The dangers of the internet giving out your personal information such as where you live.

This is another example of what happen when you deal with people online or people you don’t really know, just on the internet giving out your home address to meet, let alone giving out your Driver License and Passport have it leak on the internet is just simply crazy.

This story is the so call “woman in Craigslist attack” basically the seller, pregnant woman, awaiting the buyer to come in the house, the buyer stabbed the seller ripped open her stomach pregnant with 7 years old fetus … need I need to describe more? let stop here and go back to the main point. The main point is doing online business meeting people at your house is not a good idea, you will never know what that person can do or will do on that day or in the future. If you have to do transaction face to face, it is best to meet at a public area where people are around such as gas station, star bucks, or to be safe, close to the Police station.

How to protect yourself? No not with guns! No not hiring a big guy or security guy or a scary guy to go with you to do transactions! but avoid it if you can. You can do ebay, amazon, but not classifieds such as craigstlist to meet in person.

Furthermore, I’m seeing a lot of people now a day giving out personal information, not just their home address and phone #, but also taking photos or copies of their Driver License and Passport send it via email to someone or some business that are in no position would need your Government ID, and to name a few: PERK TV, HYIP, Scammer fraud online business that open today and close tomorrow. There are other documents that can be use instead of your government ID.



PERK TV does not have the right to obtain your Government photo ID or passport you are at risk if you already sent

As more and more people are reporting Perk TV anti fraud system cancelled their reward for no specific reasons, most reasons are not legitimate at all and some reasons are just so lame such as opening an email from a different address, login from another computer different computer IP like your friends house and so on. Perk TV cancelled reward of people hard earning money and asking for government ID such as passport and Driver License in which the authority said it’s not a thing to do.

The authority such as Police department does not recommend make a photocopy of your car driver license or passport and send to Perk TV because it’s a violation on Perk TV side, eventually the authority will catch up and get PERK TV to court. Perk TV isn’t a business that would need to hold a copy of people’s Governmen ID or car driver license. Perk TV may use it for fraud later in the future and nobody can do anything about it because it’s too late, on top of that your government ID and passport can be sold to terrorist to travel and harm people around the world. Now if Perk TV is financial related business or have some kind of connection to the government then it might be ok to send a copy of your ID to them. Apparently PERK TV isn’t any of those to be trusted with your Government issued ID, as it can be sold and leak for terrorist activities around the world including the ISIS, Taliban and so on. If you already sent your ID to PERK TV, you may want to contact the authority and talk about Perk TV obtaining your Government Passport or ID.

OK now let’s back to business. So we know that Perk TV is being iffy lately and it can only get worst and worst. The alternative are out there, such as Swagbucks. However the same could happen to swagbucks like Perk TV as more and more people come onboard and some people may find ways to maximize their earnings and could violate terms of service, but if you just download the app and then watch, then you’re fine. There are at least six Swagbucks related apps that earn your points for watching videos passively. You’ll find it.

The bottom line is, not just Perk TV, Swagbucks, and probably many others out there, will take advantage of their program to collect your personal information. These online business already have your personal information, but now they want to collect your Personal Identification such as Car Driver license and Passport, it’s a very bad idea! Only banks or financial institution would kept a copy of your driver license or Passport whatever needed for identity. If you go to the POLICE station or contact the Government about PERK TV obtaining people’s identity for sure you they will say you just got your identity stolen and can be sold to terrorist. So please people take action and if you submitted your Passport or Car driver License to Perk TV, you better contact the authority to investigate. You should only show your ID, not make a photocopy of your Driver License or Passport and send to PERK TV, it’s like making a copy of your credit card back and front and send it to your trusted neighbor, but can you trust? how do you know they will be there the next day?

Perk TV doesn’t need a copy of your Driver License, ID, Passport to confirm your identity, there are many other ways. If you’re ignorant enough not to know, let me name a few.

  • Internet ISP bill, a copy of this information is not as invasive as Government ID. This ISP (Internet Service Provider) should be enough to proof identity and internet IP being use to access PERK TV services.
  • Phone Bill, Cable Bill, Utilities Bill and other bills, again, not as invasive as Government issued ID.
  • Mail a confirmation letter to member’s home address, and members return letter back to confirm.
  • Need I need to mention more? Again those that already mailed your ID to PERK TV you better contact the authority and perhaps the NSA to let them know. Are you that desperate to make a couple $2 a day and risk loosing your personal identity to hackers and possibly sold online everywhere and could get on to the terrorist hand to make a copy of your identity for their own use of terrorist activities?



Perk TV cancelled Rewards for Verizon Fios Static IP

I have came across many forums and blogs that talks about Perk TV, and there has been a lot of negative comments about Perk TV, although there are some positive.

Let start with the positive comments, well kind of. A few people are saying it’s the Perk TV farm people are destroying the infrastructure of Perk TV. Meaning running multiple devices (5) some using fast forward or some kind of macros similar to Perk to auto click YES still watching or simply by resetting the cache and data from their phone every 1 hour or so to prevent popup asking for YES. These are the folks that are trying to maximize the earning by finding loop holes and so on. I think this is true that these people are really destroying PERK TV business, eventually the points earned will be less and less and eventually will go away. The same # of advertisers stay consistent, but the # of Perk TV devices or people watching it increased, therefore the earning has to be decreased to keep up with the advertisers paid to watch.

Now the negative side. A lot more people felt the opposite of the above, and in addition to the point of this blog.

  • A lot of people feel that Perk TV are getting paid from advertisers consistently and more and more advertisers are being added as many already seen it by watching the app trailers, movies trailers, popular videos and so on. There are always new video clips, this proven that Perk TV are making more money but appears to be paying members watching it less.
  • Now come the reward cancelled. Reward cancelled due to many reasons and it include for no reason, kind of, Perk TV reserve the right to cancel your reward due to whatever they will not say. Many reasons are legitimate and some are not. When members tried to resolve, sometime it takes days and weeks, and the Government Identification for some people it’s ok, for many think its private information should only be given a copy to law enforcement and government agencies. Showing your ID is different from making a photo copy and send it to someone, in this Perk TV.
  • VPS and Proxies should get reward cancelled, many would agreed. However static IP given by your ISP should not be.
    • Lately a lot of members whom are using Verizon Fios business account with static IPs, meaning a group of static IP was given by Verizon Fios range from 10-60 for example, 455.45.45.10 to 455.45.45.60 and each apartment have one static IP assigned or per office or desktop computer router etc. Basically each user have their own unique static IP. Somehow PERK TV does not like this or got flagged and Reward Cancelled, there are folks that ran into this problem with $50 reward cancelled and was never able to resolve, Perk TV simply say they need the person’s Government ID for verification. The user didn’t do anything wrong, it’s the IP address that got flagged.
    • Others with static IP might experience same problem and Perk TV is not helping to resolve. Perk TV system for reward cancelled for many of these members are simply ridiculous and they’re not changing their anti-fraud system for this, and in fact there are more and more anti-fraud being added and many of legitimate members are being impacted.
    • The sad thing about this is that some members been Perk TV for months to get $50 and when reward requested, it got cancelled and the members spent numerous hours waiting days and weeks and in the end gave up, loss $50 and so many valuable time with Perk TV get nothing in reward. These are concerns Advertisers to Perk TV should look into, otherwise it’s scam fraud on Perk TV stealing member’s earning.
Perk TV cancelled member's reward earning for using static IP given by ISP such as verizon fios business static IP

Perk TV cancelled member’s reward earning for using static IP given by ISP such as verizon fios business static IP

Lost my hitleap account to a scammer on

I took a risk and I loss.

Today I decided to sell my hitleap account on, little did I know, there are a bunch of scammers on Be careful what you’re selling. In my case, my hitleap account has over 370 thousand minutes, worth market price of $18.60 ($0.05/1000 minutes)

I posted on (TBN) for sell hitleap account 370 thousand minutes, market price $18.60. I got a bunch of private messages offer from $4 to $10, then I got a message with $18 offer and off course I took the $18 offer and little did I know it’s a scammer.

This person have 0 rating on trading on, I checked their profile, appears to be 3 months old account and has activities talking about hitleap in TBN forum.

So I asked for the person’s skype, and added me to skype. I didn’t do the screening well enough and loss. This person created a fake free email account with skype account. Then messaged me asking me to go first, meaning I have to send the hitleap account for them to check and the moment I sent the hitleap account, the scammer immediately changed the email address and password, and my account is gone, I cannot recover it. My 370 thousand minutes disappeared just like that.

What makes me upset a little bit is I got scammed and I writes about scam, what to watch for of any scam indication, and apparently I didn’t do a good job on this one.

I should have the buyer profiles, how long it’s been online, how many buddies attached, how many discussions, any negative feedback and so on.

Bottom line is, don’t deal the transaction outside of the normal process. If you’re going to take risk, chances are you will loose 100%. If you want to be safe, profit half but 100% safe then do it with the system being protected, such as in ebay and other online specialize in selling virtual products for you.

What you can do to recover your account also is to contact hitleap support and tell them that your account got hacked, and the email account and password email got changed, you can’t log in. Hope that hitleap will take quick action and can frozen your account to prevent further usage of loosing minutes. You can expedite the request by saying you purchased a premium plan, they will take priority and frozen the account.

Anyhow, sucks, loss $18 🙂 could have been worse.

So what’s the latest on Cointellect scam?

I have not written much about cointellect lately, but I’ve been monitoring its activities from many others forums, blogs and off course social media such as facebook.

It is no surprise that many of the top earners referrals still going strong trying to get people into cointellect to buy contract so they can profit with a big referral bonus, while letting the people who got in suffer. These are the referrals people that joined cointellect from the beginning and earned much money from referring people into cointellect, they make money for each referrals earned and also a one time 10-20% if I recall back correctly. I could have mistaken the referrals % with

Sadly many people already know this is a ponzi scheme scam, fraud your money, but they still doing it. Again, it’s those greedy people that want to refers more people into cointellect and let them suffer while the referrals pocket good amount of money and doesn’t care or need to do anything else, in fact some of the referrers calling the people whom purchased cointellect contract stupid as it the fault of the people buy them.

Now let get to the business side of cointellect.

  • Yes Bitcoin price had fallen, but it’s moving up a little bit. Cointellect uses this advantage to change its plan and stop paying old contract and allow people to request refund, but had anyone confirmed to get their Bitcoin refunded? For those that are lucky to have a good credit card company will fight to get the money back, may have their fund frozen, but it will takes months, and hope cointellect don’t fight back to win over your bank.
  • Swiss Card? – have anyone confirmed of receiving the Swiss Card? I don’t think so, and it’s been months since the announcement. If anyone filled out those forms for Swiss Card, probably got their identity stolen, and I hope that you don’t send a picture of you holding your ID and send it to them also.
  • Mining? – no more pool mining on ASiC, as I’ve mentioned on many of my previous blog that cointellect asic mining will end soon and indeed it did. Today mining with their software so call “Coinminer” is not a good idea, we don’t really know what it mining or what it do, but it does use up a good portion of CPU usage depend on your settings 0-100%, and NO I don’t think it uses the GPU much, FAKE. As for cointellect datacenter with a live webcam? As I’ve already mentioned, it’s fake, just a video looping making it realistic with door open and close and light flashing randomly.
  • Earning changes? – yeah it changed big time, and it’s NOT what indicated in the chart. You will earn a lot less if you purchase a contract. This is for new members, for old members you’re earning nothing, it’s funny sometime to see your balance in the hundreds and even thousands but you can only withdraw 10 cent. If cointellect are doing this to the old members, what makes you think they will not do it to the newer members? Their terms of service changes overnight without any notice, they reserve the right to do so, you can’t do anything to change that.
  • Employees at cointellect? – it’s funny that I got a couple email from them, but I don’t really know if it’s from them or some referrers people profit from cointellect … asking me to stop talking about cointellect is scam, stop posting link and pictures or else I will get arrested, they will report me with my blog to the police. So funny. I hope that person or persons success with cointellect scamming more people and their life will be successful scamming, don’t know how they can sleep at night, or know where their career is heading.
  • Lack of communication? – if there is communication at all from cointellect. Every communication news cointellect posted are just stories using words such as we “will”, “soon”, “big plan” coming … so on and so forth. No different than communication. “soon” we will pay all members in full, “soon” as in soon we will live on mars more like it. I have not seen cointellect deliver what they promised. Please don’t tell me that cointellect was working great at the beginning and because of bitcoin price drop which led to cointellect being iffy today. If so, this is indeed a ponzi, it is how ponzi scheme work, great pay out at the beginning to get lots of people invest, then run away with their money.

Bottom line, for those of you who plan to invest with cointellect. I think it’s better that you buy bitcoin directly at whatever price it is at the moment and forget about it, less head ache, wasting less time. If bitcoin down, just giggle, if it goes up be happy and you can sell it if you want or just watch it go up and down. Don’t invest or buy a contract at cointellect, it will give you more grieves than enjoying your daily life. If you’re a risk taker then go gambling, don’t gamble with cointellect, you will loose and dies slowly miserably, while gambling at casino you can win and loose big within seconds – quick painless death 🙂


[SCAM] zero balance and no longer registered with Paypal

No surprise I guess for those that tried, it became scam a couple days ago and today Paypal confirmed that ClikRev no longer active or registered with Paypal. So if you’re one of the lucky one that purchased ad packs using Paypal, you’re probably going to get it back soon, don’t know how soon though.

If you’re using other payments such as Perfect Money and so on, payments that cannot be reversed, then you are screwed unfortunately, you just loss your money with clikrev, this is how this type of scam operate, they trick users using Paypal but the real profit is when their other payments processors risen above paypal, then they will run away with their other payments methods that are not paypal, while they will just leave paypal and let paypal handle the fraud reversal mitigation, meaning members claimed dispute with paypal will get their money back.

People should be vigilant with these type of business online, lots of scam and fraudulent, either you will waste enormous amount of time which you can do something a lot more better than clicking, on top of that you will loose your money and having a bad flag on your paypal account even if it wasn’t your fault.

[due to asia holiday] not paying and unresponsive

Update: *** appears to be Asian or Chinese business *** they’re celebrating one week of new year, indicating they should be back today Monday beginning of a new week. I’m not sure how will they fulfill backlog if they don’t even have a skeleton crew or at least check support email once in a while a simple away message would be helpful, but total silent.

Just like many people predicted. This Android IOS App review is a fake,, paying people to write fake review on Google App and Apple Itune IOS App. Most like this got reported and a few members already know they will not last long. Some people did get paid nicely at the beginning, but just like any other funny business online, it will not last long.

People are reporting that they spent money to download the app for like $2, and expect to get paid $3, that’s $1 profit for each app reviewed. The review has to be 4-5 stars and related to the app, not just any review. Well folks apparently a lot of people fall for this, but it didn’t last long paying has been halted and support is unresponsive. SCAM shouldn’t be a surprise to many people. The website is very unprofessional, like those Turnkey scripts make money quick scam scripts kind of thing. Unfortunately due to the referrals % a lot of members went on the internet spread it all over and got people to join and invest money to make 30% profit easy for writing reviews. SCAM now, and there will more like it around the corner.

It’s sad for those that don’t see this. It’s sad for those people who will be buying these apps that had fake review both on itune and Android. Here are list of Apps that have fake reviews. So don’t buy these apps, it has fake high rating reviews.


Music Download Pro – Mp3 Downloader, Player for SoundCloud®

Cash Register

SmartSwipe – Credit Card Processing – Swiper – Machine – Terminal – Scanner – Wireless – Readers – A

Rise Wars Lite [ Risk game ]

Free Play with Farm Animals Cartoon Jigsaw Game for toddlers and preschoolers

Let It Pass!
iCarb Carbohydrate Counter

Milo’s Free Safari Cartoon


Partner Treff Online

Block Clans – Gun Survival PE

Monster Stones

Battle Dome – Survival Shooter

Freddy -Block Survival Shooter

Space Wars – Star Survival PE

Block Wipeout – Survival Game

Dungeon Arena – Survival Block

Spleef -Survival Block Shooter

Splegg – Egg Survival Game PE

Mega Walls – Block Survival 3D

CastleWars – Battle Survival

MorseLight Pro

Newborn Baby & Mommy Care Doc

Cointellect latest news and development

I haven’t written much about Cointellect, and today I circled back to the chat room and various forums and blogs, including facebook social media to see what’s going on at

Turns out Cointellect is still running, and members that purchased contract during the month of January 2015 appears to get paid via Cryptopay. For those that purchased contract before January, you’re not getting paid at all, your funds held.

For those mining without buy contract, your earning will accumulate, you will not be able to withdraw, you can only use it to buy contract when you have enough money, a minimum of 99EUR. If you mine with a CPU or GPU most likely it will take you a very long time to get to 99EUR to buy the contract.

Basically only newer members that join and purchased contract will get paid. Old contract appears to be voided. A lot of people are loosing money, but appears that Cointellect willing to give refund on the different ROI, so let say you invest $100, but you only get paid $90, Cointellect said will give you $10 refund. Whatever money you have made doesn’t look like you will ever paid, you need to contact cointellect to get refund on the ROI, all old contracts voided. Only contract purchased begin of Jan still valid.

Swisscard? I haven’t seen any confirmation that people are getting the swisscard, except for that one picture indicate the person received the swiss card, but suspicious because receipt posted before Cointellect announcement swisscard, so something wrong there, could be another lie from cointellect.

The new contract appears to be have less earning than what the max said. So the 99EUR supposed to have max of 1.10EUR a day, but people are reporting a lot less, sometime half. Instead of 1.10EUR people are reporting 0.70 to 0.90 EUR the most they’re getting, not the 1.10EUR.

As I said before, transparencies are important, look like Cointellect have transparencies now, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to keep them from being called a ponzi scheme scam. The did lied in the past or at least they don’t really know what they’re doing.

Biggest scam on ebay sad story for man loss ÂŁ300 or $460 (USD)

By now you would have probably heard a story about a man from Europe, Britain probably, won an auction for an Apple MAC Book for $460. Then what he got was just a box with a black and white picture of the Mac Book. A very cruel game, cruel scam for this man.

The story goes, he sold his surf board to buy this Mac Book for wedding picture business, start up, since his health no longer permit him to surf anymore due to illness and numerous times in and out of hospital. He did some research on the sellers as well, seeing that he had been an ebay members for numerous years but probably didn’t check the rating or feedback.

Well folks, I can assure you that Ebay will refund this man 100%, don’t you worry, because I am one of Ebay members doing great business on ebay. I can also assure you that investigation will be get launched and if indeed a scammer seller, most likely he will get his money frozen in paypal or somehow paypal will get the money.

The bottom line is, Ebay is a big business, they have big team of fraud detection and will investigate and take appropriate action. For seller and buyers there are protection. You just have follow Ebay guideline in order to qualified. What’s obvious about this particular item is I’m sure if the seller shipped with tracking # and the package have weight recorded and if the weight don’t add up to be a laptop then it’s obvious case seller is a scam artist.

So where did hide the 7170 Bitcoin claimed got hacked?

OK to the title to this blog entry isn’t funny, but honestly if we look at Bitcoin as non-regulated, then anything can happen and nobody can protect anybody, you’re on your own. However there are basic fundamental  steps that you can follow to protect your Bitcoin wallet  just like how you would protect your actual physical wallet. Would you leave it in plain site? would your have multiple people access to it?

What surprised me this time is that this is a cold wallet, meaning it’s not a live wallet connected to the internet for transactions. This cold wallet supposed to be off the network, or the internet, how does it get hacked? Here comes the conspiracy theory! Yeah sure, stolen the Bitcoin themselves and claimed it was hacked by hackers. Why would they do this? either to get more fame, to be more popular for a few days or weeks, and then all of a sudden back to business and put those bitcoin back to work but still claiming that hackers stolen those Bitcoins?

If this is true then very sad that Bitcoin have weak security or people just don’t care to protect their Bitcoin wallet with simple fundamental steps.

Now if we look at actual currencies USD, latest news indicated that $1 Billion stolen by hackers hacking about 100 banks, that’s a lot more than the amount of BTC claimed to got hacked over the years including MtGOX.

7170 BTC got stolen from our cold wallet in this transaction:

720 BTC bounty for chasing it back.

All wallets have been shut down and withdrawals of the unaffected coins will be arranged later.
Email:[email protected]
QQ: 4000070955