Next week prediction on Cointellect payout situation

Happy Friday to me to everyone, if anyone is reading 🙂

What we know, and facts about cointellect as of today.

  • Over 90% or more members did not get paid, doesn’t matter if you requested payout for 25 cent, $25, or $2500, nope it’s not going and all did or will get cancelled. Does not matter if you wait a week letting the earning accumulate before requesting payout, that don’t work either. Some new members did get paid, but very small volume and probably just a trick to  lure new members into investing.
  • Cointellect did attended Bitcoin Expo 2015, and they seem to be professional individual well dress, and appears legitimate folks, but again never EVER let those business dress or suit fool you :).
  • Liar: Announcement of instant Dogecoin payout, didn’t even last 4 hours. Cryptopay working, nope didn’t work, some lucky people went through though. Paypal, nope works for a few weeks then problems, then not work. Any payout method works? NONE nada, nothing work as of today, even the Mining Pool. Cointellect reason for not paying was because of limit 🙂 meaning all the members are screwed! don’t you get it? Cointellect telling you out flat “limited payout” weekly, why would anyone invest anymore into this program?
  • Cointellect Mining Pool works, nope, if you’re lucky connected, then you will earn few pennies because the pool will keep on disconnecting you.
  • Cointellect will support you if you have problems paying buying mining contract. If you contact on other issues including payout request, your email will get ignored and off course they cuss at you behind your back LOL ok that’s a joke about cussing.

OK now my prediction based on my research and feedback I got from other people. Some say next week Cointellect have surprise LOL this is just so much like Coingeneration I got the same messages 🙂 So what’s the surprise coming next week?

  • Cointellect News will be published, apologies blah blah blah … these are my funny but real life prediction just like any others BIG ponzi scheme scam out there.
    • Due to the nature of Bitcoin value, we were force to increase 60% fees for withdrawal. It’s a joke but yeah it could happen.
    • Our developer are working hard to integrate new payout prepaid credit card, which will never happen.
    • Our developer are working hard to fix issue with API integrate cryptopay and negociate further with cryptopay. How long already? months
    • We are planning to go public IPO and offering you to buy our stocks, discount price for existing members. 50% off and have some shares of Cointellect stocks. Coingeneration style.
    • Send us more money to buy Bitcoin, it’s so low, when it goes up we will double the profit to you.
    • Use your balance to buy more mining contract at discount price.
    • And a lot more that I can think off what ponzi scheme scam can pull

Well let see what Cointellect have up their sleeves to pull in the next coming weeks. I can tell you for sure, it’s not going to be we will pay you in full, don’t worry, we will pay every single person in full, we have money and balance is great, we’re depositing the money to get you dogecoin payout and so on blah blah. Don’t expect any of those action will be taken, you will never get paid again in full, but instead you will get manipulated in some surprises, again it’s ain’t gonna be paying your earning in full, that is impossible at this time, do you know how much backlog payout is for almost a month already? impossible to make full payout, mark my word, you will not get paid in full and will never will for the remainder of Cointellect life.

Making money online invest in HYIP how to tell when the program is ending

Throughout the years, I have invested in many HYIP in the past and I haven’t done much lately. What I learned was, most of the HYIP program online start out with payout to everyone consistently for a short period of time without any much marketing. It is by word of mouth referrals commission and so on. The operator are sometime monitors each individual account manually to see when the investors will stop investing or see if it’s from the same person and so on. For many other HYIP, it’s simply they’re watching their balance of in and out.

For most HYIP. If the IN is $10, and the out is $10, they will continue to operate normally. If the IN is $10 and the out is $15, they will start to make up stories such as having payout problems due to technical issue, bank issue, and so on, so that they can delay payout or payout in very small amount. If the IN is $10 and the out is $5, off course they’re profiting and at this stage they will plan a get away, meaning withdraw all the cash to their bank and at the same time making up stories for delay in paying whatever advantage they can take, even pay pennies to the investors just to keep them calm as their getaway plan is in progress.

How to tell if the HYIP is ending? – short answer is when you see the HYIP is very active, such as more promotion, increases in commission referrals, bonus payout, live chat live activities, and off course creating more websites and announcement of expanding its operations; basically whatever advantage available to get more investors going in during the last minutes. Paypal and Credit Card bank are just gimmicks. The real pocket money they will steal are from investors that paid by virtual currencies such as Bitcoin Dogecoin Cryptocoins EgoPay Money Perfect and so on, these are not traceable and only have one way transactions if from a non legitimate business.

There are projects similar to HYIP and bias people would right away call it a HYIP. However project goal is to really want it to work and longevity, but disaster could happen such as the falling of Bitcoin value will impact its operations, or the money from its investors were gambled and loss all, or the money was put in an unknown investment program to yield higher profit but failed, so as a result the project couldn’t make payout and had to abandoned. These projects are half HYIP and half new technology. If the technology failed, the program failed. If the technology succeed then the program skyrocketed.

[High fees for withdrawal earnings] Cointellect fees 20% for all withdrawal?

Cointellect doesn’t looks too good folks. According to other blogs and forums, including HYIP chat room, people are confirming the 20% fees on Cointellect now, it’s not longer no fees.

Today is Monday for many locations regions, including the so call office of Cointellect Northern Europe. It is Monday and the fees changed from Sunday commission 30% now to just “Commission 20%”. Meaning that the fees for Sunday 30% was removed then Cointellect replaced it with 20% fee for all withdrawal for business days.

This is bad, look like Cointellect is in trouble with all these problems and issue related to payout. There wasn’t any fees before, then Cointellect took advantage of Christmas and New year weeks to applied the 30% fees. Then after the Holiday Cointellect continue to applied fees for week end 20-30%. Then now fees for weekdays also Monday to Friday at 20% fees commission. Doesn’t look good. Hopefully the members voice their concern on this on all of the facebook related Cointellect asking about the fees now is permanent 20%?

If members of Cointellect keeps on sending email to support team the public community will not know what’s going on. It’s better to send email to support and at the same time post the issue on facebook Cointellect websites for people to see, and hope Cointellect don’t delete your facebook post due to issues that make their Cointellect look bad.

I will keep my eye open checking for issues reported by members. Stay tuned!.

Cointellect appears to be similar to Coingeneration in many ways

Just to name one reason why Cointellect appears to be similar to Coingeneration day by day. Take the latest news for example. This news was published on the Dashboard when user click on Collect earning and Clicked on Cryptopay, the message appears as follow: “Please note that CryptoPay withdrawals will temporarily be disabled while the developers make some upgrades to their API. Withdrawals will be re-enabled within the next 2-3 days.” 

The message above was published on January 13th, and also appears in the official news area of cointellect news website. However today is January 17th, and that message is still there and Cryptopay don’t work. Way passed 3 days and Cointellect don’t care about not meeting deadline nor care about updating the members what going on. Appears to be a one man show, appears to be style.

Most likely, the Cryptopay problem was caused by Cointellect not having money to send to Cryptopay, so therefore withdrawal earning cannot be done. It is most likely not an API problem or anything like that, it was simply Cointellect have no funding to send to Cryptopay, and there is no way Cointellect can catch up with the funding payout for all the backlog of earning they need to pay. This is exactly what happened when Payza frozen account but released later but Coingeneration didn’t pay the members instead they kept it and ran away.

Part of the reason Cointellect no longer have money is because Bitcoin price dropped dramatically, and if they have real data center mining cryptocoins they would be in trouble not have money to pay for maintenance rent and electricity. If cointellect profit by the continue flow of new investment then they’re also in trouble, because people are investing much as this time due to Bitcoin crash. I will not be surprise if indeed Cointellect will come out being transparent and said due to bitcoin crashed they no longer have funding to pay for investors. Or Cointellect will simply stay low and continue on what they do best, most likely making up stories to delay payout, cannot pay, but will fulfill all payout at a later time which most likely will never happen.

Cointellect instant dogecoin payout indeed was back for many members but questionable

So what’s going with Cointellect? Well first, the news published on Cointellect in regard to instant Dogecoin payout is back, is true, and many members confirmed with proof. However there is a problem with backlog payout requested.

The backlog of Cointellect payout requested via Dogecoin still in pending mode for days. Although Cointellect said that it will get processed, but it’s still pending. In the message published by Cointellect News indicated that these pending might get cancelled and be will get sent back to the members users account, so far that have not happened yet, still in pending.

The instant Dogecoin payout was great news for many cointellect members, some thought that it was the end of cointellect. Cointellect now have a lot of hiccup on payout earning and on mining poool, it is the reason causing concern for members users because it’s a similar scenarios to which scammed members just few months into the program.

Cointellect can make this work by being consistent, but apparently they’re not. Cointellect can succeed if they don’t have problem with the mining pool. Cointellect can succeed if they don’t have problem with earning payout, and now something doesn’t seem quite right about the relationship between cointellect and cryptopay. Did cointellect ran out of fund EUR to deposit to cryptopay and thus causing the issue with withdrawing Bitcoin from cryptopay? or is it real problem with API, I don’t understand on how something was working before and nothing was change to cause to not working today.

Cointellect hasn’t been making payments for days and counting

The news published by Cointellect are misleading, not to the point on reason why Payout cannot be made. Like many people know, at the beginning of any HYIP project, payout are fast and consistent. As time goes by, trouble emerges, this is the time to stop investing and pull out.

Many people hope that Cointellect is not the had done similar project which claimed itself as not HYIP, it is same as Cointellect today. However not within 6 months fall apart and uses whatever advantage it can take to make up stories and delay payout for them to withdraw all the money to cash and ran away. That’s exactly what happened with, and they started scam again, then started also another scam again by Now cointellect, many people also speculated from the same scammers that ran, we don’t have proof, although the similarities are there.

People still have hope that cointellect is not another scam, it appears to be at the moment because it cannot make payout. Most think because of the Bitcoin value dropped and cointellection are not making any profit to payout. Cointellect not being transparent about this financial difficulties on making payout, some speculate that cointellect are hoping for cryptocoins such as BTC to rise so they can make payout. If these assumption are true then cointellect is another HYIP similar to except with real mining pool, although manipulated earning.

Don’t expect cointellect to live long, it will fall apart fast if Bitcoin price don’t go up to at least $320 anytime soon. Expect more stories to be published by cointellect given reasons why they cannot make payout. It’s becoming like


Hashprofit is gone and so is your money

As many people have already known, back in late December Hashprofit having problems with its websites and became transparent that their HYIP didn’t last long, and officially gone as of today since late December. This is before Bitcoin price today crashed to $100.

This is no surprise, since the price of Bitcoin just crashed to way below the time when it started rising back in 2013. There will be more business related to Cryptocoins in general, not just Bitcoin, will be closing. Some just disappear without a trace since they’re using anonymous or stolen identity to operate, and these are the ponzi scheme scam if someone really fall for it. Some larger business such as Exchange will give a reason and warning, asking users members to withdraw all their Bitcoin before closing down with specific date.

Hashprofit was among one ponzi scam that I talked about previously that don’t show much sign of straight ponzi scam, but it will be, and it did as we already known. Cointellect have similar business model to hashprofit, so the question is how long can Cointellect survive before they disappear? don’t know, just have to wait and see.

I highly recommend everyone to stop investing into any cryptocoins related investments as business might close suddenly or taking advantage of the crash of Bitcoin to pack up and disappear.


Many Cointellect members did not get paid doesn’t matter mining or contract mining

This has been confirmed by many members of Cointellect. Whether you’re mining on Cointellect mining pool with CPU, ASIC, GPU, your own computer, or purchased a mining contract, you will noticed that you’re not getting paid. Your requested paying has been pending for 2 days and continue to stay on pending.

Cointellect published a news sort of explaining what happened, but it is no surprise that any business into cryptocurrencies are falling apart. Whether it’s a legitimate business or simply doing something extraordinary similar to HYIP, small or big, all get impacted by the crashed of Bitcoin down to $100s soon.

Let be fair. Let not just pick on Cointellect as example having difficulty running their business, although it’s probably not legit, HYIP to be exact, but other business a little bit more legit such as Cloud mining had to shut down it’s operation, well brought it to a halt to be exact. hasn’t been making 100% payment, payment were selective, and relationship with cryptopay appears to be falling apart, payout via Paypal also got cancelled. Dogecoin payout pending for days and continuing. Most likely Cointellect will not be able to make any payout soon when Bitcoin hit $100s in a couple of days. Sad but this is reality now.

So what now? Everyone should be going out and get a real job! whether it’s working at mcDonald or Movie theater, it’s better than online. Although I’m sure many of us learned a lot from this experience of trying to make some money or make a living online, apparently it’s not working isn’t it? 🙂 Well that just my 2 cents. Will keep on blogging. Stay tuned. does not pay to certain investments

Although from many blogs and forums, from people that had investment with indicated that they had not been paid for days and safe to say this HYIP ponzi scheme scam no longer paid.

Checking at under Payout link, we can see that all the paid out done to pennies cryptocoins, but never Dogecoin, Bitcoin or any cryptocoins that value high. So whoever invested on Cryptodouble with Dogecoin or Bitcoin including XPY can say good bye to their investment forever and nothing you can do about it.

Members that got scammed talks about reporting to the domain registrars and hosting company including cloudflare to shut down the website, but to be honest if you have money invested in that site would you do it? Probably not, because you like many others loss money on cryptodouble afraid that if you report to close down the site, you will for sure to loose all your money, you still have hope that they will pay you. Well folks? just did the same thing, people never really reported to the authority or website hosting or anyone because the fear and the hope still lingering.

The bottom line, is do your homework before putting your money into these types of ponzi scheme scam, also known as HYIP. Cryptodouble appears to the first of its kind taking full advantage of cryptocoins and being straight forward operating as a ponzi scheme scam, that showed proof of payout but the payout are all pennies amount, not with large investments such as Bitcoin Dogecoin XPY. It’s sad to see people keeps on investing if you checked the All investment links you shall will see money are keep on pouring in, but payout are in the pennies, big investors to cryptocoin double can say good bye to their cryptocoins. In fact I have just seen one investors given 4 BTC to cryptodouble, yeah he or she will loose it all.

Please spread the word, cryptodouble no longer paid to large investors, only payout to pennies investors as proof. hoax fake ponzi scheme scam stealing your cryptocoins hoax fake ponzi scheme scam stealing your cryptocoins

It’s Monday for most region Why Cointellect still have 30% fees?

*** update *** just moment ago, people are reporting cointellect removed that Sunday 30% fee commission.

Cointellect started 20% fee on Friday night, to them it’s Saturday maybe in Europe. Then Saturday night, 30% fee (commission) enabled, and right now many regions are on Monday, and still the 30% commission fee still exist, is Cointellect cheating?

So what consider as weekdays for Cointellect? Monday to Friday? yes, but Cointellect don’t look at it this way, it appears that many members have 4 days of daily withdrawal of Dogecoin or no fees commission charge, not 5 days. Is cointellect cheating? not caring? or simply not understanding what weekdays are and weekend are?

By the way, I just want reiterate that the 20-30% fees for earning withdrawal at cointellect was mentioned to be for Holidays only, but then extended to Weekend earning withdrawal for less than 10EUR, then now extended for all withdrawal earning on Weekend don’t matter if you withdraw 10 cent or $100 EUR still 20-30% fee commission applied. Furthermore, cointellect weekend appears to be three days, not 2 days, started Friday night, and ended Monday morning? Does look good Cointellect, you’re not being a professional.