Reckless driving red car at 11AM June 15th 2014 Coatesville PA drove by St. Joseph Coatesville PA Charles Street

People whom goes to Sunday catholic Church at St. Joshep Catholic church parking activities be careful of reckless drivers from that neighborhood, don’t get me wrong, not everyone in that neighborhood are bad, but just watch out you may never know who’s driving recklessly there, it could be the neighbors there or it could be someone visiting or trespassing there. It could also be a few isolated incident.

Earlier today June 15th Sunday, also father day, a red card speed through Charles Street honking everybody to get out of the road while he’s driving and drinking something. I saw this certainly not a black person and probably not white either speed through witness with my own eye have no yield or being courteous to anyone whom just got out of church walking out and slowing depart the parking lot. This driver appear to be holding drinking a big gulp of drink, it could be water, soft drink, or perhaps even beer, but the driver on this red car speed through real fast honking and didn’t stop at the stop sign and people just got out of church.

Be careful, what I witness again could be a few isolated incident here in Charles St, St. Joseph catholic church Coatesville  PA. These reckless drivers especially the one I witness today, on a red car, red Maxima, Altima, or possibly Mitsubishi or Honda Accord, hard to tell. As he drove by recklessly very fast, honking people from parking lot and pedestrian, careless for people whom just got out of church. Below are pictures of the red car what I can recall look like.

Most likely it’s an Altima model of Nissan. As I recall this is what it look like from the back, it’s red and the back look like that. The driver careless of people pedestrian of whom just off of church, he honk them, on top of that no yield for people whom just slowly moving out of the parking lot. He kept on speeding up through really fast recklessly driving. It’s a father day, and I hope that if this person is a father, he should think about his careless recklessness action and be a better father, setting up good example for his kid or kids.


Red Altima reckless driving on Charles St Coatesville PA parking lot of St Joseph Church as people just off church

Red Altima reckless driving on Charles St Coatesville PA parking lot of St Joseph Church as people just off church

You think your life is tough? Think again after watching this video

Most of us are complaining about how tough our lives are, with or without kids. We complained about our spouses, our cars, our house, how little money we have, don’t have time for this and that. What about this little boy life. Born blind, never seen anything, never knew all the colors, what is black? what is white? what life look like? Imagine taken a walk, finding your way around. Before you start complaining about your life, think of this child and many like him.

AT&T came out with many competitive pricing on shared plan

Whether you have AT&T or not, you would probably see commercial on TV, radio or on the internet about AT&T having these very special deal on unlimited text talk shared plant among all phones family plant that is. It is true and it’s a good thing I checked.

I have three phones, recently just upgraded two lines to an HTC One and a whopping $160 plan or so with limited minutes talk and no text, limited 200MB individual data plan. Good thing I saw the commercial and contacted AT&T. They fixed me up with a plan, unlimited text talk, and 300MB data shared among all phones. This come out to be $33 a month, so it does beat the competitor cheapest I see was $35  a month unlimited everything even data, but I doubt the data is unlimited, on top of that those other competitors don’t have as good reception due lack or limited antenna installed in some area.

With AT&T I believe they do have the best coverage antennas everywhere and very strong too. I’ve been with Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and some other smaller ones, but the best coverage is AT&T expensive too, but not anymore! that’s right AT&T now beating up the competitor price with their unlimited text talk, and data share plan phones. It’s awesome!

So check your cell phones plan, AT&T don’t contact you about better pricing, so do your homework and maybe call AT&T or check out their latest plan pricing on the website, I’m sure you will save big money. I did. My monthly was over $150 each month, last month was the worst I had to pay $245, mostly due to $70 activation fee for the two new phone. Even without the activation I’m paying like $ above $150 a month, like $175 or so or more. So I will be paying $100 a month now for three phones with unlimited text talk, shared, 300mb data, I think it’s a great deal!


My experiences with AT&T online making decisions upgrade contract change plan?

I woke up this morning early, decided to get some unfinished business taking care of it. In this case AT&T phones plans, family talk to be exact. I have 3 phones for the family. 550 minutes plan with roll over $50 a month, $20 a month data, $10 each additional line, $90 + some fees and stuff less than $100 right? ERRRG wrong! it’s more like somehow to be $120 or so each month due to additional cost fees whatever fees required who knows but surely legitimate and many other people encountered the same.

So I upgraded one phone already, which is my primary phone, and tried out the Nokia 925, nice phone, but kept on shutting down, maybe just how it react until it’s warming maybe, but no biggie haven’t been using that Nokia 925, thinking of ebay it for couple hundred bucks or more. Now I have two more lines I need to upgrade, although currently these two phones are simply basic calling, no texting or data package. However lately my family been using text and data more often forcing my bill supposed to be around $120 a month to close to $200 a month due to over usage. So I’ve decided to upgrade today before it get out of hand. Just to clarified, I have no problem my family using the phone, if they need to text do internet stuff then no problem, I will add it, but it’s important to educate them to use it responsibly meaning no text while driving or in public places where you can be rob or get distracted or annoy other people, just do it responsively.

I upgraded the two remainder line to two free HTC ONE 32GB phones, $20 data package for each, $36 activation fee. Talking about activation fee, I was search for AT&T activation fee waive promotional code, LOL, but it didn’t exist, oh well! :). Anyhow back to the phone. So the total monthly ongoing for the next two years I’m seeing are, $50 family roll over 550, plus $60 data, plus $20 additional line, come out to be $130 plus additional required fees I’m sure, will bring it to at least $150 a month, I think is fine, although I know that there are single plan advertised for $50 a month unlimited talk text web, but it’s not $50, you know it’s not, it will run you to $60 to $70 a month, so I think I’m good with the family plan.

So this is my plan when I get the phone. I will try to see if I can change the data for each phone, into a one data sharing family plan, it will save me $20 a month, then I could use that $20 a month to get the family share text. Will have to monitor and analyze the usage.

Teenagers makes mistake being impetuous is it there fault? Steubenville rape case

I have comment on this case, since it made headline news on CNN. The rape case of a 16 years old girl in Steubenville Ohio back in 2012. In general, kids, teenagers, most if not all are not experience enough to make the right decision, it’s the reason we classifieds them as teenagers. They still guidance for the many years to come.

Put it this way. If you put a kid, as old as late teens years, hanging around with drugs attic, what will become of the kid? If you put this kid in a farm area where people does farming all day year round, what will become of the kid? If you’re a rich wealthy parents, makes a lot of money but keep on foccussing on making more money, and give the kid whatever he/she want and go out and hanging around with friends with no parental guidance. OK so we’re getting somewhere, you get the point.

The point is, kids, up to late teens years, they’re still kids. They cannot make the right decision, although they think it’s the right decision, but mostly it was based on what they know, their knowledge and wisdom. Therefore it is important to provide parental guidance as much as possible throughout their teenage years. Adult are to blame? maybe, kids are to blame probably not. If a kid is raised from a good family or with guardian that cares about them, communicate with them all the time, guiding them through life, then that what they will become and decision they make will be based on they learned. Now, I’m not saying that all good. Because parental guardian guidance might be different. Let’s take a true story as example, in Thailand, when the Khmer Rouge still exist with “khmer rouge pol pot” this group people trained kids to be killer, and indeed they became killer with no mercy. Now if the same kid is being trained to to go to school and learn with education guidance from teachers and school staff, then go home sharing with their parents or guardian how they did in school and doing activities with the kids after school week end and so on, for sure this kid will have a much better chance in life.

The better chance in life? yes, away from drugs and violent, away from bullying, away from bad influences such as violent sex video games, violent sex movies, violent people or other groups of kids hanging out smoking crack wheat and so on. Once the child grown up passed their teenage year, (18 perhaps), then you can set them loose. The chance of this kid will succeed in life having a good life, contribute to society is greater than those other groups of kids.

The case with the 16 years old got raped in 2012 Steubenville Ohio, is just among one example kids need parental adult supervision, but the adult supervision in this case aren’t the one fit for the job.

16 years old raped by football team players at a party in 2012 ohio cell phone cam videos

16 years old raped by football team players at a party in 2012 ohio cell phone cam videos

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Was the latest school shooting in Nevada tied to bad community bad school gang bang racist?

Just scrolled to CNN news and headline news. Another school shooting, this time in Nevada, Elementary Middle School. 2 victims injured, one dead teacher, and shooter killed himself before authority even arrived there. So what’s the caused? not known yet!

My personal opinion on this, it doesn’t where you live, nice all white community you would have serial killers, murderers, retarded people growing a devil inside them waiting for a day to strike and kills. A bad community, with gangster and kids have nothing to do hanging around causing trouble fighting picking on people shooting selling drugs, you would be hurt or killed as by stander. Where are we safe? Not even the internet! not even at church or temple! There are risk of death everywhere. Including what you’re doing right now, even me typing this, I could be dead of random home invasion, mistaken identity killing, the room may collapse on top of me, or I could just simply have a heart attack or some kind of illness that would kill me instantly!

My point is this. Do you believe in god? do you believe that someone else is controlling your destiny, or your death? when you’re going to died? I hate to talk about it, or even think about it. Religious people when they died they don’t cry about it and sometime happy because finally their ancestor or their god calling them to live with them away from all these worries, stress, miserable life on earth.

Least expected school shooting! doesn’t matter where you live, matter is how many guns are in the wild not get locked properly.

Neva Elementary Middle School shooting captured on security camera teacher killed killer dead 2 victims serious injured Sparks Middle School

Neva Elementary Middle School shooting captured on security camera teacher killed killer dead 2 victims serious injured Sparks Middle School

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What would you use facebook for?

Knowing that facebook exist way before I registered for an account. I used to have my own websites where I blog and shares my thoughts. Most of the websites I created however similar to yahoo, a portal, a big community of people chatting talking sharing such as a forum. Then later so many people joined facebook and so I ended up creating an account on facebook, at the beginning I just simply browse and read what other people are posting, and then later right after I got laid off from work I began to use facebook to its limits, such as posting links, videos, and so on very frequently, daily more than 10 posts a day. However later I got a job and started to limit my use on facebook.

What I posted on facebook was previously showing off my cooking hobby and how to fix electronics stuff. Later on, I posted pictures and mostly family relatives and friends, and then later videos, and now all videos that I’ve created whether it’s family activities or my own how to videos. What I stop posting is where I’m at. I would not post that I just left the house, I just got to work, I just left work, I am at the store. Or I’m in Asia vacation for 1 month be back in a week. Those kind of posts updates are telling criminals when you’re home and when you’re not home. It may be also use against you a court of law where you posted that you’re the airport but you tell a lie that you were home at the time for example.

So basically whatever you’re doing on facebook, be careful on what you post, especially where you’re heading when you be home and similar activities.

Now I haven’t talked about, bullying, fake identity to steal people’s money and heart. If you watched the movie in 2012 title “Disconnect” basically involve a boy fake his identity as a girl to have an online relationship with a loner and when the other boy found he had been played with, he hung himself and was hospitalized in a coma ending the story still in a coma in the hospital, if he live or not no one know. The lesson in the story is that everyone were at fault. The parent didn’t educate their kids properly, on both sides basically.

Come on CNN News! really? Top story frontpage top headline?

Just navigated to CNN news frontpgage and appear a story about a little girl 4 years old blonde blue eye. The parents she’s with turns out to be not her biological parents based on confirmed DNA test, so they’re looking for her real parents. So, what does this make headline news top of headline, and on fontpage? beats me.

Don’t get me wrong, this kind of news is important as many others, but I don’t think it qualified to be on top headline frontpage news. To me I would think qualification for top of the news would have to involve with life threatening news such as the 911, shooting in elementary school, school bus crashed with children inside, asteroids confirmed heading toward earth in 10 years, and so on. Come on now CNN, who made that decision to place that news on front page?

Back to the little girls story, I hope that she would find her real biological parents, soon is better, but hope not never, as in her real biological parents no longer exist, as in deceased. Then this would be a tragic story that should be consider to place on CNN News headline top page.

4 years old blonde blue eye found in Greece parents she's with were not her biological parents so where is her biological parents?

4 years old blonde blue eye found in Greece parents she’s with were not her biological parents so where is her biological parents?