone, but kept on shutting down, maybe just how it react until it’s warming maybe, but no biggie haven’t been using that Nokia 925, thinking of ebay it for couple hundred bucks or more. Now I have two more lines I need to upgrade, although currently these two phones are simply basic calling, no texting or data package. However lately my family been using text and data more often forcing my bill supposed to be around $120 a month to close to $200 a month due to over usage. So I’ve decided to upgrade today before it get out of hand. Just to clarified, I have no problem my family using the phone, if they need to text do internet stuff then no problem, I will add it, but it’s important to educate them to use it responsibly meaning no text while driving or in public places where you can be rob or get distracted or annoy other people, just do it responsively.

I upgraded the two remainder line to two free HTC ONE 32GB phones, $20 data package for each, $36 activation fee. Talking about activation fee, I was search for AT&T activation fee waive promotional code, LOL, but it didn’t exist, oh well! :). Anyhow back to the phone. So the total monthly ongoing for the next two years I’m seeing are, $50 family roll over 550, plus $60 data, plus $20 additional line, come out to be $130 plus additional required fees I’m sure, will bring it to at least $150 a month, I think is fine, although I know that there are single plan advertised for $50 a month unlimited talk text web, but it’s not $50, you know it’s not, it will run you to $60 to $70 a month, so I think I’m good with the family plan.

So this is my plan when I get the phone. I will try to see if I can change the data for each phone, into a one data sharing family plan, it will save me $20 a month, then I could use that $20 a month to get the family share text. Will have to monitor and analyze the usage.

Using Paypal Smart Connect is very beneficial in term of security and earnings some cash back

Paypal Smart Connect probably not the only one out there that offers cash back via check or gift card or store card. For me I use paypal quite a bit, so why not earn from it? Here are the beneficial that I see for me, since I shop a lot on ebay and other places that accept paypal. Paypal no doubt very secure they’re a big company that owned by ebay/

  1. Paypal is secure, and Smart Connect is a part of Paypal.
  2. Purchased stuff pay by paypal but switch to funding as Smart Connect or also known as buy now pay now, but bill later at the end of the month. So basically you buy and paid, but it’s like a credit card, that paid for you and then you pay for it at the end of the billing cycle, no interest if you paid the balance monthly, in which what I did.
  3. Every purchases you made, you earned reward points, the rewards can then convert into cash or gift card of your choice to buy something else. For me, I believe monthly I received a $25 gift card for ebay, since I buy a lot and I always paid off the balance.

Again paypal isn’t the only one, but just example that should help you manage your money paying bills and buying items more efficiently with benefits. Just make sure you can afford the item and have that amount of money each month to pay for the statement of Paypal Smart connect, otherwise you will get charge with late fees and interest! So use it smartly 🙂

[SCAM FRAUD] is scamming people’s money website still up

Do not invest your money on hyip (high investment program) This website has NOT been paying for about over one week and they will never be able to come back again. The reason the website is up is because they’re trying to get more people investing via EGOPAY PERFECT MONEY and other payment processors that is irreversible!

However with STP (SolidTrustPay), if you’re lucky and topcapitalist STP account still have funds, you can report to [email protected] to get their account frozen and hope 6 months later you can some money back, but no guaranteed. With other payment processors such as Perfect Money and EGOPAY, totally you cannot dispute, no such thing as refund or reverse, only one way money going and it’s going to topcapitalist pocket and you will never be able to get it back. You can still contact egopay and let them know topcapitalist is a scam so that they can frozen the account, but the money will never go back to your account. That’s how bad Egopay and Perfect Money is. All gambling! You’re out of luck.

What you can do only is to broadcast this message or create your own message so that people can be aware of this SCAM by topcapitalist. It is the fact that they no longer pay, and did not answer any questions people have, for over 1 week. In their final attempts in additional to stealing people’s money they also attempted to steal people’s identification by sending all the members “verify” email to mail in their personal information such as bank statement, ID card, social security #, passport, and the sad thing is that many people sent them in and their mail box was filled exceeded quota. I do feel sorry for those people that sent in those personal information as they’re getting fooled, now their identity is stolen, and be sold online black market for more money, and then your life will be miserable with these personal information being leak sold to hackers to do harm to your financial crimes, can also be worse committing violent crimes under your name.

OK again, be careful. NEVER EVER send any personal information to NON-REGISTERED LEGITIMATE Financial online website, if you don’t know if it’s legit or not, call your local yellow page or do some research, Bank Institution is registered with the Government or Local State. Don’t be fooled.

The alternative now if you still wan to invest and profit with high yield investment is through another one, similar to topcapitlist, but need to be new and invest safely. My recommendation now is Geniuscapital, they’re in business for four months, and their website very professional and most likely will live as long as topcapitalist or even longer. However my recommend is to get in now fast, and get out. Then use the profit you make to reinvest compounding, but set your goal to make $1 a day $10 a day etc. and then put the rest in compound, this is the safest way, so even if the website goes scam, you’re not loosing as much money. Don’t be greedy, and don’t think that OH They’re so legit let me just dump whatever I have and get it back in 15 days or a month, DON”T DO THTAT unless you can afford to loose all those money. Highly recommend Geniuscapital.

Genius Capital Limited

[Paying instantly] An alternative to that pays

By now everyone whom had been with realized the “not paying” red light empty promises and lies has been going on for over four months, and new members doesn’t realized this until it’s too late, meaning that is paying new members with $1 $5 $10 here and there so that they can get trapped into buying more threads and get newer referrals, but in the end they get trapped manipulated like the older veterans members.

The alternative to is topcapitalist and geniuscapital. Geniuscapital is the newer one and if you register and login into their platform, you would see that they’re very professional, design layout and security. Even live support is always green 24 hours a day. No support needed, since they’re very straight forward. You deposit $50 just like, but with geniuscapital, you don’t need to run any unknown program keeping your computer on all the time, in fact you don’t even need a computer, just anywhere that have internet, login, deposite $50, and get $1 out daily, well business days only M-F year round. So $50, you withdraw instantly daily if you want for life, forever or until the program died, not like giving you a slow death, painful death. Geniuscapital is different, simple straight forward, no games, no manipulation, no trap. On top of that geniuscapital will allow you compound, and if you don’t feel comfortable you can take your money back in 15 business days including your 15 days profit on the 15th days, and decide whether you continue to invest or not. There are 15 days plan which pay similar to, 30 days which pays more, and then 60 days even pays more. Then you can continue as you wish.

Topcapitalist is another one and the oldest. Very professional website design and security. Same concept, except no games fooling people around. You deposit money, you get paid instantly daily, get money back fully in 15 business days.

[bigger issue not paying] faces bigger issue than expected

This is just based on chat room information and tied out to many searches result in regard to operations. SCAM everywhere no doubt. On top of that, honest members aren’t getting paid, only hackers and robots or bots or scripts kiddies hacking got paid through hacking methods, red hat, black hat, indirect methods, software methods, applications methods through API, hacking of payment processors and so on there hackers got paid and honest members invest hard earning money and get nothing out, all taken away by hackers of

Members in the chat room are watching closely, and analyzing the payments status, although it’s all read as indicated in the Gateway Status but apparently lots of repeated members are getting paid, how? at the same time every hours? partial real members and mostly bots? or mostly bots, pre-configured to fool members? could be, hard to say.

The bottom line, it is indeed true that there are hackers out there getting through hacking its payout system to get paid, hacking to get free threads. However the hacking for free threads are fake, tricking, fooling people to download, but they will never be able to download it, they will have to go through endless surveys which steal their identity, installing virus on their computers, make money for the hackers by doing the survey, how stupid many people already done this, feel sorry for them, but I have to say you’re stupid! sorry. Please admit that mistake and try not to repeat it.

If you really want to make small amount of money, you can invest safe long lasting, most trusted HYIPs such as topcapitalist and geniuscapital, no they’re not like after90days or the malaysian hyips that died disappeared, watch out for scam one by reviewing their offers of investments, never invest or trust with investment program hyip that have a 300% return on one of their plan, rather go for smaller amount, get lower payout but safe. Invest only with money you can afford to loose, do not reinvest or 100% compound. Reinvest or compound only certain percentage, do the math.

The two most trusted HYIP has been paying me

Just in case anyone are into HYIP, high yield investment program, might be worth it to take a look at and as these two I found have a very professional design layout website with security and contact information more realistic than other. The investment program are very legit, they don’t have those funny plans where it start with 2% profit, then jump to 300% profit if you invest certain large amount, so it’s safe to say that these two will be on line for a long time. The best part is I’ve been with them for a while now and they’ve been paying. At first I started withdraw money daily, but then I decided to compound it to 100% for a while and then start withdrawing and it work great. The different between this two is appears to have a .net domain which is no big deal since they cannot get the .com domain, this site allow you to only withdraw the actual profit daily, at the end of the expiration period, you can withdraw your investment, verus they let your withdraw the whole thing, nice!

Genius Capital Limited

Similar to are paying investment program online

Before I proceed, I would like to say that, do not invest in any investment with money you cannot afford to risk or loss. There isn’t any investment program exist in this world guarantee  a return, even your bank and the government. However it is measurable by risk factors. If you invest in government funds such as college plan etc. then the risk super low. If you invest in stocks, gold and silver, etc. the risk is there higher than low. If you invest in your bank CD savings the is low. However if you invest in high yield investment programs then it’s high. Some of them are completely risky 100% you will loose your money.

High yield investment most consider as ponzi scheme, ponzy scheme, pyramid scheme and so on. You got to know what you’re doing. You need to research about the company, google search it. Look into the ratings of the HYIP. Look at the interface of the HYIP. Look at the investment programs. You can spot fraud sometime easily.

Take example for, easy to spot fraud scam will died very soon by look at the investment program. How to spot scam in case is there is an investment plan $1500 with amazing 300% return, basically $1500 you can get $4000 in 30 days. This indication clearly show fraud.

Here is how to determine longer lasting HYIP, however does not guarantee it will not disappear at anytime.

  1. the domain. Stay away from private registered domain. Stay from domain that will expire within a year.
  2. Website layout and design. Stay away from cheap ugly looking website design. Stay away from non https (ssl) secure website.
  3. Consistency of investment plans. Stay away from plan varies from 1.2% then all of a sudden a plan for 300%. It should be consistent 1.2% 2.5% 3%
  4. Check contact page. Stay away from no address, no phone#, no contact form, no contact chat live support, no email.
  5. Payment accepted. Stay away from non dispute payments processors such as EGOPay, however now a day only these payments processors are being offers for HYIP, it’s a one way transactions, once transactions goes through that’s it, no point of return ever. STP SolidTrustPay is a little better as they are helping disputing and get your money back if money in the account is still available. Too bad if the money has withdraw emptied.
  6. Checking Rating HYIP websites. Search for the program website and see what the rating are: Stay away from NOT PAYING.
  7. Lastly, DO NOT INVEST IN THE SAME PROGRAM OVER AND AGAIN. Spread your money equally from one programs to another. As there is a saying “do not put your money in the same basket”

OK guys, know those above should help you to invest safely than without knowing. Here are some programs I’m currently using and they’ve been paying, and I already profit.

The longest lasting and still going strong HYIP shortest term investment

This has to be the best HYIP ever, for a few years now it’s still up and running. No issue, except sometime the website is slow, but in term of reliable consistency payment, it is flawless, never need to contact support. It’s straight forward transaction. Although the return of investment isn’t as high as other ones, but those other HYIP here today and disappeared the next day, take example for gone without a trace, but as you already know indication of fraud clearly marked. .org domain, why not .com or .net? well .net a phishing site. have that big indication of scam where the last investment program promise a huge amount of returns if you invest $1500, that’s scam right there pulling in.

As for topcapitalist, they don’t have that high yield investment returns, their investment return very low for such HYIP, but it make sense and they will stay longer last longer than others. So don’t wait, invest now with topcapitalist, stay away from other HYIP.

Click here to register

the best top rating hyip that paid consistently never problem issue reported on hyip monitors

the best top rating hyip that paid consistently never problem issue reported on hyip monitors the most reliable HYIP on the internet that paid everyone for many years

the best top rating hyip that paid consistently never problem issue reported on hyip monitors

the best top rating hyip that paid consistently never problem issue reported on hyip monitors

This is the longest most trusted HYIP I’ve ever seen. People report reported has been making money with this company, very legitimate, getting paid ontime, never late, never a complaint, except the website was slow at some point, then it got upgraded to a faster server and now serving more people and making them and customers more money. It’s a win win situation on their plan. The only fall back is that they only use 15 days, well working days to be exact, also known as business days, which is from Monday to Friday where you will get paid, so it excluded Saturday and Sunday.

I’ve been with this company for almost half a year, although my deposit was less than $1000 but I’m up for it will be keeping on putting it back since so many people trust on it including me. Including those HYIP monitors websites out there listing and rating this site as paying for a very very long time, and many many long time customers kept on investing, some even say that they make thousand dollars day, indeed possible.

However with all HYIP, never invest the amount of money that you cannot afford to loose or you would need that amount of money for bills, don’t do it, don’t invest in it. Invest only with money sitting somewhere like your bank doing nothing!

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the best top rating hyip that paid consistently never problem issue reported on hyip monitors

the best top rating hyip that paid consistently never problem issue reported on hyip monitors

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