Cointellect Mining Pool performance back to normal?

Some users are reporting Cointellect Mining Pool performance are getting better than the last three weeks today. Users are saying they don’t see much Not Responding, Waiting For Work, Pool Interupted, Disconnection and so on.

The bottom line is after three weeks of Cointellect Mining Pool problems, it appears that at least today it’s back to almost normal, just today that is, who knows about tomorrow, or the next day or the day after that. Only Cointellect owner would know when they will manipulate the Mining Pool again.

The reason for Cointellect manipulated the Mining Pool or manually interrupted the pool, or causing problem so members cannot connect to it or mine on it, resulting in very little to no earning at all for miners. The reason for for manipulating low earning to mining so members can look for alternative at Cointellect offers, which is the mining contract, as cointellect already stated mining contract not affected by Cointellect Mining Pool, which is strange and questionable, this only lead to members knowing what cointellect really want you to do is to buy mining contract.

Mining contract at cointellect it had became transparent to many people as sort of a ponzi scam or HYIP. Let face it, Cointellect do not want you to mine with your own equipment at cointellect mining pool, even though Cointellect don’t admit it, don’t want to say it, but for sure they don’t want you to mine, they want your to spend on mining contract, as that is how they make money off of you. I will be surprise if Cointellect Mining Pool will stay consistent in the next month or two, most likely there will be trouble and issues off and on continuing just like the past three weeks, cointellect will repeat this problem to force members have no choice but give up mining and purchase mining contract.

Prove me wrong Cointellect! can your mining pool operate without issue like the past three weeks for these next few weeks? Prove that your Mining Done Right slogan is true.

Some information about Cointellect

Thanks to an anonymous tips. I did some research to confirm also.

Cointellect official facebook page is

Cointellect official twitter page is

Any other websites or social media websites you come across might be just another affiliates page just want to make money off you by referring you to cointellect, so most likely these affiliate website will always talks positive a way to get you to invest under their referral code.

There is some connection with CryptoPay and Cointellect, as I’ve checked and that 10EUR is the key amount. Although I cannot confirm at this point on what kind of relationship does the two have, but for sure it’s an exchange partnership and perhaps a contract as well.

As many people already aware of the Cointellect Mining Pool problems, it has became transparent that Cointellect are causing the mining pool problems on purpose to deter people from mining with their own equipment or miners. Cointellect want you to buy mining contract instead. Indeed behind the scene of Cointellect might be HYIP project but could survive a bit longer than others.

Thanks again from the Anonymous tips in regard to Cointellect. 🙂 yes off course it’s a another ponzi scam

The most well know strategies to outsmart these types of ponzi scheme scam is to invest one time and never to look back, but guess what? not too many people can do that. Everyone are as greedy as anyone else, once you get your return of investment, some say they can stop, but why? stop with that small amount of money for what? so in the end they reinvest the money and kept on reinvesting. The next thing they know is the website no longer exist and nothing you can do about it.

For many others, their strategies involves large amount of investment the first, it’s double for nothing, and most of the time they get nothing back because the program having trouble paying certain people with large investment.

Then the very famous strategy is to refers victims to the ponzi scam website and get paid big commission similar to with a whopping 20% commission members cannot resist that commission and kept on sending more people to get scammed, even getting their family and friends scammed.

How long does these ponzi scam live depend on the amount of money flowing in and out, if one day the amount in is not that great and the owner no longer have fund to make payout, the program will have trouble paying and will fall apart. However if the program is lucky enough keeps on getting reinvestment and new investors investing then it will live longer, but for sure, will never live long, could be weeks, possibly months, but for sure not a year. The website might still be there to scam, but many already knew it’s a scam and they will not bother, some just don’t do enough homework and got in loss all their money.

Cointellect mining pool still down for over 2 weeks and continuing

Let face it. Would you trust a business calling themselves mining done right? but their mining pool been down for over two weeks. Ok, so maybe not totally down, but it’s up and down, up and down, disconnected, waiting for connection, not responding, waiting for work, rejected work, freezed user’s computer crashed and many more. That’s Cointellect Mining Pool for you whom called themselves mining done right. Well today, or for sever weeks already if not the beginning, Cointellect Mining Pool been done wrong. All cointellect want is trick you in the mining pool to see the profit, then get you into the contract mining by paying them money.

Cointellect mining pool, for those that run mining pool would know that 24/24 monitoring is required, if it’s down, it can be reboot to bring it back up again. If mining pool have issues, fix it and bring it up again within several hours the most. If mining pool have bandwidth problem, then get more bandwidth, should take more than a day. If mining pool beyond capacity than the current hardware can support, upgrade to a faster hardware, should not take more than a day.

So what is going with Cointellect Mining Pool? only one answer that makes sense at this time. If Cointellect continue to have problem with the mining pool and still hasn’t publish any news regarding and specifically to the mining pool problems for over two weeks now, then it’s very much obvious that Cointellect is up to no good. What mining pool owner don’t let the users community know what’s going on with the pool specifically, whether it’s ddos attack, software issue, hardware issue, capacity issue? but NONE, nothing that Cointellect published in their news that mention about the mining pool issue, other than support email saying we’re aware of the problem and working very hard to bring it back up normally, for two weeks already and it’s still the same, and getting worst. On top of that, people are reporting missing earnings, and others have earning that got delayed for 12 hours 24 hours and days.

Bottom line, Cointellect mining pool done WRONG! not right. It’s transparent now that cointellect isn’t a real business they say they are. I would high recommend people to research carefully before investing on Cointellect mining contract. Forget about mining at Cointellect Mining Pool, you better off mining elsewhere, like multipool scrypts. If you mine at Cointellect you will see that it’s giving you more problems monitoring it than making money from it. I still have hope for those of you who invested in mining contract that you at least get your money back as ROI, don’t expect profit, if you did make profit, DO NOT REINVEST, because you will loose it all. For those that mining, highly recommend to mine elsewhere until Cointellect make some kind of specific announcement in regard to Cointellect Mining Pool, what happen and when will it get fix, very unprofessional business calling themselves Mining Done Right.

Lastly, I would like to share that Cointellect is a Turnkey company, which has many sub business operating similar to HYIP. I got this information from a known source at reddit.

cointellect scam miners to buy mining contract by causing mining pool problems

cointellect scam miners to buy mining contract by causing mining pool problems

Cointellect having too many issues now

Let jump right into the latest issues with cointellect. I’ve came across too many negative reviews in regard to Cointellect. There are positive reviews about cointellect, but those reviews are by Cointellect affiliates just want to get the 10% commission.

  1. 30% fee is on going, no, it’s not 20% to 30%, it’s 30%, never was 20%. No, it’s not just the Holidays, now officially on weekends as well. Who knows what other days will be implemented. Cointellect rules changes overnight nothing anyone can do about.
  2. Continuous mining pool issues, included permanent disconnected, not responding, rejected share, waiting for work and so on. Not only Holidays, Not only on Week ends, now also week days business days.
  3. Cointellect started to have ongoing issues with earning payout. Cointellect payout are now super slow more than 12 hours to over 24 hours, some even reported that never got the payout. Cointellect know the issue? well fix it instead of littering the internet with cointellect advertisements and trolling. Sounds too familiar making excuses for not being able to make payout earnings.
  4. Cointellect favorite statements. “contract mining earning and withdrawal are not affected” yeah a nice way of saying buy the contract or should I say trick members in buying a long term contract. “cointellect mining contract are more profitable than mining with your computer”  or what cointellect really mean is, we trick you on mining with your cpu gpu and asic so you can see mining at cointellect is 100 times more profitable than mining on other pools, but don’t be surprise if you got tricked into buying the long term contract and loss your money, keep on reinvesting is a bad idea with cointellect.

Bottom line, cointellect appears to be transparent now toward HYIP. In other word it’s a HYIP scam methodology with enhancement much more advance than scam, although the two might be linked.

cointellect fake data center looping video overlay webcam

cointellect fake data center looping video overlay webcam

New HYIP Cryptocoins SCAM

OK folks, here we go again. New strategies taking advantage of the cryptocoins communities. I hope nobody is falling for this type of scam. This is the new HYIP project, and there are many similar to this. Not just but there are and there will be a lot more coming your way.

HYIP is high yield investment program. In other word, by word of mouth, by trust, scam to be exact; give me $2 and I will double your money in certain amount of time. In this case, give me $2 and you will get $4 back in 100 hours. is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies  fraud is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies  fraud hoax is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies fraud hoax

Most if not all HYIP scam like, obtained a virtual office with support phone #, office addresses and even show case in cryptocoins meeting or convention center. Guess what? that’s a hoax too, either by photoshop or a quick snap shot of the location with their banner on someone else’s booth then roll it up and left the premises in an instant, then posted online saying “we gave a speech at the convention center” or business meeting is the proof. It’s funny that coingeneration uses photoshop to make a generic office room wall pictures with their own logo or pictures. Within a few hours many people spotted the fake picture and just putting level of scam up higher.

Today coingeneration website still exist, and the owner used fake identification including financial information belong to a stolen identity person. The sad thing about this is that only small percentage of people realized this scam before putting any money in it, the rest just fell for the scam, or think they’re smarter and can beat the system. The result most will fail and looses all their money.

So back to this new HYIP via cryptocoins Let just say if you’re thinking about putting your money into this, I highly recommend putting it on cointellect it will last longer. If you put your money on I can assure you will loose your money pretty fast. This gambling. You make a bet to double your money, the owner of the scam website will manage your fund, determine whether to give you back your money or not, or run away, and just simply ignore you don’t respond to you or anything like that. No matter how many email support your send to them, they will simply will not respond. Guess what? You can’t do a damn thing about it. You cannot report to authority, even if you do, authority will not take any action at all. The scammer will LOL at you for being an idiot.

scammer like is probably not the first, there are many other out there. You might be smart not to fall for the scam, but a few will fall for this scam from and many like it.

In the past with HYIP, people were using OKpay, EGOpay, and many other virtual currencies for online gambling, these currencies only have one way transaction. You will never be able to get your money reversed, or refund, that is impossible. It is the reason why many of these currencies were banned from many countries such as the US and so on.

Today the scam is simply using straight virtual currencies and even worst, you just simply looses your money just like that, not a damn thing you can do about it.

I hope people are not falling for these new types of scam on hyip virtual currencies (cryptocoins). It’s better to hold on to your cryptocurrencies save it in a safe place and look back at it a few years later, than spending your time to gamble making bet that you have 0% chance of winning in the end. The winner will always be the scammers in the end. So don’t try.


Hash Profit can easily be a scam and run away with your money

Some people may think is a straight plain scam fraud, some think it’s not a scam but it can be a scam due to bad business model. Some say it’s better to invest with than with

If you’re thinking of investing on you might want to take a look at, however for both they can be scam fraud at anytime. But, it’s better to invest cointellect due to shorter contract, higher yield in return ROI, and off course you can mine with your own equipment.

Again, both and hasprofit could turn into a scam one day, and they can run away with your money without a trace. They’re both similar to how HYIP (high yield investment program) works. Similar to a pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme, first they will get a couple members with affiliate ID, then those members will get more members under their affiliate ID, each time the members below them make money, the higher up get 10% of that payout. It’s very lucrative business with the affiliate style. The higher up level of the pyramid doesn’t need to work at all once they get few people under them that goes out and get more fishes for them, as more and more people are under them, the more money they will make. Basically the owner or operator of the business doesn’t have to work much other than keeping the program running. Let the victims find more victims.

Take and for example. Especially with has similar news posting wording same as news published. The professional news publishing use similar wordings on both and, words such as “In light of …” how often do you see this word being use? maybe a lot for some, but for most, it’s a copy cat, or just simply the same person operating the previous scam that went on for over 6 months undetected, and then eventually the operations start publishing news reasons for not being to pay all or in full, but they can pay pennies to keep the momentum going, and before you know it, they’re not paying at all.

Here’s latest news to get people to invest. Although the news doesn’t look similar to or the new, but strategies are the same to get people in, invest, make money, pay out big money, the investor came back with higher investment but because of greed and want to make more money, in the loss all because the program went scam. Not too many can control their investments, sure they may say, “I’m going to invest $100, make $200, then quit, easy to say hard to do, because in the end they put that same amount of money they make or more, and the program went scam your money is gone. The scammer can manage each individual account, whether to payout or not, it’s not systematic as people may think that they can be outsmarted.

Hash Profit > 100 000 users. Unique 51% discount would last till 21.11.2014, there are only 200 000 Kh/s available, hurry up and buy for the lowest price. (actual discount 41%, with special promo code HP100000 your discount goes up to 51%)
Promo-code: HP100000
Discount: total discount of 51%
Expires: 21.11.2014 22:59 (EET)
You can enter your promo-code on Buy Kh/s page.
1 PFC (ProfitCoin) is crediting for every 100 Kh/s of purchase when buying 100 Kh/s or more.
Total users number have exceeded 100 000 (+7000 in last 6 days). Our site is taking 10 884th place (+1 516 in last six days) worldwide by information from Alexa service.
Main news:
From now on you can deposit ProfitCoin to your account. You can mine ProfitCoins in our pool and buy hashrate for them. In the next 3-5 days there would be PFC withdrawals from your account balance enabled.
First PFC exchange services have appeared:

Free Bitcoin and 200kh/s for 7 days limited time offer

There’s a new pool if you may call it a mining pool, looks like it though. Anyhow short story. Just sign up and you will get 0.001* Bitcoin, and also a free 200kh/s for 7 days. Link below.

I’m not sure about this business, so take extra precaution, because I’ve seen online business come and go pretty fast, ensure you invest in something you can afford to loose, and short period investment.

Hash Profit

PerkTV VMWARE VPS Virtual Machine? BAD IDEA!

The sad thing is that, PerKTV will allow your PerkTV to run on virtual machine but when you try to withdraw or cash out your earning, that’s when your account will either get banned or you will just “Reward Cancelled”

OK so what is this. This is in regard to PerkTV, pay you for watching advertisements, whether it’s commercial or movies trailers etc. You get points for each one you finished watching, and only android version 4 and newer, and IOS iphone version 7 and older, or I guess iphone 4 and up, older devices forget it. Cheating is a bad idea, don’t think you can be smarter than PerkTV, they have a team, how about to be specific, they also have a team of high paying hackers background, whatever you’re trying to do to cheat, they will find out and cut you off sooner or later. Like I said, they will not banned you right away, they will wait until you try to cash out or withdraw your earnings, could be weeks or months, and then you finds out they’re not giving it to you, because they have proof you’re violating their TOS terms of service, on other word you’re cheating.

So don’t fall for those trap from and many other sites showing you how to cheat PerkTV, Swagbucks and so on, it will not work for long, you will get banned suspended, and sad thing is not right away, they will wait until you withdrawal request, and nothing you can do about it, because you’re cheating.

Now to the good stuff, yes you can make few dollars with perkTV by following their Terms of Service. If you’re not sure, ask PerkTV directly, don’t try to get answer from blogs, forums, rather ask your question directly to PerKTV.

PerkTV, bottom line. You can only have one account, you use up to five devices. Your household can each person can have their own account, and up to five devices for each account. Something to keep in mind is that, PerkTV paying less and less points now, before you know it, the earning probably will be too low to be viable to watch it anymore, this is where all projects will end.

Don’t go out and buy a tons of android phones, and ios iphone etc. you think you can get your ROI (return of investment) back soon, within a month, ERRR, do your calculation. PerkTV is like Bitcoin mining in a sense, the earning is less and less, and it is not long term running, it will end one day, on top of that earning is less and less. The only good thing about PerkTV farming might be low electricity, but if your earning is high, you will get 1099 misc and you need to pay tax on that. This is for USA resident only. So perkTV might be for a while before the program ends.

So if you like my article, please sign up perTV under my referral below, it will help me out. Thank you.


android ios perktc farm make money alternative to mining bitcoin cryptocoins

android ios perktc farm make money alternative to mining bitcoin cryptocoins controversy is it a scam or just jealousy from other innovations?

Today I have decided to create a new category for my blog. The new category is I will be blogging about cointellect its new services on mining scrypt dogecoin alone. Since all the negative and positive already been discussed on many websites blogs and social media, I will mainly focus on the actual test.

My plan is to register an account, anonymous that is, randomly. Test the mining software they have on my i3 desktop computer and will have a daily update. In addition I will invest in a 10 days mining contract, and again will update on this blog on the progress.

Next step I will be investing in a 90 days contract, and again will keep everyone posted. So stay tuned.

If you followed my blog on high yield investment program, also known as HYIP, ponzi scheme, scam, fraud etc. My research were accurate on major scam hundreds thousands of dollars from people taking advantage of bitcoin technology. IPUServices scammed a smaller amount of money from members whom fell for it. Coinbeez the same. Then we have the, this one is different, but most likely from the same folks whom scammed many people with fraud like IPUServices Coinbeez and more. appears to have similar concepts, so call HYIP with a twist, just like, have very intelligent educated operators in term of writing skills, publishing fake or lies news but yet very effective making people believing in the program. Same with, the person whom had been going around answering posts in responding with very aggressive tone defending its cointellect business.

Anyhow, stay tune folks, I will have updates, just like I did with coingeneration, ipuservices, coinbeez, dollarflowsystem and so on.