How to cheat Ebay and Ebay sellers to get free merchandise

I had came across so many methods for people to cheat Ebay and Ebay sellers, this is similar to cheating Amazon and many other websites online retailers out there. The method is quite simple really and it work most of the time. I am a Ebay seller and I’ve encountered situation where the buyer cheated me. It is not often the seller would cheat though, but it does happen.

The method that I’m seeing is. Scammer created ebay account with stolen identity which can be purchased online cheap or even free. Scammer would buy virtual merchandise or cheap china merchandise to get feedback. Once feedback reached to favorable dozens or so, Scammer would go on a shopping spree.

Scammer would purchase items and have it drop shipped to someone’s address, and most of the time it’s a drop ship address where the scammer sold it to someone else. The address is confirmed by Paypal and again scammer have ways to confirm the address, and most of the time the account is not Paypal verified, “Unverified”.

After the items shipped and confirmed delivered, the scammer would email the seller and saying that item is no good, broken, only partial quantity received, missing, damage, etc. then asking for refund, or replacement and so on. Many sellers would send replacement, many seller would refund, because due to the fact that the scammer ebay buyer would give negative feedback and can hurt seller’s account.

Some ebay seller report the buyer for suspicious, but the truth is, how many of those scam buyers would get ding by ebay? does ebay even look at those cases? it’s sad that most of the time if not all, Ebay/Paypal are on the buyer’s side, even with adequate evidence Ebay still side with the buyer, your evidence need to be 100% complete such as signature confirmation, products quality, and so on.

So now the buyer scammer have free items and free money to repeat the process over and over again many times, if buyer able to create 10 to 20 accounts, and play around with it daily for 10 to 20 items let say average $10 per item, that’s $100 to $200 a day easy money for the Ebay Scammer Buyer, and they’re not just doing this to Ebay but on amazon many other online retailers. Sadly, most of these activities were not from USA, the scammer just have to be using a VPN or proxies in the USA to create fake account using stolen identity.

The latest example I’ve seen, just posted on Ebay bad ebayer, buyer  “kdelmonte09” purchased an item with quantity of 2. Seller have proof that quantity of 2 were shipped due to the weight of 2 item equate to each other, quantity of 1 would be a lot less. The buyer “kdelmonte09” sent a message to the ebay seller in broken english like really fast message saying they only receive one and they ordered two. What can the seller do in this case? nothing other than either to ship one more or refund quantity of 1. This ebayer “kdelmonte09” is a good example of stolen identity was used, new account created a week old, and has feedback from merchandise purchased from china or virtual items for feedback only. The items probably shipped to someone’s address as a drop ship method that scammer profit more and another profit via refund, keep doing this 10 to 20 times a day imagine the profit the scammer can make. It’s sad that these people have no moral that the seller are trying to make a living selling to make legitimate money for their family supporting their family, but in the end got scammed by these scammers, now if there is Karma, I wouldn’t feel bad these scammers suffer the consequences or seeing their love ones suffer the consequences in life for what they done scamming people hard earning living.

Bing Rewards is on the look for multiple accounts by one person

Off course Bing Rewards and many other similar rewards programs are on the look out for multiple accounts people. However lately Bing Rewards has been working on different methods to detect cheaters, these are the folks that created multiple accounts either through VPN, Proxies, and even Static IP from ISP providers. Eventually all these folks will get reward cancelled or not being sent, waiting for Bing Rewards support to look into.

Rewards program such as Bing Reward are famous because there isn’t much you need to do beside searching for stuff on the internet, search similar to but you get paid if you search on versus google you get nothing, in fact sometime a bunch of advertisement pops up on versus Bing don’t have too many of that and Bing rewards you points which turns into Gift Cards such as Amazon and those can be sold to convert into cash about 70% cash value if you can sell it, and legitimate buyer purchased it 🙂

So bottom line, if you get banned from Bing Rewards don’t be surprise. However if you’re a legitimate users then don’t worry, Bing will continue to rewards you, and if your account got suspended you can contact Support they will get it un-suspended for you if you’re a legitimate user, 1 account per person, 5 accounts for 5 people in one household on 5 computers. Don’t try to cheat now, eventually you will get caught it will hurt 🙂

Also be careful using bots to do searches, Bing Rewards are working on methods to detect those also, and will flag you for fraud eventually get suspended.

Honesty is the best policy!

Bing Rewards bonus trivia for week of April 29th 2015 4/29

Useful bingbot

This week, double bonuses on Tuesday 4/28 and Wednesday 4/29. Also extra trivia questions for 3 more points.

Who popularized the moonwalk?
michael jackson

What 1987 film stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey?
dirty dancing

What famous ballet dancer defected on June 29, 1974?
mikhail baryshnikov

MtGox latest update for people whom loss money bitcoin

I’m not sure why this MtGox thing still updating the communities? isn’t it over a long time ago? There isn’t any money, any bitcoin can be giving back to the members or account holder, why are they kept on updating?

MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Apr 25 at 9:00 PM
MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee

2015年4月22日より、ウェブサイト( )において、


破産債権届出に関する一般的な説明及びFAQや、本システムを利用できない場合の破産債権の届出方法等については、MTGOXホームページ( )のニュースリリース欄において公開されておりますので、こちらも合わせてご確認下さい。

なお、このメールアドレス([email protected] )は破産管財人からの送信専用であり、貴殿が本メールアドレス宛の返信等をされても内容確認及び回答などの対応はできません。
本破産手続の進行等については、引き続きMTGOXホームページ( )で情報提供をする予定ですので、当該ウェブサイトをご確認ください。

破産者株式会社MTGOX 破産管財人弁護士小林信明

To whom it may concern,

Since April 22, 2015, we have been making available an online bankruptcy claim filing system (hereinafter referred to as the “System”) that enables users of MTGOX Co., Ltd.’s Bitcoin exchange (hereinafter MTGOX Co., Ltd. will be referred to as “MTGOX” and the said users will be referred to as “Users”) to make online filings of their bankruptcy claims, etc. at our website ( in relation to MTGOX’s bankruptcy proceedings (case number 2014 (fu) no. 3830 at the Tokyo District Court; hereinafter referred to as the “Bankruptcy Proceedings”).

Bankruptcy creditors who are Users are eligible to file bankruptcy claims against MTGOX regarding Bitcoin or cash through the System. Please visit the said website and file your bankruptcy claim within the period for filing bankruptcy claims (until May 29, 2015).

After a User has logged in to the System once, the User can file claims against MTGOX regarding Bitcoin and cash via Kraken’s system, which is operated by Payward Japan K.K. and its group companies (collectively, “Payward”) which are supporting these Bankruptcy Proceedings. It is necessary for the User to become a Kraken user in order to use Kraken’s system. By becoming a Kraken user, the User may be able to enjoy certain potential benefits, such as (i) in the case where a bankruptcy distribution is made in Bitcoin, the ability to receive a bankruptcy distribution in Bitcoin (please note that it has not yet been determined whether a distribution in Bitcoin will be possible, as the bankruptcy trustee is still investigating the matter), (ii) the ability to receive a bankruptcy distribution more easily, by receiving the distribution via an account opened with Kraken, and (iii) a reduction in the amount of information that must be entered when filing a bankruptcy claim, as the information which the User provided to Kraken when registering to become a Kraken user will be used when the relevant online forms are completed in order to file the User’s bankruptcy claim.

General instructions and FAQs, including details of how to file a bankruptcy claim if you are unable to use the System, are available in the news release section of the MTGOX website ( Please read these news releases as well.

This e-mail address ([email protected]) is used only for the purpose of sending messages, and we are unable to check or respond to any replies sent to this e-mail address. We intend to provide information regarding the Bankruptcy Proceedings by posting it on MTGOX’s website (, so please check this website on a regular basis.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Bankrupt MtGox Co., Ltd. bankruptcy trustee, attorney-at-law, Nobuaki Kobayashi

How long does it take to get verified with

Short answer: 1 day for me, actually less than a day.

I think it’s fine to submit verification to cryptsy because they’ve been around for a great while. Similar to Coinbase and Bitstamp. The verification process required 2 photos identification and a utilities bill under your name, phone bill should work as well. Once I submitted all that information, I got verified in less than 24 hours.

The verification required your social security # and it is integrated with a third party API appears to be identity check. Based on your social security #, it will ask random questions that you should know, don’t worry if you got a few wrong, but if it’s really you, then you should be able to answer some of the questions. If you don’t know the answer to any of the questions then it will think you’re a fraud. The questions asked like do you know this and that person, have you ever live in this city, this address street #, and so on, simple one. I think it’s a very effective verification system.

So you’re giving out photo ID eh? are you scare and afraid? yeah you should be, but guess what, those ID don’t last long, there’s expiration date, sure it can be stolen and use by hackers, but it could happen to anyone, anywhere, no matter how careful you are. You just have to be vigilant and check your credit score once in a while, that why credit score exist and you have it correct up to six months fraud or even longer.

Bing rewards Trivia questions and answers for week of April 13 4/13 2015

Just in case anyone need this 🙂 Bing search is awesome and with rewards a few bucks a month helps. Best of all these trivia questions also help people powering their knowledge 🙂 who knows, one day Jeopardy might ask/answer these questions.

Who hosts ‘Survivor’?

jeff probst

Where was the host of ‘The Amazing Race’ born?
new zealand

Who won ‘The Bachelor’ season 3?
jen schefft

Make quick money buying bitcoin now

At the moment Bitcoin price is at it lowest point in few months. Anyone whom have about $3k can make a good profit in a few days, the profit could be from $200 to $500 with the $3K. The chances of profiting is about 90%, 5% Bitcoin price will slip below $230 and 5% it will linger at $230.

Invest at your own risk, take extra precaution that the money you invest is the money you don’t need in the next few days weeks months or even years. It’s really hard to predict the price of Bitcoin. As many people know, who had been following Bitcoin news feeds, there isn’t much bad news. The good news on Bitcoin is greater than bad news, but still it’s not going up, just up and down since the beginning of 2014.

There are a lot of development on Bitcoin, as more and more retailers online mostly, are adopting and accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Some think the price of Bitcoin is April will not go up because of tax season. There are tips and tricks to claim loss on Bitcoin, but the chance of getting audit are very high you include Bitcoin into your tax, ensure you have receipt to show when audit hit. Bitcoin I believe is somewhat like personal asset, but that don’t make sense because it goes up and down, on the other hand personal asset most likely decreased in value unless it’s a house where it could go up.

Ebay Seller beware of competitors hiring Ebay Buyer to buy and give negative feedback

I came across a post today on ebay forums in regard to Ebay Seller receiving negative feedback from buyer, but it turned out that the buyer was hired by another sellers (competitors) to ruin the reputation of another seller. The sad thing about this is that Ebay isn’t taking any action to prevent this from happening to the sellers. I understand it could be hard not easy, but Ebay need to figure this out as a company with many intelligent folks to work on logics to prevent this from happening. At this point, it’s still happening and will continue to go on until legitimate seller got tired and quit or seller will battle each other to ruin each other reputation.

Here’s a good example I found posted on ebay forums. The Ebay buyer name “michamicm7noh” off course it’s fake, you can obviously tell by the name, who would want to get such ebay name right? well scammer does. Also look at the ebay profile of this user “michamicm7noh” new user and also only have 2 positive review and if you clicked on Feedback left for other, you will see that this buyer gave strange feedback to sellers, both negative.

This ebay account “michamicm7noh” recently gave a negative feedback to one of the seller in regard to a iphone 5 6 headset, this is a very popular device being sold on ebay, although it’s probably from China cheap made, so it’s cheap made, and cheap sell, and chances are it will work, some may not, but the majority should. Basically it’s the same headset being sold in store as well, not just on ebay.  The seller appear to be listing its product as legitimate and as truthful as possible, such as unbranded/generic cheap china made, and so on. So people should understand what they’re buying. The seller for this item appears to have the cheapest price on ebay for the item. As a result, purchases were from this seller sold more than others, and so other competitors start to play dirty game.

The dirty game began. There are plenty of forums out there such as blackhat world, thebotnet and so on, will hire people with ebay account to perform a purchase and give negative feedback after the purchase to ruin the seller’s reputation. Believe me, there are a lot of ebay user would be willing to this by getting paid even $5 $10 $50 plus the cost of the products to give negative feedback to the seller, to ruin Ebay seller business, sad but true. On top of that, some ebay user are fake, meaning the account was created by stolen identity which being sold all over the internet, created many ebay account and start to perform this task to buy and give negative feedback to the sellers.

Hackers for hire, Scammer for hire, whatever you want to call it. For this particular case, the buyer probably never received the item, it was shipped to some person with their identity including their credit card got stolen and use to purchase this item, or real credit card purchase to give negative feedback and get reimbursement from a competitive sellers whom hired them to do this to hurt the other seller. The seller whom got the negative feedback can contact ebay to investigate but most likely ebay will not take action, because most of the time Ebay side with the buyer, sad but true that Ebay most of the time side with the buyer.

Bad ebayer website posted this information about this user as example fraud scam, you can find more detail on bad ebayer website:


Buyer: Michael Sterling
Buyer’s User ID: michamicm7noh
Michael Sterling
Mesa, AZ 85202
United States

This buyer does not have paypal account. So maybe that’s the thing, ensure you only accept paypal purchase paid, just help a little.

The seller in this case now have to live with the negative fake feedback, ebay isn’t taking action to fix. The seller also reported that all of a sudden more similar buyer started to buy stuff, seller doesn’t know what to do. Apparently seller selling same items being sold by many others, but at a much lower price, as result competitor will find ways to ruin the seller reputation by getting as much negative feedback as possible, the only way is create fake fraud ebay account or by hiring people ebay account to do this.