now offline since yesterday September 17th 2014

The domain expired yesterday September 17th 2014, the fraud owner will have 30 days to renew it and start new scam, or will be auctioned or owned by the domain registrar with advertisements on it. or the one that tied to the scam has been offline for a while. While the derive from scam is still up trying to scam more people on investing bitcoin to insall fake atm machine. It’s funny on how smart intelligent the scammer is, posting an Bitcoin ATM machine that resemble another manufacturer ATM machine bank, and took picture with nobody in the picture an unknown, undisclosed location even though they gave us a location and invited us to visit. wondering how many people already fell victims already giving them bitcoin ivnestment for fake bitcoin atm machine.

Now back to, this website appears to be informative about bitcoin, however one of it writer journalist or blogger, or even the owner him/herself posted a post in regard to ATM machine was a bad idea. This makes many readers know about knowing that it’s a scam and written about without realizing it’s a scam, or realized it’s a scam but take a risk. Many people aren’t stupid as this smart intelligent individual whom scammed hundreds thousand dollars from people all over the world on and got away with it link back to and might know something about this and one of the author writer at could have something to do with scam.

Up to today, not sure if anyone really reported to the authority on scam fraud online hundreds thousands dollars estimated to be loss by many all over the world. The merchants whom accepted money for should be held accountable also, the website hosting, and domain registrar should also held accountable, so depend on how much people loss, some may or may not reported to the authority of the

Last but not least, many indicate might be the same operators from the scam coinbeez,, all have same concept of scamming, posting professional news stories, news releases, big promises but failure to deliver after making excuses after excuses and manipulating members to gives out their credit card #, personal information like driver license ID, passport to steal the identity of the members to use it on new scam. They remain anonymous until the authority being notified and start investigation, most likely will not happen because we don’t know if anyone reported them to the fraud authority like controversy is it a scam or just jealousy from other innovations?

Today I have decided to create a new category for my blog. The new category is I will be blogging about cointellect its new services on mining scrypt dogecoin alone. Since all the negative and positive already been discussed on many websites blogs and social media, I will mainly focus on the actual test.

My plan is to register an account, anonymous that is, randomly. Test the mining software they have on my i3 desktop computer and will have a daily update. In addition I will invest in a 10 days mining contract, and again will update on this blog on the progress.

Next step I will be investing in a 90 days contract, and again will keep everyone posted. So stay tuned.

If you followed my blog on high yield investment program, also known as HYIP, ponzi scheme, scam, fraud etc. My research were accurate on major scam hundreds thousands of dollars from people taking advantage of bitcoin technology. IPUServices scammed a smaller amount of money from members whom fell for it. Coinbeez the same. Then we have the, this one is different, but most likely from the same folks whom scammed many people with fraud like IPUServices Coinbeez and more. appears to have similar concepts, so call HYIP with a twist, just like, have very intelligent educated operators in term of writing skills, publishing fake or lies news but yet very effective making people believing in the program. Same with, the person whom had been going around answering posts in responding with very aggressive tone defending its cointellect business.

Anyhow, stay tune folks, I will have updates, just like I did with coingeneration, ipuservices, coinbeez, dollarflowsystem and so on. scam similar to probably the same people been scamming money

Have you received an email from someone you don’t know, perhaps some business or individual, and the email didn’t get flagged as SPAM folder? and the email related to “100 dollars a day for you” or something similar. The from email address is something like [email protected] or well the domain for that email don’t exist for start.

Below are reasons why it’s a scam, and it is similar to, and many others that tied to HYIP, high yield investment programs.

  1. Fake gimmicky graphics on mining software screen shot, got photoshop or does not exist at all, not real software like and
  2. The software deep antivirus malwares scan revealed multiple hacking viruses, including the types that can control your computer remotely
  3. Fake social media followers and likes. You can purchase 1000 Likes on Facebook, 1000 followers on twitter for about $20 (20 USD)
  4. domain has backlinks all over the internet including porn piracy gambling websites.
  5. The domain name link back to many fishy scamming websites and business in the past.

If you know about scam, this is another one, look familiar below? it is. running same scam as taking advantage of crypto mining to fool people running same scam as taking advantage of crypto mining to fool people ipuservices all scam ran by the same scammers repeating the cycle with new twist in scamming ipuservices all scam ran by the same scammers repeating the cycle with new twist in scamming

Hey ,

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Dell now accept Bitcoin as payment method

Guess what in the world of Bitcoin? Yes Dell announced late yesterday that they will be accepting Bitcoin as payment method from their online store and probably anywhere Dell physical store. Indeed Bitcoin is going mainstream.

Ever since Fed Gov auctioned the 30,000 BTC to the public. A lot of blogger and credible news media predicted that Bitcoin price will take a hard hit, was expecting $400 but not below $400. Well guess what? it didn’t impact it at all. The reason? they said because the person whom won the 30,0000 was an investor whom believe in Bitcoin so he purchased all of it, and announced that he will use it toward his Exchange business, so call Exchange like coinbase and btc-e Thanks god! huh? yeh.

If you’re interested in following up with credible news on Bitcoin. It’s best to book mark your news feeds to google news bitcoin as keyword. Example this link here Do not bookmark a blog that you think have all information about bitcoin, these blogs or news are not credible ones, they reproduced and sometime scam and fraud like This is fraud and scam because they wrote a positive review on If anyone smart enough and I was expecting the journalist to do a thorough research before publishing it but he didn’t. wrote a positive review boosting, but the truth is tied to has been scamming people for money with fake promise, news, updates, and ironically the news updates on appears to be coming from a person whom blog on Up to this day, knowing that is a scam that open stealing people’s money for this project and still have it up and showing

Unbelievable that many people still falls for SCAM

I just couldn’t believe the amount of people falls for SCAM up till this day, and even today. Is it because these victims don’t believe what others whom came before them experienced? like myself here, had fallen victims to,,, topcapitalist, geniuscapital, and so on. All these and more websites claimed to be a company, a business, investing firms that will give you large return for your dollars. Many had fallen for the scam and loss so much money with these websites. However there are a very small amount of people lucky enough to get out, and was able to get their return of investment (ROI) back and never go back again, very smart!

Bottom line, there isn’t a real business out there that would give you such large returns on your investment in so little time. Have you every question that? Have you ever question the office address location, disclaimer, terms of services are realistic? The office address, is it a real physical address? Well just to answer a couple question.

The office address are virtual offices, anyone with $10 a month or less can rent that office, furthermore the person whom that office isn’t the owner or staff or have anything to do with for instant. The person whom ever rented that office was a stolen identity.

The website and webhosting also registered under a stolen identity. Ever wondering why so hard for authority to reach out and trying to catch the thieves? First and foremost, officials authorities would probably not going to engage in investigations reported by the victims whom fallen for online scam investments, it ain’t gonna happen that easily. The basic principal is, you basically took a gamble, took a bet, saying that this online business is real and you will make money. Many if not all loss, because these scammers operates intelligently, they know when you will stop investing, they manage individual investors and can pause payout anytime they want, in this case when they know you investment strategies.

The sad is that, these types online scam business online such as will keep continue to operate to that last $1 investors, then when no more investors, they continue to operate on a newer websites, and they have many. Another sad thing, nothing anyone can do about it. Just have to educate people not to fall for these types of scam.

For alone, they have made visible multiple scams on different websites. Such as which never really get launched, fake promised, fake stories written by the same author on Another website related and tied back to is Another big scam taking advantage of Bitcoin BTC to get victims to purchase Bitcoin ATM machine, I doubt anyone falls for that btc-o-matic ATM machine yet. I hope that no one will buy the Bitcoin BTC ATM machine from them even if its reals. Investors should be aware that any business claims to be related to to stay away. Surprisingly one article written by a person in these whom speaks the same way published its news, talks about Bitcoin BTC ATM machine installed in a ghost coffee shop where there isn’t anyone around. I wonder if anyone for that, questioning, how can a business make money in an empty ghostly coffee shop? wouldn’t they install the BTC ATM machine in location such as a casino or something instead?

[SCAM] latest scam anyone still falling for their tricks?

I wonder if anyone still falling for scam tricks? scam has been tricking scamming fraud members for maybe a year now, and surprisingly they’re still on up and running to scam new members, I guess even one person fall for their scam is good enough to make some money off that person, a sucker really whoever fell for scam.

If you search on google or any search engine about you would realize that is in the business of scamming people money, and for almost a year now, they had scammer close to the hundreds of thousands of dollars and nobody can do anything about it. Because those whom invested money in scam simply gave away free money, through payment processors that cannot be reversed, cancel, or dispute. It’s a one way transaction, your money is gone.

Needless to say, the way scam work is that, you download a fake program software that doesn’t do anything beside calculating # based on your computer hardware, and IP address then communicated back to a server somewhere to record the IP and integrated with the website for login verification purpose, that is all the so call “Thread manager” are doing. So how do scam trick you? simple! by updating their news messages in the members homepage, very professional writing, and off course the continuous software update of Thread manager which doesn’t do anything. Now when you invested money, they will support you fast! to get your money, to steal your money really. Once you’re in, they may pay you a few dollars here and there, and then you get placed into a special group of members where they will manipulate your account, they will know when you no longer reinvest or add more money, so they stopped paying that particular group of people and simply once a gain update news released explaining reasons why they cannot make payout to you, and they will keep coming up with stories, broken promises, taking advantage of whatever they can to not paying you anything.

What scam doing is scamming you. Killing time to withdraw the cash into their bank and then close it. Then scam repeated the same cycle again with new members, as it get less and less since people knew about scam, they make less money but don’t make one scam website, creates many scam websites running the same methods of HYIP, with many modification to tricks people in giving them free money. Nothing anyone can do about it since they operate anonymously. scam collected credit card #, social security #, driver license, passport documents of members and use it to continue their quest to scam more people. The documents you provided to they use it for criminal activities and off course this scam, domain registration was under a stolen identity that’s why it’s not easy to find out who’s behind this operation. All registered to stolen identity and fake IP addresses.

Keep in mind these domains.,,, they are all connected somehow and one person has been wiriting very good news releases story. Especially the wrote about Bitcoin ATM machine is a fake, lied, lies.


ThreadManager Update
Thread Manager ver. 4.0 has been finally released which should allow to significantly increase the performance of our mining operation. This is a new level of CG continuous efforts to develop the best solution for Altcoins cloud mining platform. All users are requested to update their current version to final release ver. 4.0 as we require to finalize the changes of the server part as well. Once we are done with the update CG will apply further strategies to resume daily payouts based on actual pool performance. Despite we haven’t been as successful as we wanted to be within the last few months we are confident the results will keep everybody happy and we’ll strike forward to make things work as they should. Period.

Changes are on their way!

Best Regards,
CG Staff

[SCAM] The scam continue with anyone still falling for this scam?

Anyone still with I have received messages that some of you get paid, yeah sure, it’s part of the HYIP scam game. Just to trick you to invest more, and when Coingeneration knows you don’t invest anymore, they will stop paying you and make up stories, not any stories but very good stories to say why they have problem paying. released latest news as usual, more nice make up stories, fake, lied and lies never stopped. I’m surprise even link to and without any shame! After closing down the chat room due to too much exposures to scam activities, continue to operate in stealth mode with the second wave of victims and communicate by support ticket, oh wait! Support ticket don’t even respond, oh yeah that’s right! support will only answer when victims have problem sending money. If you ask about why no payout? LOL you will never get a respond, and if you do, it will be “soon”, as in “soon pigs will have wings and fly away”, “soon we will live on Mars”

Please people, do your homework, especially with this reaching it end of life in September, you will not see online again. The domain of will expires on September 17 2014, that day everything will be offline. dgstocks $10 domain was a trick to kill time. News published like this one below is just to kill time. Kill time to take money out of their bank and pocket it, and will repeat this process, even down to individual person investors.

Lately $150 per thread, for what why? so they can seem to be legitimate? not easy to buy thread? careful people! clearly scammed people in the hundreds of thousands dollars, and nothing anyone can do about it because of their term of service and their payment processors are supporting the scam like EGOPAY and Payza, probably affiliated.

Performance Summary
Dear members,

We are proud to announce some major changes within the new Coin Generation, an ex-DG.

Due to current hashing performance our mining operation results do not presently meet up with initial expectations. The amount paid out to all members till the present date significantly exceeds the amount of funds we have actually received for thread purchases, thus resulting in a negative cash flow balance that needs to be paid out to members and shareholders up to date. Keep calm guys, we are doing our best so everyone will receive his share.

Just to remind all of you, lots of DG funds [7k+ BTC] were Goxed following a false claim from IPUS stating our merger (which never took place by the way). As a result we have encountered ourselves in a situation where chances were not in our favor following permanent suspension of our PayPal ISPS.
To prevent rumors and false assumptions all inward and outward payments are on hold now until we take the necessary steps to resolve the situation. Solution exists and we have our hands full addressing that now.

We have scheduled a 60 day period to reinstate all payouts. Within this period CG payment balance will reach the break even point following the new price policy changes take effect. Thread purchase price will be increased to $150 with a 24 hour earnings rate of up to $2/thread. Deployment of ThreadManager ver 4.0 will be done by Friday 30th, 2014

Despite of all hiccups we keep the work going non-stop and are grateful to all those who have been with CoinGeneration from the beginning. Our mission of global crypto finance adoption has excellent success and we will strike to empower our leadership again. New release of TM_4.0 is on it’s way and we remind you that min. CPU load is set to 50% as we need some extra help this time boosting our performance network.

There is no “Plan B” at this time so we see no other options except than “Plan A” works out well no matter what.

The Management

Is STP reliable? or liar about their fraud investigation?

Let me give you a short answer before jumping into long detail. The answer is STP no different than EGOPAY, Perfect Money, and so on. STP does not do any investigation although if you send an email to SolidTrust Investigations <[email protected]>; STP will respond but it’s an automated email with details on what they would do, but just lies, they never look at your complain, nor respond to you personally. So do not think STP is any different than others online HYIP payment processors, STP probably HYIP business themselves affiliate with HYIP SCAMMERS. I will be promoting a campaign or support existing campaign to shut down

If you’re still doing HYIP, most if not all are scam and you will loose money sooner or later, cannot outsmart them unless you run one yourself. I did quite a bit of HYIP for a while like almost 6 months, half years. Knowing EGOPAY, PerfectMoney, and so on, they only have one way transaction, no such thing as dispute or refund. Well I thought would be any different? Well they’re not, although they give you an email to send to reporting fraudulent activities merchants, but they will never respond to your email. How do I know this? Because I reported at least 5 times on 5 different HYIP and the same result one after another. fraud department don’t exist, STP does not do any investigation or even look at the email.

SolidTrustPay STP ignores all fraud email sent to them. You will only get an automated respond, nothing else, no such thing as personal respond from anyone. Well people would have guess the reason due to tons of fraud reported due to SCAM FRAUD HYIP out there. So do not trust STP they’re no different than any other payment processors that only have one way transaction, and STP support HYIP Scam fraud websites to sustain their operations, that’s how they make money by supporting fraudulent activities.

Bottom line, be careful! do your homework. Don’t jump on board until you know the level of reliability on any program. I know it’s tempting to get involve in giving free money away. I know it’s hard to stop HYIP because it’s gambling. You put in $10 and hope to get $10 in a day, a week, a month, or a year. So be careful, some do pay but just tricking you to invest more. All HYIP and related online program came in all shape and sizes, but chances are they’re all linked affiliated to each other, including the payment processors, and probably the payment processors such as EGOPAY SolidTrustPay STP themselves are running the scam, that’s how they know when to stop paying and run away. Stay away if you can, and you must. It’s better to spend that $10 with your friends or love one, instead giving it away online, chances are you will not get it back, on top of that stress and angers for being scammed.

On Tuesday, November 19, 2013 2:04 PM, SolidTrust Investigations <[email protected]> wrote:

You have contacted the SolidTrust Pay Investigations Department.

Please read the following as it may address your concerns:

1. If you are reporting that a website has gone offline, we will take note and look further into this as the site may be down for maintenance. If the site does not come back, we will suspend the account and put a hold on any remaining funds. Note that we have no control over any website that goes down and/or chooses to stop using our services.

2. If you are reporting a complaint against an online program that you have chosen to participate in or join, review their terms and contact the merchant for any complaint resolution. Also review SolidTrust Pay user agreement and note point 5: “Buyer Beware”. We do not guarantee refunds for programs that close or discontinue the use of SolidTrust Pay. You enter these programs at your own risk.

3. If a website or program that you are inquiring about does come under investigation by us, we will take appropriate action. We ask that you not contact us regarding fraud or scam accounts – we are already aware. If there are funds in the merchant’s account, refunds may be available, but are not guaranteed. The refunding process can take up to 6 months from the time the account becomes suspended and we ask for your patience as this is a lengthy process to complete. IF there are any remaining funds in the merchant’s account, members receive a partial refund equal to a percentage of any loss. If refunds are able to be completed you are notified via email, and any funds are automatically put back into your SolidTrust Pay account.

NOTE – if your question or concern regards any of the above, you will not receive a response further to this one. The website that you mention will be noted and looked into.

If your email does NOT concern any of the above, you will receive a personal response within 1-3 business days.

Kind Regards
SolidTrust Pay
Investigations Department

[SCAM] The ongoing fraud from has been famous for its scam strategies on making up stories and news. Unfortunately many new members are blind and didn’t take the time to research on the internet furthermore before jumping into their scam HYIP program. As a result kept on making money off of unfortunate members whom fell victimized to online fraud investment strategies. The strategies I’ve mentioned many times, including the fake threadmanager software making it so real that people believe in the investment in future power computing. The chat room has been shut down for a long time already because scam has been exposed. Mostly ignorant members does not realized what happened in the past users with broken promise fake stories news to kill time. Kill time so that can withdraw all the money to their bank and cash out, and repeat the whole process again with new bank account.

Furthermore, on top of repeating the cycle, now collecting people personal data which includes driver license ID card, passport, credit card, bank statement or bill statement and more. Off course many people will not fall for this, but there are some that will fall for this. All need is just a few people to submit these information is enough for them to use it and buy new domain name hosting and run a new scam under the victim’s personal information. That is why it’s so hard for authority to track down, but eventually they will get captured with enough scam $ fraud being reported to the authority. Sadly people don’t report them because they still believe in the program or just afraid they will loose the money or not worth it and so on. As a result the scam continue to steal as many money from people as they can before they pull the plug and disappeared, and nothing anyone can do about it.

At the same time, already started new scam, some visible and not visible. The visible scam from are the and have something to do with the scam as well. As written a short article and if someone pay attention to the way it was written, it tied back news published each time, professional written by an educated person, and unfortunately this educated person use his knowledge to scam others instead of helping. So be careful. Most likely have something to do with they’re the owner probably.

Below is a message one of the found members sent to me, to share. The thread had risen to $150 per thread, this sounds familiar doesn’t it? yes indeed. So now it’s only been a few months before domain will get expired and will disappeared from the internet. Therefore will pull more tricks and trap to get as much as money as they can before the website closed down in a few months. Sadly again, a lot of people doesn’t know this fact, it just a few months from now the domain of will expires. Renewing it or not I believe will look at the activities of profit, if they continue to get victims and profit, they renew, if not they will let it expire. BTC-O-MATIC.COM is a joke, a scam taking advantage of Bitcoin ATM activities innovation to scam people. I wonder if anyone stupid enough to buy their Bitcoin ATM machine. It’s funny when I see the BTC-O-MATIC.COM atm machine in action, or should I say a ghost place where they installed the BTC ATM machine, with no one around, the store or place is like a ghost house, what sort of money can they make with that ATM machine on such an unknown tiny little coffee shop don’t even exist. Maybe it was a scam? off course it is.

Name: H
E-Mail: dj
Subject: And of course 1 Thread costs now 150$.
Message: Hi, i wrote a very nice letter-ticket to the CG stuff. Because as founders we have only one option, just to buy new threads, now they increased the price to 150$.

This is what i have written:

Of course this site is already a scam for a long time by now. Of course you continue to tell us stories colored in very bright tones. Of course some of us are still believe in this sheet, including me. But now you find a new trick to kill time to persevere in this SCAM. Congratulations, also here there is written that one thread costs 50$ (, you increased it to 150$ over night. You have changed the rules right in the middle of the game. This was a tactics like the founder bullshit made 6 months ago. I am so curious what kind of of new weapons can you discover against you own SCAM.