Many Cointellect members did not get paid doesn’t matter mining or contract mining

This has been confirmed by many members of Cointellect. Whether you’re mining on Cointellect mining pool with CPU, ASIC, GPU, your own computer, or purchased a mining contract, you will noticed that you’re not getting paid. Your requested paying has been pending for 2 days and continue to stay on pending.

Cointellect published a news sort of explaining what happened, but it is no surprise that any business into cryptocurrencies are falling apart. Whether it’s a legitimate business or simply doing something extraordinary similar to HYIP, small or big, all get impacted by the crashed of Bitcoin down to $100s soon.

Let be fair. Let not just pick on Cointellect as example having difficulty running their business, although it’s probably not legit, HYIP to be exact, but other business a little bit more legit such as Cloud mining had to shut down it’s operation, well brought it to a halt to be exact. hasn’t been making 100% payment, payment were selective, and relationship with cryptopay appears to be falling apart, payout via Paypal also got cancelled. Dogecoin payout pending for days and continuing. Most likely Cointellect will not be able to make any payout soon when Bitcoin hit $100s in a couple of days. Sad but this is reality now.

So what now? Everyone should be going out and get a real job! whether it’s working at mcDonald or Movie theater, it’s better than online. Although I’m sure many of us learned a lot from this experience of trying to make some money or make a living online, apparently it’s not working isn’t it? ūüôā Well that just my 2 cents. Will keep on blogging. Stay tuned.

Bitcoin price went below $280 (usd) right now and keeps on going down why?

I just want to share a paragraph on the general rule on why Bitcoin price goes down and up. From this website

Although this basic principle is not new, but hope it helps others. So knowing this fact, why are people selling Bitcoin yesterday and today, and kept on selling? Who sold it? We know that ESPN sold over $500,000 (USD) of  Bitcoin , yes that will have an impact on Bitcoin, sad thing is nobody is buying. So who else are selling these Bitcoin causing the price to plunged to below $280 now? Could it be those that won the government auction of Bitcoin? Could it be the mtGOX hacker or MtGOX staff themselves emptying their Bitcoin wallet due to the investigation now at MtGOX aim at it own staff members whom might be stealing hiding the bitcoins?

Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies will crashed in year 2015

Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies will crashed in year 2015

As CCN observed in September, use drives down price. If everyone wants to buy and nobody wants to sell, the price skyrockets. If more people want to sell, the price goes down. This basic principle of economy applies to everything, including Bitcoin.

Today we have a critical mass of people who use their bitcoins to buy goods and services. We pay merchants in Bitcoin, and sometimes they use bitcoins to pay their suppliers, but at some point in the chain somebody will convert the bitcoins to fiat currency, and that will pull the value of Bitcoin down.

New HYIP Cryptocoins SCAM

OK folks, here we go again. New strategies taking advantage of the cryptocoins communities. I hope nobody is falling for this type of scam. This is the new HYIP project, and there are many similar to this. Not just but there are and there will be a lot more coming your way.

HYIP is high yield investment program. In other word, by word of mouth, by trust, scam to be exact; give me $2 and I will double your money in certain amount of time. In this case, give me $2 and you will get $4 back in 100 hours. is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies  fraud is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies  fraud hoax is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies fraud hoax

Most if not all HYIP scam like, obtained a virtual office with support phone #, office addresses and even show case in cryptocoins meeting or convention center. Guess what? that’s a hoax too, either by photoshop or a quick snap shot of the location with their banner on someone else’s booth then roll it up and left the premises in an instant, then posted online saying “we gave a speech at the convention center” or business meeting is the proof. It’s funny that coingeneration uses photoshop to make a generic office room wall pictures with their own logo or pictures. Within a few hours many people spotted the fake picture and just putting level of scam up higher.

Today coingeneration website still exist, and the owner used fake identification including financial information belong to a stolen identity person. The sad thing about this is that only small percentage of people realized this scam before putting any money in it, the rest just fell for the scam, or think they’re smarter and can beat the system. The result most will fail and looses all their money.

So back to this new HYIP via cryptocoins¬† Let just say if you’re thinking about putting your money into this, I highly recommend putting it on cointellect it will last longer. If you put your money on¬† I can assure you will loose your money pretty fast. This gambling. You make a bet to double your money, the owner of the scam website¬† will manage your fund, determine whether to give you back your money or not, or run away, and just simply ignore you don’t respond to you or anything like that. No matter how many email support your send to them, they will simply will not respond. Guess what? You can’t do a damn thing about it. You cannot report to authority, even if you do, authority will not take any action at all. The scammer will LOL at you for being an idiot.

scammer like is probably not the first, there are many other out there. You might be smart not to fall for the scam, but a few will fall for this scam from and many like it.

In the past with HYIP, people were using OKpay, EGOpay, and many other virtual currencies for online gambling, these currencies only have one way transaction. You will never be able to get your money reversed, or refund, that is impossible. It is the reason why many of these currencies were banned from many countries such as the US and so on.

Today the scam is simply using straight virtual currencies and even worst, you just simply looses your money just like that, not a damn thing you can do about it.

I hope people are not falling for these new types of scam on hyip virtual currencies (cryptocoins). It’s better to hold on to your cryptocurrencies save it in a safe place and look back at it a few years later, than spending your time to gamble making bet that you have 0% chance of winning in the end. The winner will always be the scammers in the end. So don’t try.


How to make money every time you buy anything

This is working for many years now and helps a lot of people, especially online. The only website that is straight forward and have support available with updates and communication that are very clear.
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FatWallet Coupons and Deals
So you get your friends, online, offline, neighbor, blog, social network to join today. You will not be disappointed. I’ve been doing fatwallet for a long time already and always get paid correctly and as promised. You will not rich or become millionaire anytime soon with this, but surely every pennies count toward your cash flow income ūüôā best of all it’s tax free.

FatWallet Coupons and Deals

Bitcoin BTC will hit $150 and stabilized for the next coming years

Anyone committed suicide yet due to Bitcoin crashed? Well, maybe not, but I’m sure a lot of people pee in their pants seeing the price of Bitcoin dropped daily for almost a week or more, and there isn’t any sign that Bitcoin will ever rise up to even $700, it was hanging around $600, then started dropping and was never able to gain back up again. Today it dropped to $400s but the magic # appears to be $150, which where it was stabilized for a long while then it started to sky rocket to $1000 then sat up there for a while til MtGox filed bankruptcy.

The only bad news I’ve seen lately on Bitcoin were just Government warning about Bitcoin, the bottom line, it’s easier to get your Bitcoin robbed than having cash on you. Or should I say, it’s easier to get your Bitcoin hacked, than hackers hacking your bank account. Yes, so wondering if that’s the reason why people don’t trust Bitcoin due to these warning. Sadly it’s true, your Bitcoin will get hacked, stolen, and nothing you can do about it, authority will not help you because Bitcoin isn’t treated as a currency by government, not centralize, so it has no value. You’re on your own basically.

Hopefully developer are smarter than the hackers so that they can develop and deploy something that can keep bitcoin completely secure or at least more secure but not limiting the ability to make purchases easily, and privately. Honestly I don’t think it’s totally private, anyone whom have access to the internet can access and tracking the bitcoin wallet spending but just not the location or who the actual owner are, but unless you publish your bitcoin publicly in that case you might have a link to the wallet then it’s you, no longer private.

$150? YES, but again $150,000 even possible and $1.50 also possible. So it’s kind of needless to say at what value Bitcoin will crash to, because no one know or can predict accurately.

Bitcoin crash in progress to low 100s month of August September 2014

Bitcoin crash in progress to low 100s month of August September 2014

What is going on with bitcoin withdrawal Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds

If you’re mining on pool. You might encounter something like below error message when trying to withdraw your Bitcoin mined. “Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds” even if you entered the amount of bitcoin a lot smaller than what you have on your balance, it still gives you that error “Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds”

What’s going on? is cheating? they don’t have the Bitcoin? stolen? Well let’s not jump into conclusion so early. I asked the same question in the chat room, but everyone ignored my questions and comments. So, am I the only encountering this problem? or was it just the chat have no one mining, they’re just trading. Because most of the time when question related to mining, others would respond, people still mining?

I don’t think is cheating, but maybe at this particular time frame, it wasn’t working properly. If that’s the case, then why I tried again later it still doesn’t work. The problem with “Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds” appears to be happening on August 3rd 2014 for me and right now is August 4th 2014 still no luck. My next attempt will be close to midnight tonight on August 4th 2014. If it doesn’t work again. I will surely have another blog entry in regard to this withdrawal Bitcoin issue “Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds”

By the way, many others encountering the same problem, dated back few months ago. Look like there was a solution but it wasn’t a real solution, perhaps just to kill time.

is scamming people Bitcoin mining withdrawal issue? Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds

is scamming people Bitcoin mining withdrawal issue? Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds

Amazon shipping status “Shipping Now” Preparing shipping

Don’t worry folks. A lot of people worries about their items purchased from amazon will not shipped or delivered as promised. For instant, you might place an order for free shipping or whatever shipping method you have, and you see a date range giving on when your products will arrive. It could be 1-2 weeks. However you’re seeing the status of preparing shipping, or shipping now, and you the estimated delivery only a couple days away. Don’t worry, it will get delivered before or on that date 99% of the time, unless some issue with shipping company.

In other word. Let say you place an order on May 1st, 2014. The free shipping indicated that you will get it on May 5th to May 10th. Chances are, 50% of the orders will delivered to you on May 5th, the other 25% on May 7th, and the other 24% will delivered on May 9th, and 1% will get delivered on May 10th or longer.

Basically don’t worry, Amazon is an internet company. They have high tech equipment and system to monitor shipping orders status and so on. What might have happen is you ordered items sold by Amazon and also third party sellers. Sometime the third party sellers ship it directly to you, but for some other sellers they ship the items to Amazon, then Amazon combined with other items sold by Amazon and ship it to you at the same time. Consolidation shipments so call, that’s why you get free shipping discount. It’s all good.

So the next time you worries, just look at the estimated delivery date and always take the last date delivered by as your delivery date, however 50% of time you will get it sooner, but better to go with last date. Let say May 1st to May 10th, take May 10th to be safe ūüôā

Is STP reliable? or liar about their fraud investigation?

Let me give you a short answer before jumping into long detail. The answer is STP no different than EGOPAY, Perfect Money, and so on. STP does not do any investigation although if you send an email to SolidTrust Investigations <[email protected]>; STP will respond but it’s an automated email with details on what they would do, but just lies, they never look at your complain, nor respond to you personally. So do not think STP is any different than others online HYIP payment processors, STP probably HYIP business themselves affiliate with HYIP SCAMMERS. I will be promoting a campaign or support existing campaign to shut down

If you’re still doing HYIP, most if not all are scam and you will loose money sooner or later, cannot outsmart them unless you run one yourself. I did quite a bit of HYIP for a while like almost 6 months, half years. Knowing EGOPAY, PerfectMoney, and so on, they only have one way transaction, no such thing as dispute or refund. Well I thought would be any different? Well they’re not, although they give you an email to send to reporting fraudulent activities merchants, but they will never respond to your email. How do I know this? Because I reported at least 5 times on 5 different HYIP and the same result one after another. fraud department don’t exist, STP does not do any investigation or even look at the email.

SolidTrustPay STP ignores all fraud email sent to them. You will only get an automated respond, nothing else, no such thing as personal respond from anyone. Well people would have guess the reason due to tons of fraud reported due to SCAM FRAUD HYIP out there. So do not trust STP they’re no different than any other payment processors that only have one way transaction, and STP support HYIP Scam fraud websites to sustain their operations, that’s how they make money by supporting fraudulent activities.

Bottom line, be careful! do your homework. Don’t jump on board until you know the level of reliability on any program. I know it’s tempting to get involve in giving free money away. I know it’s hard to stop HYIP because it’s gambling. You put in $10 and hope to get $10 in a day, a week, a month, or a year. So be careful, some do pay but just tricking you to invest more. All HYIP and related online program came in all shape and sizes, but chances are they’re all linked affiliated to each other, including the payment processors, and probably the payment processors such as EGOPAY SolidTrustPay STP themselves are running the scam, that’s how they know when to stop paying and run away. Stay away if you can, and you must. It’s better to spend that $10 with your friends or love one, instead giving it away online, chances are you will not get it back, on top of that stress and angers for being scammed.

On Tuesday, November 19, 2013 2:04 PM, SolidTrust Investigations <[email protected]> wrote:

You have contacted the SolidTrust Pay Investigations Department.

Please read the following as it may address your concerns:

1. If you are reporting that a website has gone offline, we will take note and look further into this as the site may be down for maintenance. If the site does not come back, we will suspend the account and put a hold on any remaining funds. Note that we have no control over any website that goes down and/or chooses to stop using our services.

2. If you are reporting a complaint against an online program that you have chosen to participate in or join, review their terms and contact the merchant for any complaint resolution. Also review SolidTrust Pay user agreement and note point 5: ‚ÄúBuyer Beware‚ÄĚ. We do not guarantee refunds for programs that close or discontinue the use of SolidTrust Pay. You enter these programs at your own risk.

3. If a website or program that you are inquiring about does come under investigation by us, we will take appropriate action. We ask that you not contact us regarding fraud or scam accounts – we are already aware. If there are funds in the merchant’s account, refunds may be available, but are not guaranteed. The refunding process can take up to 6 months from the time the account becomes suspended and we ask for your patience as this is a lengthy process to complete. IF there are any remaining funds in the merchant’s account, members receive a partial refund equal to a percentage of any loss. If refunds are able to be completed you are notified via email, and any funds are automatically put back into your SolidTrust Pay account.

NOTE – if your question or concern regards any of the above, you will not receive a response further to this one. The website that you mention will be noted and looked into.

If your email does NOT concern any of the above, you will receive a personal response within 1-3 business days.

Kind Regards
SolidTrust Pay
Investigations Department

AT&T came out with many competitive pricing on shared plan

Whether you have AT&T or not, you would probably see commercial on TV, radio or on the internet about AT&T having these very special deal on unlimited text talk shared plant among all phones family plant that is. It is true and it’s a good thing I checked.

I have three phones, recently just upgraded two lines to an HTC One and a whopping $160 plan or so with limited minutes talk and no text, limited 200MB individual data plan. Good thing I saw the commercial and contacted AT&T. They fixed me up with a plan, unlimited text talk, and 300MB data shared among all phones. This come out to be $33 a month, so it does beat the competitor cheapest I see was $35 ¬†a month unlimited everything even data, but I doubt the data is unlimited, on top of that those other competitors don’t have as good reception due lack or limited antenna installed in some area.

With AT&T I believe they do have the best coverage antennas everywhere and very strong too. I’ve been with Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and some other smaller ones, but the best coverage is AT&T expensive too, but not anymore! that’s right AT&T now beating up the competitor price with their unlimited text talk, and data share plan phones. It’s awesome!

So check your cell phones plan, AT&T don’t contact you about better pricing, so do your homework and maybe call AT&T or check out their latest plan pricing on the website, I’m sure you will save big money. I did. My monthly was over $150 each month, last month was the worst I had to pay $245, mostly due to $70 activation fee for the two new phone. Even without the activation I’m paying like $ above $150 a month, like $175 or so or more. So I will be paying $100 a month now for three phones with unlimited text talk, shared, 300mb data, I think it’s a great deal!


Finally switched to mine an alternative SHA256 coin no longer mining Bitcoin directly

At the rate of the current difficulty level of¬†3129573174.52, and the price of Bitcoin about $550 average for the past several weeks. It is best to do some research and analysis to determine what’s the next best SHA256 cryptocoins to mine, and to me, it is “Continuumcoin” or CTM. It is more profitable than mining Bitcoin directly!

I currently have a few BFL mining equipment, and had another one on order to be shipped who knows when, don’t believe what BFL promise or delivery date, it will never happens, so I’m hoping by summer time to get that preorder 28NM ASIC Monarch 900GH/s.

Back to the¬†Continuumcoin coin, this coin appears to be the concept of Dogecoin. Let’s take a look at scrypt coins mining Litecoin, LTC, it is so far 100% ration compare with Bitcoin, meaning if you mine 100mh/s with Bitcoin, you will mine 100kh/s with Litecoin, on your GPUs or whatever device you have that can mine both scrypt and SHA256. The outcome earning would be the same. Then somewhere somehow Dogecoin shows up all of a sudden and takes over the market of scrypt mining. What’s so special about Dogecoin? from what I saw, there are a lot of coins to be mined with this Dogecoins, and I’m talking a person with a 10mh/s mutiple rigs can mine hundreds thousands Dogecoin per day a few weeks ago, until it gain so much popularity and people jumped on it and now the difficult rate skyrocketed. The same thing with¬†Continuumcoin coin when compare to Bitcoin, SHA256 algo. There are a lot of¬†Continuumcoin coin to be mined, and so far just over night, oh about 8 hours, I woke up seeing 1 millions Continuumcoin¬†coins in my wallet! WOW! Now should I sell it? or should I keep it? To me it’s fine either way, I think I have enough money in my bank now, and whatever coins I mined I don’t need to sell, will probably take the risk and save it, who knows it might skyrocketed one day like Bitcoin ūüôā

So again, if you’re mining Bitcoin directly! might want to consider mining¬†Continuumcoin instead! a good pool is:¬†